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And she will make him happy...

I know where you hide

Alone in your car

Know all of the things that make you who you are

If you asked them how they did it, they would only shrug ... if you asked them why it wasn't weird and awkward anymore, they would only smile... if you asked them why it felt so good to be talking to each other they would only blush...

Ino and Shikamaru had finaly gotten onver their little weird moment. They started talking again like it had never happened. They began walking and chatting like the good old friends they were.

Behind a bush:

"See Asuma-Sensei! I told you we should skip training today!"

Asuma grumbled and made a move for his pack of cigarettes.

"Che... Well Chouji, if you happen to die on a mission for lack of training, don't come back and tell me that it's my fault."

Chouji took the pack of cigarettes away from his Sensei because if he started smoking, Ino and Shikamaru would notice them there.

"How would I come back? I'd be dead..."

Asuma slaped Chouji in the head and took is pack back, putting it safely in his pocket.

"Well... you know... you could come and haunt me or something..."

Chouji grumbled and put a hand over the place where Asuma had slaped him.

"Yeah... that would be first on my to do list..." He said mostly to himself.

Back to our lovely couple:

They walked to the Yamanaka garden. It was full of beautifull flowers shining in the afternoon sun. They sat down on the shade of a tree. Shikamaru layed down, put his arms behind his head and stared at the clouds.

Ino sighed and closed her eyes. A perfect smile was lingering on her beautifull face. A soft breeze blew some of her hair out of her perfect bun but she didn't seemed to notice it.

Shikamaru's gaze went away from the clouds and stoped on his teammate.

She is so beautifull...

He noticed what the breeze did to her hair and frowned. How did the wind dared to touch his Ino? To touch her silky hair and blow it off like that?

But his frown was soon replaced by a sudden atraction. She looked absolutly perfect! Her strands of fallen hair were adorning her face perfectly... her eyes were closed and that wonderfull smile on her lips...

He closed his eyes.

It was too much for him... too perfect... he wasn't allowed to watch it! Such perfection was never meant for him to see.

But he had to... and he wanted more.

He sat back up again and moved closer to her. She didn't even seemed to notice him. He raised his hand and, slowly, untied her hair, letting it flow freely in the wind.

She gasped at the sudden touch and looked at Shikamaru, surprised. He just smiled.

"I like the way it flows in the wind..."

She blushed and kept watching him smile for her.

Behind a tree (yeah they followed them here! Oo):

Asuma-Sensei smiled at his team.

"Yeah... I knew he had it in him!"

Chouji was also smiling. And then... he was in deep tought, or so it seemed... he tugged at Asuma's shirt.

"Sensei... Do you think they have BBK in the other world?"

Asuma looked at his student, an unlit cigarrette fell from his mouth into the floor. Chouji continued.

"Well... if they don't have BBK, they better have Ramen!"

Asuma sighed and draged Chouji away from the Yamanaka garden.

"Come on Chouji, I'll treat you something."





"Yeah! I'm starving! I could eat a hole cow now!"

... silence...

"Oh crap..."

Poor Asuma... He's gonna be broke! Lol erm well, back to Ino and Shika!

I know that goodbye means nothing at all

Comes back and begs me to catch her every time she falls

Ino tried to catch some of her hair to keep it for coming to her face, but Shikamaru grabbed her hand softly.

"Don't... it looks so perfect..."

Ino blushed again. Why was Shikamaru acting like this? In her entire life with him, she'd only seen him smile for what... 5 times? But lately... he's been so sweet to her... so caring!

What's happening?

Shikamaru brought her hand closer and kissed it gently. She blushed some more.

Why am I blushing?

"You're so beautiful Ino..."

Am I... falling in love?

Shikamaru grew closer to her, his hand still grabbing hers firmly. This was it, he had to tell her right now! He couldn't take it anymore...

"Ino... I... I... I love you..."

He blushed deeply but never leting his eyes off of hers. She just stood there watching him for what seemed like forever... she wanted to scream in pure joy, but her voice didn't seem to come out. She wanted to hug him, but her arms didn't move... she wanted to smile, but her lips didn't obey her.

She wanted to say she loved him too... but did she really? Wouldn't it all be too complicated? After all, didn't Shikamaru wanted an average wife, an average life, average kids?

With her, it sure wouldn't be average...

He, somehow, gathered more courage.

"Do... do you... do you love me back, Ino?"

She snatched her hand away from his and got up really quick.


He seemed hurt. No... he was hurt! It was like she had ripped his heart out of his chest and then steped on it, cut it to pieces and sent them to the four corners of the world!

