Harry had been to Hermione's house a countless number of times before. But when Harry entered Hermione's house that night, it was as if it was his first time. The air was thick with anticipation, wanting, needing, and above all things, love. Sure, they had often come back here for a passionate snogging session that blew both their minds into a giddy exhilaration, but they had never gone anywhere past that point. Suddenly, the idea of love-making was in the air and both he and Hermione were at a loss for speech.

Finally, Hermione's mouth let out words that just seemed to want to flow from her being. "Do you want to go to my room?" She spoke with uncertainty and there was a doubtful expression on her face.

Harry gulped, but, noticing her concern, stepped toward her, with newly found bravery. "Hermione, are you absolutely sure you're ready? I don't want you to be uncomfortable and if you would rather wait till we're married, then I'll just have a good night kiss."

Hermione's eyes met his and she visibly calmed for a moment. "No, Harry, I don't want to wait. I love you and I know you love me and that's all that matters. I'm your fiancé now and that makes me closer to you than I have ever been to anyone for my entire life. So, I think we ought to seal the deal." She said the last part with a shy smile and then took his hand to lead him to her room.

Once inside, Hermione tentatively reached up, placing her hands on his cheeks. Harry, taking this as his cue, leaned his head forward for a kiss. He placed his hands on her lower back and pulled her into his powerful embrace then softly brushed his lips against hers. Her lips, oh God, her lips. Harry loved Hermione right down to the last intricate detail but he had to admit that her lips were, without a doubt one of his favorite things to ponder on his free time. Yes, Harry thought of little else besides his love and at times he would even dream of her. He could even recall a particular dream from the week before when he found himself gazing at her lips which had seemed abnormally large. He had wanted nothing more in that dream than to simply grab her and kiss her perturbing lips; kiss them until they were swollen from an overdose of love and passion. And now, as he kissed her lips once more, he found himself full of a desire that he had yet to fulfill. With a moan, Hermione opened her mouth under his and invited him into her arena of love, in which the battle of the tongues was to pursue. Harry tentatively placed his hands on her lower back, closing the scarcity of space between their bodies to a simple nothingness. Hermione, suddenly feeling encouraged, reached her arms around his neck, placing her gentle hands in his hair. They stayed like this for a short while, lost in a satisfied contentment of pure and simple love. The kiss, however soft it was, was incredibly deep. It was almost as if they had never truly been kissed in such a way, filled with immense desire and passion. Harry had once heard that a picture said a thousand words. He thought that if this was true, a kiss said a million.

When Harry finally pulled away, his heart was broken into a thousand pieces by the single, solitary tear running slowly down Hermione's right cheek. He frowned slightly, pulling her in for a hug. "What's the matter, Luv?"

She pulled out of his embrace to look him in the eyes, holding a deathly gaze. "It's just…" she broke off for a moment, sighing. "It's just that it seems like I've been waiting for this moment for my entire life and now that it's here, I'm, well…scared."

Harry pulled her back into his embrace, rocking her gently, back and forth. "Hermione, I don't want to push you into something you're not ready for. You're my fiancé now. Next thing you know, you'll be my wife." He paused for a moment, grinning at the revelation that she would indeed be his wife, and then continued, "We'll have our entire lives to make love to each other. The last thing I want is for you to be uncomfortable, pressured into something you're not ready for. We're still young, you and I. I think you're beautiful, smart, genius even, creative, everything. You are perfect. But above all else, Hermione, I love you. In fact, I don't even know if love is a strong enough word for the way that I feel about you. You're my life, my passion, my everything. I don't ever want to cause you pain. I couldn't bare it. So, be honest with me, Luv. Are you ready or are you not?"

Hermione was freely crying now, but she had a huge smile on her face. "Oh, Harry, how do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"How do you make me feel like I'm perfect, like I'm some sort of goddess? You know perfectly well that I'm not."

Harry smiled back and replied, "To me, you are. Hell, you're even perfect in your imperfections."

"Well then, let's seal the deal; shall we?"

