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"Before I start training you, I want to see your skill." Squall said, quietly and yet so powerfully. Cloud had left a while ago, and now they were with their new instructor. "Are we clear on that?"

"Yes, sensei." Ramza said.

"Hai! Hai!" Naruto grinned.

"Crystal, sensei." Sakura answered.

"Good." The brunette said, taking out a funny looking sword from out of nowhere. Ramza had always wondered how he did that. "Your mission is to defeat me, using any methods possible. Death is not an obstacle, just a minor inconvenience. Until I am knocked out, dead, or bleeding or you are all knocked out, we will not stop."

Ramza noted his teammates shocked looks.

"Don't worry, Uncle Squall's always like that." Ramza said. "He's just intense, that's all."

"Whatever." Squall muttered. "We will begin once this clock hits one. Make your preparations. I won't be going easy on you."

He pointed his Gun Blade at them, and suddenly…

Sakura felt the same fear during the Chuunin Exam when Orochimaru had stared at her. This was a feeling of imminent death…

Naruto suddenly felt instincts that he didn't know he had flare up. This was the stance of a predator…

Ramza gulped. Whenever his uncle did that, that meant he was serious. This wasn't just a spar. As Squall had put it, this was a near life and death battle…

The clock buzzed.

"…Let's begin."

Squall charged in, his futuristic blade glowing an eerie blue. Naruto felt the immense Chakra nearing him, and he reacted automatically with a jutsu.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" He called, and a few clones appeared. The one that he had deliberately called in front of him was sliced in half immediately, and Squall turned his sights on him, as if he knew instantly that he was the real one.

That… can't be! Naruto's mind cried. Even Neji had problems figuring out which one of me was real… This guy, how could he…!

"Well, in my clan, you get born into four categories." Ramza told him. "There's the Black Wind category, where the baby is born with one black wing and can use Kyokugen techniques. There's the Enhancer category, where you can use these unique jutsus that can boost you and your allies strength and speed. And the rest is classified, sorry."

Naruto's eyes widened. This guy must be one of the other two categories! That meant this guy's Bloodline was unknown…

"Beoulve Secret Kengi: Rough Divide…" Squall's whisper carried itself to Naruto's ears with the wind, and he lowered his blade, intending an upwards slash.

Naruto knew this was the end of him, but before he realized what had happened, a pink blur smashed into him, getting him out of the range of attack.


Squall's attack sliced through the Konoha kunoichi, and Naruto kept himself from crying out in shock. Suddenly, Sakura's dead body replaced itself with two halves of a cut log, and Naruto realized what happened.

She knocked me backwards and then did a Kawarimi!

Squall looked pleasantly surprised at the kunoichi's skill, and silently watched the logs fall to the ground.

My chance! Ramza noticed. He drew the Chaos Blade backwards, and prepared to launch it at the Jounin. Squall noticed moments before it hit him, and raised his Gun Blade and flicked it, hitting the Chaos Blade to the floor.

Suddenly, Ramza appeared behind him, ready to deliver a blow to the back of the scarred Jounin's head. Squall ducked at the last second.

Something's wrong… Squall noticed. Ramza isn't the straight on attacking type…

Ramza then delivered a spinning kick to Squall's back, which sent him towards a tree. He righted himself in midair and bounded off the trunk.

Ramza's never pulled off a move like that before… But then how…

He then noticed Ramza on the ground… No, he wasn't seeing double. There were two Ramzas.

One of them grabbed their sword and swung it around in an arc, getting used to the balance again, and the other one stood in a fighting position on the ground.

Ah, Henge. Squall noted. One of those Konoha Genin noticed Ramza couldn't fight well with his unarmed self, so one of them took his form to make me underestimate them and distract me while Ramza gets back on his feet… Well played.

"Beoulve Secret Kengi: Fated Circle!" The brunette Beoulve cried, and a circle of fire was swung towards the two Genins on the ground.

The two quickly bounded off, dodging the Chakra enforced attack easily. In their hurry one of the Ramzas, the one without the sword, dropped his Henge. It was the blonde, orange-wearing Genin. Squall hadn't bothered to get their names yet.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" The blonde cried, and bit his thumb. He landed on the branch of a tree, and clung to it with Chakra. A cloud of ninja smoke surrounded the tree, and out came a large toad carrying two katanas.

Squall was surprised, though he didn't show it. This kid knew quite a few level high level jutsus… The Kage Bunshin, one of the forbidden jutsus of the Leaf, and the Kuchiyose no Jutsu, reserved mostly for the few ninjas that had crazy amounts of Chakra.

Suddenly, a large Chakra-absorbing net dropped on top of him.

Damn! I was so busy tracking the movements of Ramza and that kid I didn't notice the girl! Squall realized, and quickly raised his Gun Blade, slicing off the covering. He arose, quickly and shakily. How could he, a Jounin, be hit by an elementary trap such as this… He was ashamed. Suddenly, a stray kunai knocked his blade out of his hands, and the three Genins and the large toad surrounded him.

"You've lost, Squall-sensei." Ramza said. "You're Gun Blades too far from you now, and if you try to move at all we'll get you instantly."

Squall chuckled. If only they knew.

"Give up, Squall-sensei!" The blonde kid cried, raising a kunai. "We've got you now! Even if you're a Jounin you can't escape a trap like this!"

The pinky nodded.

Squall's inner chuckles expanded into outwards mirth, as he couldn't help but smile. These kids had done well, but he was about to teach them a valuable lesson…

"…Let me tell you something." The Jounin said. The Genins leaned in forwards to listen. "Just because a member of a family is weak in a certain area… Doesn't mean the other members of the same clan are weak in the same."

Ramza's mind jolted, and his eyes widened. Of course! His uncle was a friend of Zell Dincht, the third strongest Taijutsu specialist in the village…!