She stumbled on something and stuttered, "I mean, I can't! Shikamaru... I really... we... It's just... no..."

"But... but I tought..."

"No Shikamaru!"

She couldn't stand the look in his eyes. They seemed hollow... empty... it was as tough they could never shine anymore... well, not witouth her they couldn't... she felt tears forming in her eyes but she kept them back.

She couldn't cry! Why would she cry anyways?

I really am in love with him...

He got up. His eyes were now on the floor. He could't stand to look at her anymore.

"It's... ok... Ino..."

She could sense the hurt in his voice, the sadness in his eyes, the invisible tears, the shatering of his heart... it was breaking her inside and she couldn't hold the tears any longer...

She turned away from him and placed a hand on her heart. It was hurting like hell... everything in her was telling her to hold him! To kiss him! To tell him what she really felt... but she couldn't...

Why can't I?

Well... she couldn't because... well... they were friends... it would be complicated... it was... well... it...

I don't want to get hurt again...

Yeah... that was it...

"Go away Shikamaru..."

Her voice was trembling. Her hands were shaking. Her legs were faltering.

"Go away and don't come back..."

Shikamaru didn't move... he was way too shocked. Sure she had treated him bad for a long time, but this... no... this was just unbearable... the harshness in her voice.

He raised a hand to touch her shoulder but hesitated... The hand fell limp again. It was useless... he was useless...

Why did he tried anyway...? he already knew it would end like this! But... there's always a chance right...?

Yeah, right...

Well... not anymore...

He turned around, defeated, and left the garden. A silent tear found his way down his soft face.

Tap on my window knock on my door

I want to make you feel beautifull

Ino sank to the groud and brought her hands to her face crying desperatly. Why? Why did she do this?

Why... why... why... why...?

Why did she had to hurt him! And to hurt herself... it was so unnecessary... Shikamaru would never hurt her! He wasn't like that...

"Honey... I'm sorry... I kind of heard everything..."

Ino looked at her mother, surprised.


Ino's mother sat near her doughter and embraced her tightly.

"There, there sweety..."

Ino cried on her shoulder, puring every feeling into each tear.

"Mom... it... hurts..."

"Shhh sweety... calm down..."

She patted her daughter soflty. After a while Ino calmed down and wasn't crying anymore.

"You know honey," Her mother was colming Ino's blond hair into one beautifull braid. "He seemed really sincere..."

Ino looked down and played with some grass in front of her.

"I know..."

Her mother finished the braid and placed it gently on her daughter's back, admiring her work.

"Then why did you hurt yourself like that? I know you love him Ino... a mother knows this things..."

Ino turned to her mother with sad eyes.

"But mom... I'm... afraid..."

"He won't hurt you sweety... Shikamaru is one of the most caring person I've ever known..."

Ino scoffed.

"Yeah right! Not the Shikamaru I know!"

Her mother smiled a bit.

"Come on Ino... didn't he treated you nicely today?"

Ino lowered her head and her braid fell to the front, where she grabbed it and started to play with it with her fingers.


Ino's mother gave her daughter a quick peck on the cheek.

"I know you will do the right thing Ino. Just try not to hurt yourself ok?"

Ino smiled soflty to her mother. "Ok mom..."

Ino's mother started walking away from her.

"Oh and don't come back late for dinner dear!"

"Ok mom!" Ino looked at the ground and whispered, "Thanks mom..."

I don't mind spending every day

Out on your corner in the pouring rain

Look for the girl with the broken smile

Ask her if she wants to stay awhile

Ino got up and started to walk. She didn't knew where she was going, she just needed to think things trough...

Suddenly, the sun was replaced by some terrifiying black clouds. Little droplets of rain started pouring down over Ino, but she didn't mind, really...

She had to go talk to Shikamaru. Straighten things up. She couldn't loose him! She had to tell him that she wanted to be his... friend... yeah... friend...

Because... well... because things would be too complicated for them if they were a couple! Right! That was it! She had to see him!

She ran away from where she was and only stoped when she was in the doorstep of Shikamaru's house. She took some time steadying her breath and tying up her hair again.

Then, when she tought she looked ok (cause yeah... you can't look really well when you're in the rain, right?) she knocked lightly on the door.

Then, when her hand left the door, a rush of emotions ran trough her. Some part of her was screaming for her to get away from there. But another wanted her to stay and talk to him...

Well, she didn't had any time to ponder because the door burst open and Shikato looked at Ino with a smile on his lips.

"Hey there Ino!"

"Oh... hi!" Shikato was not the person Ino wanted to see right now.

