Chapter 14: A new beginning

The group sitting around the table stood almost thankfully. Duzell, who had been quiet unless needed was the first to respond with gratitude.

"I do hope this may bring a new relationship to our relations with the living." Ishtar rose with him, nodding her head a moment before her husband gave her permission to go and hug her friend.

"I'll see you at the party, right Ishtar?"

"If that's what we plan to do." The undead queen returned to her husband, and she looked at Darres for a moment. He approached her, bowing before he spoke.

"I apologize for what happened."

"Darres, it's life." She briskly said, patting him on the head as if he were a child crying over spilled milk. The two left the room after a few more comments, which left Keld to look at the parchment with the ideas.

"I never expected this to happen at all, however, I shall get to work on the ideas with the other kingdoms right away. That is, with your permission..." Falan nodded that it was okay, and the rest of the group left the room.

La Naan a week later...

Leene did not move from her spot, and she simply remained at her window. When the door opened, she didn't look who had come in either. "Leene? I know you shouldn't be doing this."

"What do you want, your majesty?"

"You to get out of your room, you need to eat as well."

"Not like there's a point." He approached her apprenhensively and tugged her from her spot. He placed her in front of the tray of food that now seemed cold. "I told you I'm not doing it."

"You should at least be happy that the throne is given to someone qualified."

"Not when I have lost my own chance for any position."

"I understand General Ashley's actions well, he believes it best you find someone more fitting than himself to marry."

"Just because he's been transferred to that stupid new throne..." She tore from the food and back to the window.

"I'm assuming will not be coming to the celebration?" The woman had no need to answer as he left, and she returned to her position in the window.

Pheliostophia Castle (a month later)...

Ishtar pulled a goblet of blood to her lips, the followers that were there restricted to that. Duzell had even said that they would be put to death for any deaths they have caused. The followers themselves seemed intent on drinking many goblets of blood for that reason.

"Falan, it's peaceful." Ishtar turned to her friend who was sitting beside her. The girl seemed happier, watching Illisade, Darres, Vord, and even General Ashley and Duzell talking together.

"Of course it is, now that we've started a new beginning."

"I've heard the news about Lady Leene."

"She doesn't think about the consequences, and she's deteriorated enough to cause Yuujel to have a all day watch to see she doesn't kill herself."

"Well, it probably is a direct result of you asking General Ashley to join your staff."

"I thought of his many years of service, and Yuujel has been thinking of appointing a newer one these days." Ishtar laughed at her husband's deep and obvious blush from some comment Vord had made. "Will things always be like this?"


"Why is that, Ishtar?"

"Nothing is perfect, and the world will always change for the better or the worse." She pulled the goblet to her lips again, tasting the red life giving liquid once again.

'Duzie, I finally understand. Undead love the same as humans do, even though we are quite diffent than them. I think we should enjoy this moment, because we both already know a few followers that are going to cause some problems...maybe even a human incident at this party...'

At that thought, Ishtar laughed at the irony of the peaceful moment.

The End