Abby's Tale An original Elektra fan fiction

Written by: Jennifer S. a.k.a. AssassinElektra


I do not own Elektra or any other Marvel Comics characters. This is a fan fiction story meant only for the enjoyment of myself and other Elektra movie and comic fans.

Title: Abby's Tale

Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, science fiction, Elektra

Setting: This story is set in the Elektra Movie-verse directly after my Elektra II fan fiction

Rating: PG-13, for violence and disturbing imagery

Author's Note:

Chapter 11

"Let me fight him!" Pyro shouted, moving to sit up. But Mystique guided him gently back down into bed, where he laid bandaged and frustrated.

"He'd kill you." She said.

"I'm stronger than you th…" He winced in pain, hoping that she would not notice.

"Let him go." Magneto said, surprising them both. He turned and looked at Pyro, no concern for him at all in his eyes. Pyro gently held a hand against his bandage, the large white gauze that covered the punctures that Wolverine had left in his flesh. "It's about time we visited Charles again." Magneto added, smiling sinisterly.

As weak as he was and as much pain as he felt, Pyro loved the idea that he was getting a chance to do something besides Magneto's leg work. He stood up, ignoring the pain and making sure that he did not wince this time.

"I'm all ready there." Pyro told Magneto and Mystique. He walked over to the door and grabbed his brown, leather jacket, throwing it on defiantly. "They don't have a chance." He added, pulling his lighter out of the coat pocket and looking at it.


"You should go." Elektra told Abby, who gave her a look of unbelief. "It's not healthy for you to see him like this." Elektra explained.

"I don't want to leave him." Abby said.

"Abby, you haven't slept since two nights ago. The Professor is doing all he can, and every time I come in here you're here too. Get away for a while. I'll come get you if anything changes." Elektra said.

Abby thought for a moment, glanced at her unconscious husband, then looked at Elektra. "At the first sign of any change?"

"At the first sign." Elektra assured her. Abby then left the room slowly after hugging Elektra.

Walking down the hallways of the school, Abby found herself feeling very alone. There were students all around her—a few of which she now knew thanks to her temporary stay in the mansion—and yet she felt as if she was the only one there. It wasn't until she sat under a tree in the front lawn and was approached by a stranger that she felt somewhat human again.

"Hi." Abby looked at the young man who approached her. He looked to be in his early to mid-twenties, and wore his brown hair slicked back. He had a matching brown, leather jacket and jeans on. He was smoking a cigarette when he took a seat next to her. "What's wrong?" He asked her.

"Nothing." Abby said quickly, not wanting to engage a deep conversation with the stranger.

"You seem pretty troubled over nothing." He said, giving her a worried look.

"It's been a rough week." Abby said quietly.

"Tell me about it." The stranger said, holding his stomach carefully as if he were hurt there. "Life can throw some fast curve balls."

"Yeah." Abby agreed, smiling for the first time in days. She looked at him. "I'm Abby." She said.

"John." The stranger replied, winking at her. "So what brings you to this school, Abby? You a mutant?" He waited for a reply.

"Not exactly." Abby answered.

"What do you mean?" John asked, looking curious. Abby smiled at him and took her golden chain off of her neck. She stood up and walked over to a nearby bush. Carefully, she flicked the chain around a couple of times, trimming the tree perfectly.

"Wow, does it do that glowy thing every time you use it?" John asked her, pointing to her chain.

"Yeah." Abby answered. "I'm the Treasure." And then at his confused look, she added, "a chosen warrior to win the war of good against evil."

"Ah." John said, as if he had known all along. "That sort of thing. Lot of that around here." He said, glancing at the school.

"I know." Abby said. "I feel so…unworthy to be here with the X-Men, but they were the only ones who could help Adam."

"They're overrated." John said, glaring at the mansion. "The X-Men I mean." He explained, looking at Abby.

"They seem like nice people." Abby said. "Heroes—all of them."

"Right." John laughed, then grabbed his stomach as if the effort hurt.

"Are you okay?" Abby asked him.

"I'm fine." He snapped.

"Are you sure? Maybe you should get Hank to look at…"

"I'm fine!" He snapped, raising his voice. Abby became quiet, and John's face softened after a few seconds. "I'm sorry, it's just been one of those days."

"Tell me about it." Abby commented, watching two students walk by. One had large wings, like an angel's wings, protruding from his beck. He looked like one of the older students. "I love this place though." Abby said. "It almost makes me feel normal to be around people like this." She said smiling at the winged boy.


"You okay?" Elektra glanced over at Logan who had asked the question. "You look tired."

"I'm worried about Abby." Elektra told him.

"But not about the kid." Logan motioned to Adam.

"We never really got along." She told him, glancing at Adam. "My costume's red." She explained, and Logan nodded his head in understanding.

"So, is Abby your daughter?" Logan asked, changing the mood to one more sentimental.

"I guess you could say that." Elektra smiled. "But she's not related to me by blood, only through her destiny."

"But you took care of her for a while, didn't you?" He asked. "I heard about when you stepped away from the assassin career." Logan said, surprising her. "I saw you at a couple of your killings, years ago. You didn't know I was there."

"Why'd you watch me?" Elektra asked, feeling a bit violated.

"I'd heard about Matt and Kingpin. I just wanted to see how a woman who was supposed to be dead was so deadly alive." He smiled. "I was impressed. You're not afraid to kill to get the job done. That's something these people have a problem with." He glanced around at the room.

"I'm not a killer anymore." Elektra shot quickly, a bit angry that he was making it look like a good thing.

"Right." Logan smiled. "Once you've killed, babe, you're always a killer. Can't bring back the lives you took." Elektra looked away from him in an attempt to hide the frustrated tears that came to her green eyes.


"You need to go next door and pick Abby up." Professor Xavier watched Adam's memory with great interest, as it was the memory of how his future self had visited him the same day that Abby's had. "She needs to get to New York to help Elektra."

"But who are you?" A much younger Adam asked.

"I'm you, Adam." The older one answered. "Now go get Abby! If you don't get their in time I may lose her too!"

"I knew from that moment that I was going to fall in love with her." Adam explained to the Professor as the memory faded and it was just the two of them standing there. "I knew that there would be no more loneliness after I picked her up."

"Adam, your love for Abby is very strong." The Professor told him. "Strong enough to calm the conditioning that Magneto put you through."

"It didn't go the way it was supposed to." Adam continued, as if ignoring him. "Abby found the tools I'd stolen from Magneto's lab, found them in the backseat and became suspicious. I hated the way she looked at me—with anger and fear."

"She can bring you back completely, Adam." The Professor said. "She can heal you."

Adam focused his narrowed eyes on the Professor. "Tell me, do you really believe that?"

"With everything that I am." Xavier said in all seriousness. "Love can perform the miracles that life can not."

"I want to change, want to become a…person again. But, I've died before." Adam said. "I was dead, Professor. Do you know what that is like?"

"No." The Professor admitted. "But I do know that you must do the best that you can with the time you are given. You must live happily, with your wife."

"I want to, I really do, but I also…" He paused and thought, "There's this…desire inside of me to become evil, to turn into my animalistic state and start killing. It's like a craving."

"I can help you fight it, Adam, but you must wake up first." The Professor told him.

"Okay." Adam said quietly, and as he closed his mental eyes his physical eyes opened. They were red, but dimming.