"Do you... erm... do you know where Shikamaru is?"

Shikato pulled Ino into the warmth of the house because she was shivering from the rain.

"Yeah. He came home a while ago and went to his room. He looked shaken up. What happened?"

Ino blushed a little feeling guilty for Shikamaru's sadness.

"Oh well.. nothing... can I go talk to him?"

Shikato nooded.


Ino started running upstairs ans Shikato yelled,

"Oi! You're not preagnant, are you Ino?"

Ino didn't listened to him, or at least pretended not to listen to him, and continued on her quest to Shikamaru's room.

Just then, Shikamaru's mom was coming into the hall and heard Shikato.

"Preagnant? Ino's what? Oh dear lord..."

Then she fainted. Shikato looked at her and scratched his head.

"Che... troublesome..."


Ino stoped abruptly at Shikamaru's door. She lifted her hand and knocked lightly. What was she going to say?

I love you too?

No... definitly not! That's not what she came here for! She came here to tell him that she wanted to be friends again! That was it!

But then... I won't be happy...

Ino sighed in frustration and knocked again, but this time with more strenght.

"Come on Shika... I know you're there..."

No answer.

What was I thinking?

Yeah I mean... come on... she had just told him that she didn't loved him back! What was he supposed to do...?


She was getting mad now! She just wanted to tell him she was sorry and be friends again! It's not like she was going there to hurt him more!

Or was she?


She then curled her hand into a fist, anger flaming in her eyes, and knocked harder, but still, no answer! She couldn't take it anymore. She kicked the door opened and entered!


He was nowhere to be seen! But Shikato said he was in his room! Ino sat on his bed and sighed. She then grabbed a picture of team 10 and stared at it for what seemed like forever...

She placed her finger on top of Shikamaru and a tear fell on top of him.

And she will be loved

And she will be loved

And she will be loved

And she will be loved

"You're crying again? You're so troublesome..."

Ino jerked her head up. There, near the window, soacking wet, stood Shikamaru. (WET SHIKAMARU! WOOT!) apparently he was outside, on the roof, looking at the clouds, altough there was really nothing to see because they were pitch black.

"Shi... Shikamaru!"

He placed his hands in his pocket and smirked.

"Who else? Santa?"

Altough he was smirking, Ino could perfectly see the sadness in his eyes. She couldn't hold back the tears anymore. She couldn't bare to see the sadness in his eyes...

She ran to him and huged him tightly. He was so surprised! Was this the same Ino that told him to go away and never come back?

Just has he was about to hug her back she backed away. He sighed and placed his hand in his pocket again.

"I... we... can't..."

He turned away angrily.


Ino looked at the floor. All the reasons of why they couldn't be a couple seemed so farfetched now...

"We're friends..."

"So...? Isn't that good?"

"It's too complicated..."

"Love's always complicated..."

"But... wouldn't it be troublesome?"

He turned to her.

"Some of the most troublesome things are the ones that make you smile the most..."

Ino closed her eyes, letting another silent tear fall. How could she resist him now?

"It just won't work! We will get tired of the fighting, tired of everything! We won't have an average life like you wanted, we won't have well behaved kids, I will hit you a lot, I will nag you a lot, I will be troublesome and make you do what I want, I-..."

"Geez!" Shikamaru interrupted her. The sadness in his eyes now gone. He could read her almost like a book now. She loved him back... she was just afraid that he would hurt her or reject her...

Please don't try so hard to say goodbye

Please don't try so hard to say goodbye

"You know..." he started walking to her and she backed away. She was now cornered, her back to the wall. "I won't hurt you Ino... never!"

He raised his hand and caressed her wet cheek.

"You know I love you Ino..."

She blushed a bit.

"Oh Shikamaru... I love you too but... it just! We can't! We really can't! I have to go... we will never see each other again Shika... we-..."

He placed a gentle finger on her lips to make her quiet.

"Shh! Didn't anyone told you that silence is a blessing?"

"But, but Shikamaru!"

He moved closer to her, their noses almost touching now.

"You know what... It's going to be a real pleasure to shut you up!"

And then, without warning he pressed his lips against hers. Gently at first, but then roughly. He needed to taste her lips. He's longed for them for so long!

She felt as tough butterflyes were living in her stomach. As tough her heart was beating really fast and as tough she was putting all her love in that one kiss, just to show him how she truly felt.

He grabbed her waist gently and brought her body closer to him. She let her hands find their way into his neck and pulled him further down to deepen the kiss.

Everything felt so right... they really did belong together...


I don't mind spending everyday

Out on your corner in the pouring rain...

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