"Dolphin Blow!"

Squall charged forwards, and gave Ramza a powerful uppercut, sending him sprawling towards the trees, then he turned around, and smashed his fist into the ground.

"Burning Rave!"

A crack erupted along the earth, approach Naruto and Sakura rapidly. Sakura yelled as the cracks suddenly exploded, and she flew through the air, before landing on the ground, unconscious. Naruto had managed to dodge the move, but the frog he had been standing on disappeared in an explosion of ninja smoke.

"…You're still up." Squall noted as he retrieved the Gun Blade from the ground. "You're better than your teammate over there, but you haven't shown me your true power yet."

"What true power?" Naruto asked, puzzled.

"The red Chakra within you…" Squall said. "The same type that the Yamino clan radiates." His eyes were untrusting.

Naruto panicked. He could see the Kyuubi's Chakra! Wait… He said the same type… And the Kyuubi's Chakra was most definitely of the demonic variety… What did that say about the Yamino clan?

"Don't hold back!" Squall barked. "Show me what you've got!"

"You sure about this?" Naruto asked, his tone uncertain.

"Most definitely…" Squall said. "You seem to be afraid of the power within you… Is that right?"

Naruto nodded, flinching.

"…Why do you want me to use it?" Naruto asked.

"…You are a part of the Hidden Leaf, even if you aren't a part of the Hidden Dream." Squall said. "We now have an alliance with your village. If we do not train you to be your best, it would be an insult to your village, and that isn't to our best interests."

Naruto nodded, even though he knew it was the opposite. The villagers hated him; they wouldn't care if he died in a ditch somewhere.

"Fine." He spat. "If you really want to see…"

Squall was surprised at the blonde boy's sudden hostile attitude, and was even more surprised when streams of red Chakra started pouring out of his body.

Fox! Gimme some Chakra!

"…Then here it is!" Naruto said, baring his elongated fangs. Squall's eyes widened at the change.

The Yamino clan doesn't change like this when they use their red Chakra! Squall thought to himself.

Naruto jumped from the branch, and started the attack.

Two unconscious figures were set, leaning against the trunk of a tree while another two conscious figures conversed on the grassy ground.

"…So, you're the vessel of the Kyuubi." Squall said as he bandaged up his wounds. Naruto's regeneration had already completely healed him. "Pretty interesting."

"…You aren't afraid of me?" Naruto asked.

"No, of course not." Squall said, giving a rare smile. Naruto felt relieved. He felt close to this Jounin, closer than he had ever felt with Kakashi-sensei for some reason. Kakashi had never sat down with him to talk like this before.

"I can't hate anybody for their differences… You aren't the Kyuubi. You are Uzumaki Naruto of the Hidden Leaf, right? You're my temporary student, and I intend to teach you to use that red Chakra of yours to its maximum effect."

"…Is there another reason why you aren't scared of me?" Naruto asked.

"Pretty sharp, aren't you." Squall regarded. "I can't hate you because… Your position is quite like a friend of mine…"

Naruto sat silently, waiting for the instructor to continue. Squall gave him a look, and did just so.

"Her name's Rinoa Heartilly." Squall said. "She's a Yamino." As if that explained everything.

Naruto was lost in thought as he laid down on his bed. There was no one in the Beoulve residence except for Ramza, Sakura, Squall, Cloud and him. Ramza's older brothers were out on missions, and his younger sister was doing overnight survival training in the Hidden Dream Ninja Academy. His father was out for some reason, and his whole family was basically not there.

The Yamino clan… Everybody spoke of them with such hatred and fear in their eyes and words. When they had met those two shinobi today, Laharl and Etna, Ramza had seemed so scared, so eager to get out of their presence. When Squall-sensei had spoke of his friend, his tone made it seem like everybody hated her for what she seemed to be, not who she was.

How was that different than how he was treated back in Konoha?

How was that… fair…?


Naruto was on his feet instantly, holding a kunai. He had learnt to always keep his weaponry pouches on his person, no matter what he was doing.

He relaxed when it was just a rock, and prepared to climb back into bed. Then he thought about what had broke through the window again.

A rock?

He took another look at the little stone. Rocks-through-the-window was common back in the Hidden Leaf, where everybody hated him. But now…? In the Hidden Dream?

Naruto picked it up and inspected it. There was a little note tied around it. He ripped it off the rock and took a look at the note.

Meet me by the training ground you were at today. There's something I want to know, and bad things will happen if you don't heed this note.

Naruto folded up the note, and stuck it in his pocket, before slipping out of bed. He was wearing his orange jumpsuit. He hadn't brought his pajamas.

Taking a swift look out the window, he saw a blur of blue hair streak through the woods. Blue hair… that boy he met today.

Laharl Yamino.

He quickly jumped through the window, and chased the shadow through the woods. He didn't know why he did it, but he knew it was important, somehow.

They finally arrived. The full moon high above in the sky shone faintly against the dark blanket that was night.

Naruto met the other boy face to face as the blue-haired shadow finally stopped and turned around.

Naruto gasped as he saw the black wings on the boy's back, and then he was astonished even more when another three figures appeared behind the boy.

Each one of them had wings, whether they were black or white. They radiated red Chakra…

Hell's fire… The banished Dark Adonic clan.

What the hell? Am I hearing voices in my head?

Shut up, kit! This is the Kyuubi no Kitsune, and if you wish to live, then don't get distracted!

Naruto wondered to himself why he was heeding the demon's advice, but when he stared at theose red, slitted eyes of the boy in front of him, he realized.

These guys were demons.

"Good evening, Uzumaki Naruto." Laharl said. "My name is Laharl Yamino, or maybe the Kyuubi no Kitsune would refer to me as… the Overlord."

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