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Cloud Strife, well-known and respected Jounin instructor of Yumegakure, sighed as he watched his team make camp. They had been assigned an important mission, and at the moment they were on the road, getting ready to plop down for the day. He wrapped his tattered cloak around him, drawing his bandaged and broken sword, the Buster Blade, closer. He didn't wear his Jounin vest, but he wore a dark blue muscle shirt and baggy pants underneath the red cloak. His boots were dirty and unwashed, but he didn't care. His eyes were hard, and his gaze was stern. He was one of the elite of his village, and a member of one of the most well-known Bloodlines in his village.

He contemplated why they had been sent out… To forge an alliance with the Hidden Leaf, Konoha. Cloud knew why, he understood the reasons.

Yumegakure was a relatively new shinobi village, and they needed the complete neutrality of all the other shinobi villages. The Hidden Dream could not afford wars during their moment of growth. Cloud understood the needs of this mission, and he was honoured that his team, of all Genin teams, had been asked to do this mission. Konoha was known for its kindness, unlike the harshness of the Sand and the arrogance of the Cloud. In the best case scenario, they would be able to create a strong bond with the most-powerful shinobi country.

As Cloud contemplated this, he stared at his team going about their work. He had only received his team seven months ago, and they still needed some work.

Ramza Beoulve was gathering firewood, using his sword, one of the Beoulve family treasures, the Chaos Blade, to whack off the branches and suck the moisture out with a quick heating of Chakra. His nephew… The heir of the Beoulve clan. He was a Beoulve, but he didn't bear the surname. His own sword, the Buster Blade, was also a heirloom of the Beoulve clan. Ramza noticed his sensei watching him, and gave a quick smile and a wave, before gathering up all the firewood he had gathered and plopping it down in the middle of the camp.

Ramza was wearing a purple turtleneck and blue jeans. Two belts were tied around him arranged in an X around his waist in a way that he had learnt from his other uncle, Squall Leonhart. (Cloud always wondered why his brother decided to do that.) His sheath was tied to one of the belts, lying horizontally behind him so he could draw the Chaos Blade quickly in a fight. Ninja boots completed his look. His light-blonde hair and emerald green eyes made the girls back at Yume go crazy, and he was often seen fending them off.

Cloud nodded, and Ramza looked happy. Even a simple nod was hard to get out of their sensei.

Sora, the one without a last name, had gone off into the woods to find dinner. Cloud had always wondered about the orphan boy. He had untapped potential, the older man had realized when he had visited the Academy back at the Hidden Dream. The Keyblade he held was a mystery, it seems he's always had it, even though he couldn't remember where he had gotten it. Yet the strange blade always seemed to grow to fit his size, and never allowed other people to touch it.

Pretty soon, Cloud saw Sora coming back from the forest, a deer slung over his shoulder. He was wearing a red jumpsuit. His yellow sandals contrasted with the rest of his outfit, and the Keyblade that was dangling from his waist completed the look of a crazy maniac ninja. Sora plopped down the deer beside Ramza, who was trying to get the fire started with the Katon no Jutsu. Sora stared at him for a few seconds, before shrugging and starting to clean the deer.

The third member of the team was waking up, Cloud discerned from the change in her Chakra. It seemed Sora and Ramza noticed too, from the way they got up from their tasks and quickly made their way towards the tent.

"Hey, Yuna's up!" Sora exclaimed as he quickly jogged by Cloud. Ramza followed with a worried expression.

"Are you sure she's alright?" Ramza asked. "Maybe she still hasn't recovered from last time when we were to hunt down that low-level missing-nin…"

"Aww, come on." Sora grinned sunnily. "She's not that weak, Yuna can handle a few scrapes and bruises!"

"But she got hit by a Chuunin level jutsu!" Ramza cried. "And on top of that it was a Raiton jutsu. The type that she specifically has no resistance for!"

Cloud watched the two pass by without a word. The last mission had been dangerous, yes. They had almost lost Yuna to a careless mistake that Sora had made. He had reprimanded Sora, but almost losing a comrade, a friend, had shaken the two up a little bit.

He turned his head around, staring at the two boys that crowded around Yuna's sleeping bag. One wore a concerned expression while the other was grinning without a care in the world. The girl that they were looking at was smiling.

Yuna Braska was a member of another great clan… The Summoning clan. It wasn't really a Bloodline thing, more of a large grouping of people with a common ability. And that ability was to call creatures from beyond the land of animal spirits that Kuchiyose could summon. No, they could summon from the Makai itself. It was a hated skill, and that's why the Summoners worked together, they couldn't trust anyone else.

