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I awoke, but didn't open my eyes. I was in a particularly large bed that was extremely comfortable and all I remember from last night was passing out in Seto's arms. Or maybe that's all I wanted to remember. Yup. At that moment all the bad memories came back to me. How my mother was dating again, how my new father was a rich bitch hermit who doesn't leave the island, not to mention he's a drunk, but that I'm used to except now I have to deal with two drunks. I grimaced in my half sleep mode and decided my life was already screwed up so why don't I just open my eyes and let it get worse. I opened both eyes slowly and reached up to rub the sleep out of them while my other hand fiddled looking for a light switch. I turned on the light and jumped seeing Mokuba standing right by the bed with a big smile on his face.
"Good Morning!" He said happily.
My muscles relaxed and I fully opened my eyes sitting up. "It is?" I said negatively.
"Don't be like that. It's a good morning because we get Chinese for breakfast!"
"Don't you ever eat anything else besides Chinese take out?" I asked folding the covers over.
"No. Seto doesn't cook and he won't teach me." He said looking down.
I looked at my new cloths realizing I was in a long white silk nightdress and about screamed. That pervert. I thought frowning. "Well. I haven't tried my hand at cooking in a while, but how would you like eggs, bacon, sausage, and maybe a little toast for breakfast?"
"How about triangle pancakes too!" Mokuba jumped up in joy and I laughed a little.
"Alright, Triangle pancakes too." I scooted down a little and turned myself putting my feet on something furry. I looked down to see fur house shoes and made a shocked yet surprised face. I slipped them on and stood up. "Let's go downstairs and you can help me. If your Big Brother won't help you learn to cook I will." With that we both walked downstairs past the living room and dinning room and into the kitchen.
Seto was sitting at a small table with a section of Business news at hand a cup of coffee at his lips. He looked up to see us and cocked his head a little which I thought was very cute and I about smirked, but was able to keep a strait face.
"You're a pervert you know?" I said walking over to the high tech fridge that had a TV on the front door that was currently on the news. I opened the door and got out bacon, eggs, and surprisingly there were sausage links in there too. There was about...every food product possible in there.
"I do not understand what you mean by that." Seto said going back to his paper.
"Big Brother do you want a home cooked breakfast too?"
"He won't get one Mokuba. Your big brother is a Pervert and does not deserve pancakes, sausage, eggs, and bacon."
"Are you inquiring about the silk night dress?" Seto asked again taking a sip of his coffee.
"Yes. Yes I am." I said putting a little oil in the pan as Mokuba sat down and his head went back and forth between us two.
"I didn't want that beautiful dress to get wrinkled or torn. So I gave you something else to wear."
"I don't care about the damned dress! I just care if you saw me or not." I shot back adverting my eyes over to him as I put the sausage and bacon in one pan and then started frying the eggs.
"Well I didn't I did put the night gown on you, but I swear I didn't see anything. Happy?" Seto shot back doing the very same to me.
"Yes, I'm very happy. Thank you. But I'm still going to the security room and watch that tape." I said jokingly.
"Oh shut up and make me breakfast." Seto turned the page in his paper and half smiled looking over to me.
"What am I now? Your little house wife?" I turned to him realizing I was wearing a pink apron with lace and went wide eyed. "Oh damn you. Damn you to hell."
"Yes dear." Seto eyed me then all went silent for awhile until I finished cooking. I put everything on plates and slide it over to Seto and Mokuba then fixed a plate for me sitting down. Seto put his paper down and started eating. Mokuba did too.
"This is incredible Kess! It's been so long since we had a home cooked meal!" Mokuba praised.
I turned to Seto and he just kept eating. Nodding once in agreement.
"That's very kind of you." I said taking a bite of it myself.
After breakfast I put the plates in the dishwasher and Seto disappeared into his office. Mokuba went to go watch cartoons and I was left alone in the Kiaba's kitchen. The room was quiet only that I could hear the music from the living room from Mokuba's cartoon shows. I rubbed my forehead slightly and stood up from the seat and walked to Seto's office hesitating before knocking. I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn't know if I could do it. My heart was racing and I just went in. We locked eyes and I shut the door behind me. Not turning away I went to the front of his desk and we stayed like that for awhile. I couldn't do it. I couldn't. It was too hard.
"I was wondering...if I could stay here for a little while." I asked my insides screaming.
"How long is a little while?"
"Until school starts again, three days." I said again breaking eye contact and looking down.
"Keep making us meals like that you'll earn your keep and I'll let you stay." He caught my eyes and made me look up at him. Even if it just was for a moment I got lost in Seto's eyes and felt butterflies in my stomach. I tore my gaze away and nodded to him.
"Thanks. I think I'll go kick Mokuba's ass in Tekken 3 now." I turned on the waxed floor and started walking to the door. A small laugh could be heard behind me.
"You won't win. I can't even win." Seto remarked.
I slightly turned my head to him then slid my feet around again. "That's because you're an uptight ice man who works way too much and doesn't have time to play with a certain young boy who if you haven't noticed is dying for your attention." I smiled a little then looked up at him nodding in approval of what I just said.
Seto stared blankly at me with a look of confusion and frustration on his face. He then leaned back in his chair and folded his arms. "You just love to torture me don't you?"
"Only the best for the master of the house." I bowed to the side and looked up smiling. Seto could only look down and shake his head as he watched me leave to go battle Mokuba who later that day kicked my ass in Tekken 3 forty nine times. It was about four o' clock when I finally put the remote down and gave up.
"Your good child...you are VERY good." I said leaning back.
"Ha! I told you I was the champ at that game!" Mokuba laughed evilly and smiled as Seto walked in.
"Are you having fun kicking Kestrels ass for me Mokuba?" he asked leaning slightly agasit the door.
"Oh yes big brother, and she just finally gave up."
"Hey I didn't do that bad! I almost beat you that last round!" I exclaimed keeping my pride held up high.
"Yea right! Want a re match to prove that!"
"Mokuba I have an idea. Why don't we go to the ice cream shop in the park and sit by the lake?" Seto asked as his little brother shot his head up and looked wide eyed.
"But...aren't you busy with work? You don't have to big brother..."
I sat there smiling on the floor happy that I had told Seto he needed to loosen up and he had listened to me. "Work can wait, I think we could all go for some ice creams don't you agree Kess?"
I nodded once smiling with glee. It had been so long since I had tasted the cold sweet sticky treat that American children live for.
"Then it's settled, grab your things and let's go. Everyone meet here in five or we're leaving with out you." Mokuba shot off as I slowly passed Seto. He grabbed my wrist and made me turn. "You were right...thank you Kestrel." I smiled at him gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and left him speechless for that time till we all met again downstairs, and went to the park.

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