Author's Note:

These characters don't belong to me. Mattel owns them and I don't make any profit writing this stuff. If I did, that would be way cool. Unfortunately . . . nope. This story is of my own creation, however, and that's that.

This fic takes place in the same continuity as "Preludes and Beginnings," "The Elfsong of Eternia," "The Crossroads of Destiny," "Prophecy & Change," "Just Another Day," "The Final Adventure," "A Winter's Heart," and "The Shroud of the Horde." It serves as a basic sequel to "Just Another Day" and continues the Destiny series that started with "The Crossroads of Destiny," continued in "Prophecy & Change" and "Just Another Day." It is not required to read any of these, however, since everything that occurred previously is spelled out below - but feel free to take a crack at them.

The timeframe for this story is shortly after the final episode of She-Ra: Princess of Power entitled "Swifty's Baby" and is set nearly nine months after the events of "Just Another Day - Book Four: Family."


The current day on the Eternian calendar is March 12th, Year 21 of the Fourth Age

21 Years ago - a warlord named Hordak was forced to withdraw his Horde forces from the planet Eternia after a stunning defeat. As he fled to the planet Etheria in pursuit of its conquest, he took with him Princess Adora, daughter King Randor of Eternos and Queen Marlena of Earth.

1 Year and 9 Months ago - Adora's brother, Prince Adam, sought his long-lost twin sister. He delivered to her the Sword of Protection and she became She-Ra. She-Ra and Princess Adora joined Etheria's Great Rebellion, a resistance movement against Hordak and his Evil Horde.

1 Year and 8 Months ago - The ancient enemy of Hordak, King Hiss, was released along with his Snake-Men from a timeless void. This led to a series of events including a war between the Snake-Men and the Horde, the rise of the Great Towers, the villainous Skeletor's temporary place as ruler of Eternia, and an epic struggle against the being known as the Dark Cloud.

1 Year and 7 Months ago - She-Ra, still fairly new to the Great Rebellion, became aware of the Crystal Castle, a place of goodness and power. Home to the entity Light-Hope, She-Ra became its protector.

1 Year and 3 Months ago - She-Ra and He-Man saved two Earth children from Horde Prime, who was seeking an end to their spreading of the Christmas spirit to Eternia and Etheria.

1 Year Ago - The being called the Spirit of Evil emerged on Eternia and used its power to defeat the Ancient known as Procrustus. Usurping Procrustus' place at the center of Eternia, the Spirit of Evil transformed the Light Hemisphere into a second Dark Hemisphere. Using this to his advantage, Skeletor and King Hiss led a massive army to Eternos, which had become chaotic and evil. King Hiss, however, betrayed Skeletor and handed him over to Hordak in the hope taking Eternos himself. Hiss' plan failed and the Cosmic Enforcers then defeated the army. Thanks to She-Ra, He-Man, SeaHawk, and Teela, the Ancients returned and restored Eternia to its normal balance.

9 Months ago - After meeting their ancestor He-Ro in the past, He-Man and She-Ra played a small role in the rescue of Skeletor from Hordak's clutches. Little did they know that King Miro wished to appeal to some sense of goodness within Skeletor that he hoped still existed as Keldor in one form or another. King Miro failed, though, and Skeletor returned to his place at Snake Mountain, sending King Hiss in banishment.

1 Week ago - She-Ra and Swift-Wind arrived at Unicorn Island for the birth of Swift-Wind's son. The Horde attempted an invasion, but She-Ra prevented them from attacking.


She-Ra watched as the gentle waves came up and caressed the sand. The sun above was bright and high in the blue Etherian sky. A small speck on the horizon told her that what she was waiting was finally showing up. Who she was waiting for, really.

The Etherian heroine felt good. The past few months had been kind to her and the Great Rebellion. Their confrontations with the Horde were ever increasing and it seemed that more often than not, they resulted in victories for the Great Rebellion. Defections were occurring as well - the most recent being Corporal Romeo, who had done so because both he and Glimmer were smitten with each other.

However - as many as these victories came and as more and more defectors joined their cause, there seemed to be little progress towards total Horde liberation. Etheria won't be freed until the Horde leaves here for good, she thought to herself.

At that moment, four unicorns came walking over - Swift-Wind, the Unicorn King, Star-Wind, and Swifty's son.

"She-Ra, I am here to thank you once more on behalf of all of Unicorn Island," the Unicorn King said. "Once more, you saved my people and our sacred land. We are in your debt."