Yuna herself wore a white top and a blue skirt. Her staff, the Nirvana, was lying beside her. (The Hidden Dream utilized weapons like no other shinobi country. Every shinobi was to have a unique weapon otherwise they were considered 'generic', and a generic was not allowed to pass beyond chuunin.) She wore a black skin-tight suit underneath, ending at her elbows and knees. She laughed at Sora's antics and blushed at Ramza's concern.

Cloud relaxed and the tips of his lips pointed upwards.

He had his suspicions about becoming a Jounin instructor…

Sephiroth-sama. There are so few able-bodied Jounin in the village, we can't spare any. I do not mean questioning your judgment but surely…

Cloud, as one of my dearest friends and ninja, you should understand the needs of a village. We need to look towards the future… These kids are the light of our future, they are the village's future.

But Sephiroth-sama…

We are but human. One day, when both you and I are gone, we need somebody else to continue. I want to see our village grow.

But there are other Jounins. I do not mean to be arrogant, but I am one of the best ninjas you have. We are short of ninja already…

That's exactly why you have been sent to instruct these children. They are in need of guidance to become strong, and they will serve Yumegakure in the future. You need not worry about a thing.

Sephiroth always seemed to be able to win any arguments they had… Maybe usually it was because Cloud knew it was right.

He never regretted his forced decision to become a Jounin instructor, even though the kids were somewhat annoying every now and then.

"Sora… Ramza." Cloud called. The two turned their heads up, looking at their instructor. "You two will spar with me after dinner. Yuna, if you think you are up to it, then you are free to join in."

They were eating the deer that Sora had caught, along with some vegetables they had brought in a can and bread. It was a commonly known fact that Cloud Strife of Yumegakure was a health freak. Food groups, not too much sugar… everything.

Ramza smiled. He had known Cloud since the early age of three. After all, the older man was his uncle, younger brother of his father, Balbanes. He didn't know exactly why Cloud had changed his last name, but no one really cared as he still declared himself a part of the Beoulve clan. Ramza turned to Yuna.

"Are you alright, Yuna-san?" Ramza asked. "Do you think you'll be able to participate?"

"Yeah…" Yuna said, waving. "I'm alright now. I just fainted because of the heat, that's all."

None of them said anything. It was an obvious lie. No ninja collapsed because of heat. They were known as shinobi for a reason, and it was because they could endure anything thrown at them and more. (Shinobi basically means, in the Chinese translation of the kanji, 'he who endures')

They ate, Sora noisily and crunchily, making his face a mess, Ramza quietly, barely noticeable. Yuna was barely eating, something that Ramza noticed quite quickly. Cloud himself almost never ate in front of their faces.

The sun hadn't gone down yet.

They quickly finished their food.

"Let's begin." The instructor said, and drew his bandaged blade. The wrapping was Chakra reinforced, and any cuts and slices would only cause bruises, and not draw blood. He held it in front of him with both hands, his face giving nothing away. Yuna had chosen not to participate.

Ramza quickly grabbed a few kunai from his pouch and launched them at his sensei. Sora followed up with his own shurikens. Cloud chuckled. Elementary.

He did a few seals, and the flying projectiles hit him immediately in his critical points. His head, his heart, and his neck. Then where he used to be was a log instead, pierced by the pointed weapons.

"Kawarimi no Jutsu…" Ramza said, and unsheathed his own blade. Sora summoned the Keyblade to his side with a flash of light, and they prepared for battle.

A flash of light, and steel met steel.

Cloud's Buster Blade against Ramza's Chaos Blade, right there in the middle of the field. They were in a deadlock, the first to give an inch would be severed. Of course, Ramza knew his uncle was holding back.

"Now!" Ramza called to his friend, and Cloud realized Sora had been charging Chakra into his key-shaped sword.

"Strike Raid!" Sora cried, and launched the Keyblade at Cloud.

It whizzed past his ear, breaking his concentration for a moment and causing Ramza to break the lock. The young boy did a three-sixty, twirling his blade around until it was over his head and ready to strike. The Keyblade had already returned to Sora's hands, and he was prepared to fire off another Raid. Cloud was familiar with the move.

The Strike Raid was a five-stage technique created by one of the beoulve ancestors. The first fours stages were basically the same, throwing the sword with increasing amounts of Chakra steadily, but the fifth one was homing and a definite instant knockout. Cloud knew he had to stop his student before the fifth strike was reached.

The second shot flew above his head as he rolled to the side to avoid both Ramza and Sora's attacks. The Chaos Blade landed where he had been moments ago. Ramza grunted and pulled the sword out of the ground, using the momentum to try another swing at his teacher. Cloud let the sword come closer, before performing another set of seals.

