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It was Thursday afternoon and Zoey sat in the terrace surrounded by her friends. Life was good. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and Logan was far, far, away. Since the beginning of the week Logan had been staring at Zoey, or someone sitting very near her (she hoped).

"Whats up," Nicole asked.

"What?" Zoey said, snapping back to reality.

"You look deep in thought."

"Oh, its way nothing," Zoey said, turning the pages of the magazine that sat flatly in front of her. Colorful pictures flipped by as a sudden gust of wind swept through terrace packed with teens, eagerly awaiting the looming weekend.

As they spoke, who but Logan walked on to the terrace. Zoey gasped and propped up the magazine in front of her face. "I'm.Not.Here" she commanded through clenched teeth.

If she had looked up, she would have seen Logan glancing around the room for all of 10 seconds before spotting the cluster of friends sitting at a table, convienetently picked at the far end of the terrace. She also would have seen Logan taking quick, steps towards them. When he arrived he plopped down in front of Zoey (i.e the magazine). "Hey, have you guys seen Zoey," Logan said.

"Shes right-" Quinn said, before receiving a sharp jab to her stomach, "I mean-We don't know"

"Wait, shes right there," Logan said pointing at the magazine.

"No its not!" Nicole said, "Its me cousin…….Cloey!"

"Riiiigghhht," Logan said, "Anyway Zoey, I gotta talk to you."

"Logan," Zoey said, "I'm kinda busy right now."

"Its super important," Logan said, putting on his best homeless puppy eyes.

"Ugh, fine" Zoey said, "But make it quick."

Zoey was freaking out. What would she do if Logan said he liked her? What would she say! What would happen! All this was racing at top speed through her head as Logan led her to an abandoned hallway. He slid down the wall and sat with legs sprawled in front of him. Zoey followed suit, but crossed her ankles, dangling her flip flop off her feet.

"Zoey, I gotta ask you something," Logan said looking at his hands.

"Oh, really," Zoey said, smoothing the her flowy floral skirt over her knees.

"Yeah," Logan paused for a while and then said, " I know I seem kinda ya know.."

"Stalkery? Yeah, I noticed."

"See, that's what I want to talk about…."

"Uh… I gotta go" Zoey hopped up and turned away mouthing "OH MAN!"

"Wait, Zoey, just answer me," Logan pleaded.

"Logan I think I know what you're gonna ask.."


"The answer is no. I mean, what would make you think that-"

"Let me ask the-"

"Let me finish Logan. We are just friends. I'm sorry if I lead you on…"

"What? Zoey, I don't like you…. I like Dana…"

"What!" Zoey yelped, "But-I thought-!"

"Could you two lovebirds move it along," a voice said, "I need to get by."

When Logan and Zoey looked up to see Dana with her hands on her hips, snapping her gum. "Oh….Dana," Zoey said, "We weren't.."

"I was just-" Logan stuttered.

"Don't worry," Dana said, rolling her eyes, "I understand." With that she turned on her heel and swayed down the hall.

Logan watched her receding figure before giving Zoey a pleading look. "Oh fine," Zoey said, " I'll talk to her."

By the time Zoey and Logan had finished their talk, the sun had begun to drift from its place in the sky and various unpleasant bugs had swarmed the terrace that had been covered with Zoey's classmates. She found Nicole and Quinn in the girls lounge playing cards. She plopped down next to Nicole and sighed. "What was that all about," Quinn asked, " WAR!"

"He was….just asking me something," she said. As she said this Dana walked by, shooting Zoey the evil eye. Zoey gave a look like "What?" in return.

"Oh, you know exactly," Dana said, "The second me or Nicole like someone, we gotta spill."

"What are you talking about!" Zoey said, exasperated.

"You and Logan," Dana scoffed, "How long have you guys been going out? A month a week?"

"Try never," Zoey said, forgetting her promise to Logan, "Eeerrgh, why would think that?"

"You and Logan in an abandoned hallway," Dana retorted, "What else would I think?"

"Wait," Quinn said, "I'm totally lost."

"It doesn't matter," Zoey and Dana both shot back.

" I'm just saying," Dana sighed trying to keep her cool, "That you SHOULD have told us. If you did."

" Which I don't," Zoey said, " Why? Do you?"

"YOU ALWAYS DO THIS!" Dana screamed and stormed out of the lounge.

Zoey looked from Nicole to Quinn. They both gave her the same look. "Its not like I even started it," Zoey said crossing her arms over the pillow she was hugging to her chest. The two other girls looked away and shrugged. "And if she doesn't like him," Zoey sighed, "Then she shouldn't be making such a huge deal Right?" Neither girl answered. "Right?" Silence. "Fine!" Zoey threw the pillow on the ground and rose to her feet. As she jogged out the door, she bumped into Chase.

"Whoa, Zoey," he said, "Slow down."

" Can't talk now," she said, pushing past him, hurrying away.

"Well, yeah.. I just wanted to say.. that ya know.. I like you and I always have and stuff……" he said to himself, as though Zoey was still there.

"Huh?" a girl asked as she walked by.

"Oh. Nothing," he said, "I was talking to someone else."

Dana pulled a corner around the school, tears bubbling around her eyes. Logan sat the same place were he had been when he and Zoey were talking. He looked up to see Dana running towards him. Logan jumped up as Dana approached.

"Da- ", Logan started.

"Shut up Logan," Dana said, now the tears were running down her face. She pushed past him, but Logan grabbed her wrist.

"Logan," she yelped, "Let go."

"Oh come on," Logan said, "You know you want me."

" Oh, why don't you hit on your little girlfriend," Dana said, wrenching free of Logan's grip.

"What? Do you mean Zoey," Logan said, confused.

"Yeah Logan, her," Dana snapped.

"I don't even- Dana- I don't like Zoey," Logan rolled his eyes.

"Oh yeah, prove -" Dana began, but was cut off by Logan pushing her against the wall. He wrapped his arm around her neck. Dana, whose arms had been crossed, now let them fall to her side. Her knees wobbled a little and she felt tiny beads of sweat form on the back of her neck. He pressed his forehead against hers and said, "I.Don't.Like.Zoey."

"You little.." Dana swore and tried to push him away, but Logan was only a hair stronger than her and to tell the truth, Dana wasn't trying too hard to get away. Logan used his other arm to support himself agianst the wall and then moved his mouth over Dana's so it was hovering millimeters away.

As if on some ironic cue, Zoey pulled the corner faster than Dana had minutes ago. She saw Logan and Dana, gasped and turned around. Logan and Dana both looked up to see Zoey's back as she rounded the corner. Dana looked down. Logan slowly moved off and removed his arm from around her neck. "That was," Dana muttered , "Um…."

"Yeah," Logan said, "We should do this again sometime." They both looked guiltily at each other before hurrying away in opposite directions.

At the end of the hall, Dana turned around and said, having regained her cool, "Oh, and Logan, this never happened." She then kissed her palm and blew him a kiss.

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