Chapter 1: Rejection

A female ran through the woods sorrounding a large castle. Away from the man she had just tried to say her feelings to. 'Darres! I love you! I love you...and you...' A before gentle rain began to pour, making her clothes and hair stick to her bare skin. She had thought of no need to go for a coat, because she would be with him. Her legs tripped on a large root, and she expected to be covered with mud.

"Ishtar? What are you doing out here?" Footsteps were coming closer to her, tugging her from the wet and mud covered ground. The figure pulled her up to him bridal style. Who was holding her like this? It had better not be...

"Duzie?" The kawl was in the vampire king form, his white hair and black outfit now being soaked within the rain's grasp.

"What are you doing out here Ishtar? You'll catch a cold."

"Darres...he...Duzie...he..." She gave into the gate that tried to keep her tears from falling from her eyes as she could no longer stand the memory inside her. Her form remained as it did, and the vampire king wasted no time in returning the missing princess to the castle.

At the castle...

Darres stared out the window, his form staring out into the now pouring rain as he wished he knew where Princess Ishtar was.

"Princess Ishtar!!" The girl honestly could not keep herself away from danger, or so it seemed she could not. He found himself in the royal garden, where he often found her as a child. Something then proceeded to grasp him from behind the neck.

"There you are Darres!" The girl had absolutely no shame in presenting herself in front of him in such a way.

"Princess, you are once again rejecting your studies." The girl pouted a bit before moving her arms around his waist.

"If you talk to me, I'll go back to my studies."

"Very well, I will give you five minutes." The girl seemed appeased enough to move in front of him and look at him with her playful eyes.

"The marrige deadline is coming up, and I think I know who I want to marry!"

"And who exactly is that?"

"You, you silly idiot!" His eyes followed hers, but lowered as he realized he would have to admit his worst fears to her. "Come on, I know Keld will allow it!"

"I don't like you that way Ishtar."


"I don't love you that way, Princess." The girl ran, and he seemed to be glued in place as she ran off.

His reverie was interrupted by Yujinn as the male appraoched him carefully. "Princess Ishtar has been returned." The male quickly followed his informer to the room, where she lay about in one of her sleeping gowns, her kawl within her arms.

"Did you find her?"

"No, someone else returned her."

"You don't even know who did it?! It could have been-" Yujinn shook his head as he pointed to the still fever striken woman.

"Let's not worry about it yet." Darres followed Yujinn, but swore he saw the Kawl glare at him...