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"Kess, Come get your stuff!" I heard my mother call my name as I looked out the window of my room at the streets and city of Domino.
"Coming mom!" I shouted back as I got up and brushed off my pants. We had bought the fourth biggest house in Domino. My mother had a new job that paid well, but I wasn't happy. I had to go to a new school again. I had to make new friends, AGAIN, and I had to leave my beloved horse, again! I walked down the hall way that lead to the giant staircase that lead to the front of the house. I slid down the banister and hopped off grabbing my bags with a depressed look on my face.
"Honey, I know it's hard to move to a new country a new place, but I promise you'll love it." She said trying to cheer me up.
"Oh yea, just like I loved all the other three million places we've moved to." I rolled my eyes as I turned and walked back upstairs to the room that I had chosen to be my own to see my bed already set up and boxes and boxes of cloths and stuff.
"Well that was fast." I found myself blinking in amazement. I then sighed and threw my suitcases down and fell back on my bed. I was an American girl in a Tokyo world. I had traveled the world. We have never staid anywhere for over three years. Why would this place be any different? "I should just keep to myself" I said out loud to myself. I got up and went over to the big window. Looking over to the left I saw something that I didn't see before. It was another mansion. A BIG mansion, it was right down the road.
"Damn...that's huge. I wonder who owns it." My question was soon answered with a doorbell ring. I took off downstairs sliding down the banister again and hopping right off. I opened the door to see a little boy with black hair and purple eyes. He was holding a plate of brownies and he was smiling.
"Hello! Uh...I'm Mokuba Kaiba. I live right down the street in the Kaiba mansion. I saw the moving trucks and decided to welcome you to Domino." The youth smiled and held out the brownies as I took them.
"Well, Mokuba. I thank you for the brownies." My mother came to the door and smiled at the little boy.
"WELL! Neighbors! Oh look brownies! How sweet. Please, please come in!" My mother led the ebony haired youth inside and pulled him towards the kitchen taking the brownies and setting them down. "Please, help yourself! You did bring them you should enjoy them too." I followed and decided why the hell not.
"So, Mokuba. What are your interests?" I asked sitting down and taking a brownie.
The ebony haired boy smiled taking the biggest brownie and saying "I like technology...the internet. So on." He smiled and ate the brownie.
"Ah. Something we have in common then." I was cut off by a male voice.
"Mokuba! Come on! We have to go back to school!"
"Alright big brother! Sorry it was nice meeting you. Uh, what was your name?"
I smiled "Kestrel. But call me Kess."
The young boy nodded and ran out taking another brownie with him. I sighed and put plastic over the brownies and put them on the counter. I took my leave from the kitchen up to my room. Maybe this place wasn't so bad. Maybe it would become my paradise. Maybe not.

Well. That was interesting! No it sucked. Who am I kidding I can't write anything good. Oh well. Enjoy the crappiness yo!