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"I will only truly have left this school none here are loyal to me... Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it."

-Albus Dumbledore


"Face it Prongs…Lily isn't interested." A boy with light brown hair said, amber colored eyes lit up in amusement as his friend who had just been turned down by the girl of his dreams for what felt like the millionth time.

"Hate to admit it Prongs…but Moony is right…" Another laughed as they walked into the crowded common room after giving the password to the fat lady's portrait.

"Your support is greatly appreciated Padfoot." A boy with messy jet-black hair said, rolling his hazel eyes behind expensive thin-rimmed glasses.

"Anytime Prongsie." Came the reply.

The four Marauders sat down in their favorite spot by the fire and began plotting their new prank against the Slytherins.

Sirius Black. A.k.a Padfoot had near black hair that fell to almost his shoulders with a few bangs hanging in his face and dark chocolate colored eyes that always held a mischievous glint whenever he had another idea for a prank. His muscles (though not too muscular) from being beater on the Gryffindor Quiddtich Team and ridiculously good looks made every girl in school giggle or stare when he passed them in the halls.

His best friend, James Potter, nicknamed Prongs, was Head Boy (Sirius always made fun of him for it) chaser, and captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. He had messy jet-black hair he would always run his hand through (especially around Lily Evans, which always got on her nerves). His bright hazel eyes, hid behind expensive thin glasses, sparkled mischievously like his friend's.

Moony. Also known, as Remus Lupin was the most sensible of the group. He tended to be quiet and preferred to listen than to talk. His mysterious nature, light brown hair and unique amber colored eyes earned him as many admirers as Sirius and James…he just didn't take advantage of it like his two friends. There was however, one thing that set him apart from everyone else. He was a werewolf. Something only the teachers and fellow Marauders knew (with the exception of Snape but that had been an accident).

The last of the Marauders (and probably the least) was Peter Pettigrew, but his friends always called him Wormtail. He was perhaps, the least popular of the four friends. Most believe that Sirius, James and Remus were friends with him because they felt sorry for him. His small, blue watery eyes, blond hair and chubby body gave him the appearance of a fat rat.

"Brilliant." Sirius smirked, throwing an arm around Remus's shoulders. "I knew you were good for something other than copying History homework!" He joked.

Remus rolled his eyes. "I'm touched."

An explosion was heard not to far away outside on the grounds.

"Potter! What the HELL did you do THIS time!" A girl's voice yelled from the portal entrance to the common room.

"Why does it ALWAYS have to be ME!" James asked furiously, getting to his feet. "C'mon Evans give me SOME credit!"

Lily's emerald green eyes glared at him disbelievingly.

"I don't think James could cause an explosion that big." A girl with shoulder-length black hair and equally black eyes said, coming up behind her friend. "I mean…it shook the entire school."

Just as she said this, someone crashed through one of the windows, followed by a series of screams. Immediately, James and the rest of the seventh years pulled out their wands, pointing them at the still figure.

"W-what i…is it?" Peter squeaked from behind James, as everyone back up as far as they could from the figure. James however, moved slightly forward, wand still trained on the body; he jumped slightly hen the figure began to move, pushing itself up so James got a better look at it. "It" turned out to be a "she".

The girl's long hair kept her face hidden as she coughed, spitting blood onto the floor. James looked closer to see she was badly beaten.

"Damn." She muttered, standing up, she stumbled slightly.

James and Lily tightened the hold on their wands, though it didn't seem like it mattered. The girl looked as if a rampaging herd of hippogriffs had run over her. Her black scarf was torn so badlyit only looked like a few pieces of fabric hanging off her neck, whileher baggy light blue shirt was torn in various places and stained red from her blood. The white fighting style pants were in a similar state and her almost black, red-streaked hair was falling over her face. James also could have sworn he caught a glimpse of a dagger sheath on the small of her back, slightly hidden by the tail of the scarf.

"Damn." She repeated before chuckling slightly, holding her arm that was badly bleeding as she stumbled over to the window, and leaning onto the wall for support. "That one actually hurt. I'll give you credit for that Malcev…I think you might have actually broken a few ribs." She said in a pained voice, taking no notice of her frightened and confused audience.

"Um…" Remus finally spoke up, moving forward cautiously, taking his wand off the girl but not relaxing his grip on it and ignoring the stares from his housemates that clearly said 'Are you mad!' "Not to be rude or anything…but…who are you?"

"And how the bloody hell did you crash through a seven story window?" Sirius asked, causing Remus to mentally roll his eyes. His friend really had a way with words.


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