As the violet blade struck through him, he was instantly replaced by another log. Cloud appeared behind Ramza, ready to strike but the third stage of Strike Raid appeared, halting his move once again.

Ramza took this chance to stick his sword into the ground and land a solid kick to Cloud's stomach. The sensei caught it and flipped him over, but he righted himself in midair and landed on his feet. He quickly made a set of seals.

"Ikuji Ninpou: Sabeku no Jutsu!" Ramza cried, and a large red battle aura surrounded him. He felt his Chakra capacity increase and his physical power strengthen. His jutsus were mostly body-enhancing jutsus and this was one of his best. He quickly charged forwards, with greater speeds than before.

Cloud looked at him, amused. He had not seen his student use this move before. Just as Ramza was about to strike him with the Chaos Blade, he raised the Buster Blade, blocking the strike. Suddenly, he sensed the incoming Chakra signal and shifted his body, the fourth stage of the Strike Raid cutting the air in front of him.

No… There's around two seconds before he gets the Keyblade back… I can't reach him in two seconds with Ramza in my way…

He tried to get to Sora, but Ramza recognized his actions for what they were. He swung his sword at the Jounin, carefully calculating the slash. Cloud's eyes widened.

I can't dodge that move… I've got to block it!

The block came, but Sora had summoned the Keyblade again. Grinning, he reared his hand back, ready to launch the Judgement Raid any moment.

The Keyblade came whirring, and Cloud knew dodging was futile. By now, after four swings, the blade had etched his Chakra into itself, and was going to be hunting for him. Time to show his students a little counter he had developed.

He swung his sword with a little more power than usual, and blew Ramza away into a tree. Then he turned around, dropped the Buster Blade, and… caught the approaching Keyblade with both hands.

Sora gasped, and Ramza's eyes widened. Yuna was startled, even though she showed no sign of surprise.

"Shinken Shirahadori… The skill of stopping a blade with a man's own hands…" Yuna exclaimed. "But it shouldn't be able to catch a spinning blade!"

Cloud nodded, please at his student's knowledge.

"Normally it wouldn't, but I modified it a little bit myself." Cloud said. "I reinforced my hands and followed the motion of the Keyblade, so I was able to catch it with ease. Sora, you should practice your speed with the Strike Raid more, but you did well." Then he turned to Ramza. "You too."

Sora grinned stupidly, and Ramza just beamed. Yuna watched from the sidelines happily.

"Alright, let's get us some sleep." Cloud said. "Sora, you get first shift."

Sora groaned.


Strife Cloud: Originally from Final Fantasy Seven, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Kingdom Hearts, a ninja of the newly founded Yumegakure. In his incarnation he is more like his KH incarnation than his FF7 version. A master of the sword, he wields the powerful Shinken, the Buster Blade. Part of the Beoulve clan. Jounin instructor.


Kyokugen: Blade Beam

Kyokugen: Finishing Touch

Kyokugen: Omni Slash

Kyokugen: Sonic Blade

Kyokugen: Makai Tenken no Jutsu

Katon: Goukakyu

Katon: Housenka

Katon: Shounetsujigoku

Beoulve Ramza: Originally from Final Fantasy Tactics. I removed his clunky armour and equipped him with the Chaos Blade. A part of the new Beoulve clan in Yumegakure, his Bloodline Limit is the Limit Break.


Saikyou Ikuji Ninpou: Arutema no Jutsu (Ultima)

Ikuji Ninpou: Kiai no Jutsu (Yell)

Ikuji Ninpou: Tameru no Jutsu (Accumulate)

Ikuji Ninpou: Omajinai no Jutsu (Wish)

Ikuji Ninpou: Hagemasu no Jutsu (Cheer)

Ikuji Ninpou: Sabeku no Jutsu (Scream)

Sora: From Kingdom Hearts, his weapon of choice is his Keyblade, where no one knows where he got from. He uses basic Yumegakure jutsus, however, he has picked up a few things from his instructors. He's learnt the Limit Break, Sonic Blade, but without the Bloodline he cannot use it to its full potential.


Kyokugen: Sonic Blade (Imperfect)

Seikengi: Strike Raid

Seikengi: Ars Arcanum

Seikengi: Ragnarok

Raiton no Jutsu

Suiton no Jutsu

Braska Yuna: From Final Fantasy X. (And X-2, though I hate that game) She uses mostly Fuuton jutsus and healing jutsus, but she does have a staff with which she is capable of doing large amounts of damage with.


Chakra Enjintou

Chiyute no Jutsu

Fuuton: Renkuudan

Fuuton no Jutsu

Fuuton: Kazedan

Kuchiyose no Jutsu