"Are you sure?"

"Positive." She then turned around and strolled over to the bed, lying spread-eagled across it, a seductive smirk playing at the corners of her lips. "For tonight, Mr. Potter, my body is yours. Play nicely."

Harry gulped deeply. He couldn't help but stare at her as she gave herself to him with such conviction. It was as if she trusted him so much, that she would be willing to give him her life, if it was necessary, knowing that he would be careful with it and return it when he was finished, without a scratch. His gaze drifted from her face to her feminine curves. Right then, at that precise moment in time, he had the greatest epiphany of his entire life. Hermione was a woman. He knew this, of course, before hand. He found her beautiful and sexy in all ways possible, but it wasn't until then that he realized just what that entitled.

"Harry?" Hermione's voice broke him out of his ruminating period. She looked at him questioningly as if to say, "What's the matter?" only it was more than that, much more. She had just willingly put her body and morale on the line for him and now he looked like a man who believed he was dreaming. "Harry, are you alright?"

Harry's mouth was so dry, he was sure he could have breathed a breath of fire, had he been able to breathe at all. "I never imagined that you would be this way, I guess."

"What do you mean?" she inquired.

"I mean, you, you're so…so…pure and yet you lay there offering yourself to my disposal with utmost trust and sincerity. How can you do that? How can you be so open to me? I always thought you wanted a white wedding. Why would you let go of your morals and dreams so easily? Heaven knows that you're certainly not a damn bit submissive. Why, Hermione?"

There was a short pause in which neither one of them made a movement or spoke a word. Then Hermione got up out of the bed, walked over to him, looked him straight in the eye and then kissed him with more energy than she had ever done before. Then she pulled back and spoke with her lips still grazing his, her breath on his face.

"I'll tell you why, Harry. Growing up, I always wanted, in my heart, to be liked, to fit in, to feel loved. That never happened though, not until I went to Hogwarts. My parents loved me of course. They always treated me like I was an angel, but Harry, until I met you and Ron, I never had friends. I suppose I was always a bit bossy for my own good. All the other kids didn't want to play with the annoying, smart kid who always had to raise her hand to answer every question, just because she could. But when you and I realized our feelings for each other and fell in love, it was like nothing mattered anymore except you and spending time with you. I never knew that I could feel that way, Harry. All of a sudden, it was like my whole existence had reached the pinnacle of need and want and love. Harry, you're exactly right. When I first learned about sex, I wanted to wait until I was married, so that it would be that much more special, but Harry, being with you has made me realize that much more important than waiting till marriage, was waiting till it could be with you. I love you and I trust you…just use protection, okay? I don't think my father would be too pleased if I got pregnant before the wedding." She finished with a grin and then, kissing him, reached forward and began undoing the buttons on his shirt.

Harry quickly muttered the contraceptive charm while she undid his shirt. Hermione's little speech had been more than reassuring for Harry. More than anything else, he had been worried about hurting her. He still was, of course, but now he knew that the only pain she would feel would come from the breaking of her maidenhood, not from regret, which would hurt much worse. Tentatively, he allowed his hands to settle on her lower back, before reaching up, and undoing her zipper. He trailed his lips along her jaw line and down her neck. She shivered slightly as she felt his lips on the sensitive flesh of her neck. Looking up at her, he made eye contact with her, as if asking permission for what he was about to do. Finding reassurance in her eyes, he pulled at the material covering her body, allowing it to fall into a pool at her feet. Still, as her near-naked body revealed itself to him, his gaze did not drop from hers.

"You're beautiful," he said.

"You haven't even looked at me yet," she replied with a small smile edging at the corners of her lips.

"I know, but I just know you're beautiful. I don't need conformation of the eyes."

"Look at me Harry, and then tell me what you think."

Slowly, his gaze drifted down her body, pausing at her covered breasts and again at the point where her legs met her body. He then pulled her into his embrace and kissed her chastely.

Pulling away from her lips, he said, "You were right, Hermione, you're not beautiful, you're godly."

