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Chapter one: And she will cry.

Beauty queen of only eighteen

She had some trouble with herself

"Kuso..." Ino cursed once more. How did she do it? How could she? Sure she was always with him... sure they were on the same team, sure she'd huged him, sure she'd save him too... sure they have been really close latley but...

"Kuso!" She had a big forehead for crying out loud! Nobody should want her! "Oh come on Ino... do you really think that?" Ino talked to herself. She really liked Sakura, they have been rivals, but that was all a big facade anyways...

Ino had helped Sakura when she was little, she had tought her to arrange flowers and to be much more confident. They were very good friends! And how did Sakura repayed her? By falling in love with the same guy as her...

"Sasuke..." Saying his name was so hard now... after what she had seen...


Ino closed the flower shop and sighed in comtemptment. It had been a great business day! She had sold a lot of flowers and she still managed some time to arrange a lovely buquet for the boy of her dreams, Sasuke...

She smiled. This would be the day when they would finaly be together! She was confident! Ok, she had already told Sasuke how she felt, but today would be diferent! He would pay atention to her, wrap her in his arms and tell her that he loved her back!

Or so she hoped...

She locked the door, put the keys in her pocket and went on her marry way to find the beautiful Uchiha. He'd probabily be training so she went into the forest to where team 7 usualy trained.

She looked around everywhere traying to find him and just as she was about to give up she heard something.

"Don't be nice just cause you're fighting me Sasuke! You know I want to be strong! So please, give it all you have..."

It was Sakura's voice.

"But Sakura, if I do that I'll hurt you! And not just litle cuts, it will hurt a lot! You know I'm stronger than you!"

"Hai Sasuke, I know that! That's why I want to train real hard, with you..."

Ino went behind a bush and looked at them. Sakura was already a bit breathless and with some cuts. Sasuke seemed normal.

"No Sakura. I won't fight with you like that. That's final."

"But... but Sasuke! I want to be stronger! Please! I have to! I want you to really see me..." She whispered the last part but the Uchiha still heard it, and so did Ino.

Sasuke moved closer to Sakura.

"Sakura... I don't want to hurt you ok? You don't have to be stronger for me to really see you... you've already shown how strong you can be, and you've shown that you are willing to improve. I think that you have grown up a lot since we first met..."

Sakura was now blushing a bit. Ino couldn't belive what she was hearing. Sasuke was being nice to Sakura! That just wasn't possible!

"Sakura, you have changed... I like that..." Sasuke leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Ino stood there, mouth open and eyes wide. This just wasn't possible.

"No!" She dropped the flowers and ran away from the forest, ran away from them, ran away from everything..."

End of Flashback

He had always been there to help her

She always belonged to someone else

Ino was now on the top of the Hokage monument. She just loved it there. It was so peacefull... it was already night and it had started to rain. Soft rain that poured down on Ino's hair, skin and clothes.

She reached for the tie that was holding her hair and pulled it. Blond locks fell softly on her back and some strands in her face. She leaned back to the cold stone and let her tears mix with the warm water from the soft Summer rain.

She had known that it would never happen, but she just had that little hope that someday he would see her for who she truly was, Yamanaka Ino... not just another one of those stupid fangirls!

"Kuso..." Ino buryied her head on her knees and cried softly.

"You know, you shouldn't be out in such weather... you might get a cold! And that would be very troublesome..."

Ino lifted her head up and met the gaze of a pair of lazy dark eyes.


The boy sat next to her.

"Why are you here...?"

He noticed her tears. He hated to see her cry. He also didn't liked when she yellled, especialy when she was yelling at him!

"I'm always here Ino... you know it..."

She looked back down. It was true. Shikamaru was her best friend. He was always the one to turn. She had turned to him when Sakura betrayed their friendship over Sasuke, she had turned to him when Sasuke ignored her, She had turned to him when Sasuke shook her off...

Damn... It always led to him didn't it? Sasuke...

"And your father made me come and get you... this is way troublesome..."

Shikamaru leaned back. He was actualy expecting some kind of remark from Ino, but it never came. She was silent. Too silent for his likings. It was probably because of that Uchiha bastard. He always made her cry...

Ino showed hersefl has a strong Kunoishi, but when it came to Sasuke... she was always reduced to tears.

"I saw him... kissing Sakura..."

Shikamaru looked at Ino. Her hair was covering her face so he couldn't really see her, altough he knew she was frowning.

"We should really be going Ino. Your father is worried about you."

He always did that. Avoid talking about Sasuke. That was his way of helping her she guessed... altough he really didn't said that everything was going to be alright and that there was always tomorrow, he made her feel good... safe... secure.

"You know... I tought that it would hurt more than it did... I guess I was preparing for that moment a long time ago..."

"You will catch a cold..."

She sighed. He was right, as always. She would catch a cold. But it just felt so nice be there, under the soft rain, with her best friend, just leting her feelings come out.

"I just wished I could be in her place you know?"

He didn't said anything now. He had lost once again... that Sasuke always won over him... he was there for her for years! He has been her loyal friend, always a shoulder when she needed to cry...

But that's all he was... a friend. Someone to rely... but nothing more. He would never have a chance with Ino. She's just to good for him.

Shikamaru put an arm around her shoulders, Ino leaned her head into the crook of his neck and stayed there for a litle while. He sighed.

"I'm wet... this is too troublesome..."

Ino lifted her head. "Lets go home then. I'm better now."

She didn't looked like she was better, but at least she wasn't crying. Shikamaru got up and Ino followed suit. They went down the monument quite fast and when they reached town said their goodbyes. Shikamaru turned his back on her and started walking away.


He looked at her.

"Thank you..."

He smiled and gave her a small nod. Each went their separate way.

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