She-Ra smiled and bowed. "The Horde is the greatest threat Etheria has ever known, your highness. Anything to keep them from adding another kill to their list is pleasure to me."

"I am ready to leave, She-Ra," Swift-Wind said, though She-Ra could sense a little bit of reluctance in his voice.

"No need, Swift-Wind. Stay for a while longer."

"But what about you?" asked Swift-Wind in disbelief.

She-Ra pointed out towards the speck that was now coming closer. "I've got a ride back to the Whispering Woods," she told him. "No need to worry about me. Take some time off, stay with your son."

"Thank you so much," Star-Wind said, wings flickering just a little.

"The thanks is mine, for letting me be here for such a joyous event," she told her.

Swift-Wind trotted towards her a little. She-Ra wrapped her arms around his large neck and hugged hard.

"My appreciation and gratitude to you, She-Ra," he said to her. "The moment you need me back, I will be ready."

"I know you will," she replied and kissed his furry head.

The four unicorns backed away, unfolded their wings and took to the sky. She-Ra smiled as they departed, such majestic creatures in flight.

She-Ra turned back to the ocean and waited as the ship she was waiting for finally came within full view. It's sails collapsed and she caught the anchor dropping from the side. A few people were scurrying across the deck, in a fashion that told She-Ra that they were readying themselves for a full stop. A minute later, a small boat fell into the water, holding one man.

After five minutes, the boat hit the shore. SeaHawk stood up and leapt up, his boots getting briefly soaked.

"You called, my lady, and I'm here to answer," the red-haired sailor greeted with a brief bow. She-Ra walked forth and the pair hugged tightly. "How ya been, kid?"

"Good, very good, actually."

"Always good to hear."

"How about yourself?"

She-Ra hopped into the boat before he could answer.

"Not bad. Good to see you again."

"The same to you, old friend."

"Heh. Old. So . . . where we headed, She-Ra?"

"Just back to the coast, actually. I gotta get back to the Whispering Woods."

"Understandable," SeaHawk began to shove from off the sand into the ocean, where he began to row towards the ship. "Have you heard the news?"

"What news?"

"The Horde just raised taxes planet-wide."

"You're joking, right?"

"Nope. That means there's going to be a lot more people out there getting the snot beaten out of them because they can't cough up the dough."

She-Ra nodded slightly. "Yeah. SeaHawk . . . we need to retaliate. Send the Horde a message that Etheria isn't going to put up with his greed with a cost to him as well."

"And just how do you plan to do that?"

She-Ra lowered her head, thinking briefly to her old teachings and maps. What was around here that could be used as an example to the Horde? Then . . . it came to her.

"You up for a detour, Captain?"

Hordak was brooding. Had been for the past couple of weeks.

Ever since Adora had joined the Great Rebellion and that annoying She-Ra arrived from Eternia, things had been going down hill fast. Battles kept unfolding for the Great Rebellion. The Horde kept losing ground. Villages and kingdoms that they had either attempted to invade or had held securely kept slipping away from them. Defections were sprouting up everywhere and it had started with Force Captain Adora, followed in succession with Force Commander Loni, General Sunder, the boy-spy Corey, Baron Condor, Corporal Romeo and even Adora's nursemaid Shakra.

"We are not losing this war," he told himself, hoping no one heard him. "Etheria will be mine. And then . . . Eternia."

"Lord Hordak!" shouted Manteena, rushing into the throne room.

"What is it!" barked Hordak.

"We've just gotten word! One of the Growling Sea's oil drills has been obliterated by Great Rebellion forces!"

"Was there any sign of a spill?" asked Hordak.

"No, master! All of the pipes were sealed! The entire base was destroyed, though."

"Retaliation for the tax increase," said Shadow Weaver, gliding in from the door.

Fury filled Hordak. He stood full height. "ENOUGH OF THIS!" he roared. Imp, who had been sleeping on the step below the throne, woke and flew behind a nearby statue, eyes full of fright.

Shadow Weaver glanced at Manteena. She had never seen Hordak this infuriated - which was saying something.

Hordak turned away from the pair and they could see the fast but steady rhythm of his breathing from the way his shoulders went up and down. After a full minute, he spun around.

"Gather everyone. All Hordesmen. Lock them all in a room and order them to come up with a master plan for conquering all of Etheria in the next six months."

"Wait. Do you mean they have six months to develop the plan?" Manteena asked.

"No. The plan is to have all of Etheria under Horde control is six months," Hordak responded. "They have 48 hours to come up with the plan. If they take one minute over 48 hours, then I shall kill them all."