She smiled shyly at him and then removed his already unbuttoned shirt. His undershirt and pants quickly followed. Her eyes went wide when she noticed the bulge in his boxers. She gently let her hand brush over his fabric-covered penis and got rather excited when he got even harder with her caress. Meeting his gaze again, she noticed that his eyes had grown dark with lust. He released the clasp of her bra and, with her nod, pulled it off.

"Wow," was all he could say before leaning down and taking her left breast into his mouth. Hermione let out an excited sigh and placed her hands on the back of his head, holding him in place. Not removing his mouth from her breast, he reached down, bringing his arm behind her legs. In a quick and rather ungraceful move, he picked her up and kissed her sloppily. He walked over to her bed and set her down gently, allowing himself to fall on top of her. Hermione let out an amused laugh at the awkwardness of the situation. She quickly became serious again when Harry met her gaze. With her nod, he removed her last article of clothing and threw it over his shoulder with a grin. Then he did the same with his boxers and stretched out next to her. They slowly allowed their eyes to drift down each other's naked forms. Harry, with newly found bravery, reached forward with his right hand, allowing it to settle on her hip, before moving softly down her thigh. Hermione watched Harry touch her. He seemed to be in such fascination, lost in a sort of trance as he learned her every curve to heart. Surprising even himself, he flipped her from her side to her back and kissed her, as he moved his body above hers. His hand traveled from her hip to her inner thigh and gently pushed outward, to allow himself more access. She obliged and moaned in excitement when she felt him touch her for the first time in the most intimate of places. He was surprised to find that she was already quite wet and ready for him. Pulling back from the kiss, he searched her face for any regrets. She looked incredibly scared, but made no move to stop him.

"Just go slowly."

She moved his hand off of her and, finding his penis, moved him slowly to her virginity. His perturbing penis in position, she moved her hands to his back and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Remembering her request, he entered her as slow as he could, pausing when he reached her barrier, he kissed her fiercely and then pushed through, sheathing himself completely inside her. He pulled back from the kiss and found a single tear running down her cheek.

Harry's heart broke immediately, realizing her pain. "Hermione, I'm so sorry, I-"

"Don't you dare be sorry. Make love to me."

He slowly began moving inside her, forcing himself not to enjoy it until she did. She slowly began to relax as the pain subsided.

"Faster now Harry."

He quickly acquiesced. A moan escaped her lips and he realized she was actually enjoying herself. With a sigh, he allowed himself to enjoy the immense pleasure that had been threatening to take over his body. He wanted to close his eyes and get lost in this feeling but he wouldn't let himself. He refused to release his passion before she did. He reached down and rubbed her clitoris, knowing that he wasn't strong enough to last if she didn't have her orgasm soon.

Hermione let out a deep, guttural moan, when she felt him touch her there. "Oh, Harry…oh God, Harry."

His name on her lips, the sweat all over her body, her eyes closing in passion, her body arching into his; it was all too much. He couldn't handle it. He had never seen something so incredibly sexy and erotic in his entire life. He bit his lip to hold it in but then…

"HARRY!" She threw back her head in passion, opened her eyes wide, clenched around him, and arched her back, as her orgasm took hold of her. If Harry thought this experience was erotic before, he could have died now. Two more thrusts and he came wildly, spilling into her. When his orgasm was complete, he collapsed on top of her with exhaustion. They laid quietly like this for a few minutes until their breathing returned to normal. Harry removed the hair from her face delicately with his fingers, whispering, "I love you," over and over again.

"I love you too Harry."

Hermione woke up to the sound of the door bell ringing.

"Oh, shit!"

She jumped out of bed, waking Harry up in the process.

"Hermione, where are you going?"

"Harry, my parents are here for brunch! I invited them over yesterday. Of course, if I had known that you would've been staying ahead of time-"

"Damn, where are my boxers?" he said. They were both rushing around the room, getting dressed.

"Harry, grab your clothes, go home, get changed, and then come back. I told them I was going to invite you.

