Chapter one

"I win again Mark." I said. Mark had short brown hair and is my friend most of the time. I had black hair with blond highlights that dropped down unto my waist. Now back to the story.

"How do you always win?" Mark said

"It's the heart of the cards." I said

"Why don't you believe in the heart of the ball maybe you can actually win a basketball game if you do," He said with a smirk

"Shut up," I said. "Oh god I'm late I have to get home"

I started running toward the orphanage only to have see that my watch was an hour ahead, "Wait a minute my watch is an hour fast, God dammit I still had another hour, and I wasted half of that running!" I sighed, "Oh well I'll just go for a walk."

I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted something gold in an alleyway.

Gold! That means money! Yes

I walked into the alleyway an examined the item, I noticed the eye of Anubis on it.

Some huge yugioh fan must have dropped it. It's a pretty bracelet though.

Then the bracelet emitted a bright glow and then everything went black/

1 hour later

"Ok that really hurt." I said dusting myself off, "What the hell happened?"

Hey why am I at an anime drawn museum? Why is it called the domino museum? Why is everything anime- wait a minute am I really in where I think I am? Firstly how did I get here this is creepy yet cool and I wonder what I look like.

I pulled out my mirror, my hair was different. I became a brunette with blue eyes.

Weird…my hair is different but it does look better.

I then walked out and saw Yugi and Tea but before I could talk to then Kaiba's big head reared on the blimp screen.

"Kaiba!" Yami yelled as the CEO smirked down at the crowd below him.

"Welcome duelists," Kaiba'svoice yelled loudlyout over them all. "Not a bad turn out. Though I'm not sure why so many 2nd rate duelists bothered to come."


"I"ll make this quick," Kaiba continued, looking very pleased.

"I don't know which is bigger," Mai muttered. "His head or his ego."

"Behold the latest in Duel Monster's technology!" Kaiba said as the camera focued on what he was wearing on his arm. "Anyone who wants to compete in this tournament must register for one!"

I looked around as she saw people practically drooling over the sight of the piece of technology while others chattered excitedly.

"So register for your Duel Disk before theyrun out because in two days Battle City begins!"

Then the TV turned backed to the news and Kaiba disappeared.

okay…so the tournament is starting in 2 days, let's see I should register, it'll be fun. Where to stay, where to stay, let's see how much money I have.

I checked my wallet to see 75 dollars.

Motel, or hotel, motel, or hotel. Motel is probably cheaper.

I headed for the nearest motel with was a few blocks away. I opened my mouth to ask for a room but he talked first.

"Sorry motel's full," The guy said.

"Well thanks anyways," I said as I walked to the door.

"Not," I said under my breath after I left. Then I made my way to a hotel.

"Um…can I use a room for the night?" I asked.

"That will be 50 dollars," The man said.

I handed him the fifty dollars.

Okay now I need some extra clothes. My clothes will smell in 2 days.

I headed for the nearest clothes store and went to the bargain bin.

I'm going to have to save some money and buy some clothes in the bargain bin.

I bought a navy blue night dress, black cargo pants and a pair of jeans. I also bought a white over-sized shirt, a denim jacket and a black happy bunny shirt that said 'cute but psycho it evens out.' I went to the cahier it rang up 24 dollars.

I walked out of the store only to have my stomach growl.

Oh yeah I haven't eaten in a while. Man I only have a dollar left. Hey look those snack machines.

"NOO!" I yelled dramatically for the Doritos.

I inserted the dollar bill and pressed the machine for Doritos but it got stuck, "out of all the dumb luck, stupid snack machine doesn't work in the animated world either," I punched the machine hoping the bag to come out, after 10 minutes if beating the crap out of the machine I gave up and groaned sitting in the ground leaning on the snack machine. Then some one tapped me on the shoulder.

"WHAT!" I yelled turning around to see Mai Valentine.

"Mai Valentine," I said surprised.

"Just my luck a fan and she's crazy," Mai said.

"No it's just- you see," I said turning back to the machine.

"Right…listen hun if you are that hungry," Mai said pointing to the food court.

"I'm kind of short in money," I said blushing, "spent my last dollar on this stupid machine," I kicked the machine.

"Spent all your money on this tournament didn't you?" Mai asked shaking her head, "Amateur mistake"

"Don't worry hun I did the same thing when I first started," Mai let out a laugh, "Say what's your name?"

"Andrea, Andrea Akila," I said holding out my hand, Mai shook it.

"How about we grab lunch, my treat," Mai offered. I smiled.

"Thanks Mai," I said as we made our way to the food court.

Is that better than the chapter before?