Harry left with a pop and Hermione, after taking a record two minutes to get dressed, ran downstairs, to greet her parents.

"Mum! Dad! You're early."

"Hermione, it's 12:00," her mother replied.

"Oh…guess I must have slept in…"

"Is Harry here already? I saw his car out front."

SHIT! Harry's car! There's no way I am going to be able to cover that up.


"Hi, Hermione. Did you sleep well? Sorry I left my car here last night, but I was really tired and decided to just apparate home." Harry had just arrived and saved both of them from a huge scolding. She had never been happier to see him in her whole life. She jumped into his arms with excitement and gave him a passionate French kiss. Unknown to Harry and Hermione, Hermione's parents were sharing a knowing look while the pair made out in the living room for the world, or rather, Hermione's parents to see.

John and Mary stared wide-eyed as their daughter and Harry fell backwards onto the couch, completely forgetting they were there. After a minute, Mary cleared her throat loudly, causing Hermione to push Harry unceremoniously onto the floor and jump up, in pure shock. "I can't believe I just did that…" she muttered. "I'll, err…start making brunch. Why don't you and Harry take a seat at the table and we can all talk together." They all went into the kitchen, which Mary quickly took over, saying that Hermione should just sit down and enjoy herself.

"So, did you two have fun last night?" Mary asked. Harry and Hermione shared a look and blushed, nodding their heads, 'Yes.' This didn't go unnoticed by her parents, who both smirked as if they already knew exactly what happened. "Is there anything you want to tell us, Hermione?"


"No? So you're wearing a gorgeous ring on your finger that just came from nowhere?"

"Oh, my ring! Harry and I got engaged last night. I'm really excited about the wedding. I want to do it as soon as possible. I can't wait to go dress shopping and-"

"Whoa, Hermione, breathe. We're very happy for the two of you. We've been talking about this ever since Harry told us he was going to propose yesterday," John said.

Hermione turned to Harry, surprised. "You told them already?"

"Well, I, err…I sort of asked for your hand…you know, from your parents." Harry blushed a mad shade at this and looked away.

"Oh my gosh, Harry, that's so sweet of you. I didn't know you asked them permission first."

"Oh, you should have seen the poor boy, Hermione," her mother said, "He was so nervous. He looked like he was about to faint on the spot."

"Oh, Harry, why didn't you tell me?" she reached over and pulled him into a hug and kissed him on the cheek, making him blush even more than he already was.

"So," her mum continued, "Is there anything else we should know about, Hermione?"

"No," she said a bit too quickly.

"So you didn't come back here and have a good shag, after the proposal, completely forgetting that we were coming the next day and then waking up the next morning to the door bell ringing, shooing Harry out of the house, telling him to come back when he got dressed, and then letting us in, after you 'slept in?"

Harry and Hermione were both sitting there looking rather pale, with their mouths hanging open as far as they would go.

After a long pause, Hermione's parents both started cracking up loudly.

"Y-you're not mad?" Hermione asked tentatively.

"No, Honey," her mother answered. "You, know, your father and I made love in the car after he proposed. At least you two made it home, first."

"I did not need to know that, but…how did you know what happened?"

"Well, you were rather obvious, Honey. Honestly, you were about to jump Harry on the couch."

Both Harry and Hermione had been blushing during this whole conversation.

"Anyway, Hermione, we trust Harry enough to know that he didn't pressure you into anything that you didn't want to do. In fact, you were probably more likely to pressure him than he was to pressure you."


"And you two obviously love each other more than anything and we can respect that."


"Now, about that wedding, Hermione, let's start planning."



Author's Note: Yes, yes, I know…the finish was really weird and the whole chapter was incredibly fluffy and, well, romantic. I suppose this is partially because I've never had my first time before and so I expect it to be all romantic and everything, even though I highly doubt it will be…sigh…oh well. Anyway, I'm terribly sorry about the wait. This chapter was really difficult for me to write. I think I've been trying to finish it for the past couple weeks now. Of course, exams are never easy either, if you know what I mean, so I've been rather busy as well.

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