The Gift

A Resident Evil/Eternal Darkness crossover by Lotus

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A/N: I'm writing a crossover that's not a parody! Amazing! Anyway, a crossover between Resident Evil and the drastically underappreciated psychological horror game Eternal Darkness. It's populated mostly by RE characters, which is why it's in the RE category. Set somewhere after RE: Dead Aim but before RE4 (so Leon hasn't gone off and had his Spanish adventures yet) Four important notes: 1) This fic assumes that Chris, Jill, Rebecca and Barry all survived RE1, even though that isn't technically possible, and that Billy is still alive. 2) For the sake of simplicity and a manageable cast of characters, some characters will simply not be in the fic. There are currently too many plot threads flapping around loose in the RE series for me to resolve them all and hope to maintain sanity and organization You can be fairly certain, for example, that Ark, Lott and Lily Klein, Bruce, Fong Ling, Lucia, and the cast of Outbreak will not be here, for the simple reason that I haven't played any of the games they're in. 3) I'm ignoring most of Wesker's Report, except for the fact that Sherry is Wesker's prisoner (that's the only part of the Report I'm leaving in). 4) This fic is mostly experimental; that is, I have little idea where it's going plotwise. Whether or not it continues is based on reader response. So, if you like it, review it!

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Claire Redfield sang cheerfully along to the radio as she drove down the highway back home. Today had been the best day she'd had in a long time—she'd spent the day shopping and getting her back massaged. It was nice to be able to be able to forget about Umbrella and viruses and Raccoon City for a while.

The American government had recently ordered the complete shutdown of Umbrella Inc. in the wake of the Raccoon City outbreak. Although the company's CEO, Ozwell Spencer, had never been found, Umbrella was gone, permanently out of business. However, other companies were working with bioweapons similar to Umbrella's, and as long as there were others who dealt in monsters, she and her brother's work was not yet done.

But today was her 21st birthday, and Chris had insisted that she go out and enjoy herself. "It's your birthday." He'd said. "Live a little. Just be home by six-ish, so we can go to dinner."

She'd been happy to oblige.

Chris had changed so much after the fall of Umbrella. He wasn't as moody and angry as he'd been before—he hadn't had an outburst since he got home—and he didn't smoke nearly as much as he used to. Claire wasn't sure what had happened, but it seemed as if a weight had been lifted from her brother's shoulders, a weight he'd been carrying all his life.

Then again, over the past few days, he'd seemed more tense and nervous than usual…she shrugged it off as she pulled into her neighborhood.

As soon as she turned onto her street she heard sirens. She found out the reason soon enough; there were two police cars and an ambulance parked outside her townhouse, sirens blaring. She parked the car and hurried out.

"What happened?" She asked an officer standing by her front door. "What's going on?"

"The house's been broken into." He replied. "Neighbors heard gunshots and called 911."

"It was what? Was anyone in the house?" Before the officer could answer, Claire caught sight of the ambulance. Chris lay unconscious on a stretcher, covered with a bloody sheet, being carried into the ambulance.

"Chris?" She ran to her brother's side. There was a long scratch down the side of his face, barely covered by a bandage. "Is he going to be okay? What happened to him?"

"He'll survive, most likely. But as for what happened…we don't know exactly." The policeman shook his head. "He was in the house when the break-in occurred. We found him unconscious on the floor when we came in—scratched up, lost a lot of blood, obvious signs of a struggle." He looked closely at Claire. "Miss, are you Claire?"

"Yeah, I'm his sister."

"Then this might be of interest to you." He tapped another officer on the shoulder, and he handed him a crumpled-up piece of paper. The officer, in turn, gave it to Claire. She opened the paper and saw her brother's handwriting, in a frantic scrawl.


You have to get out of here. It's not safe anymore. They've found me, and I won't be able to protect you for long. Don't ask why or who. Just run.

The Darkness is coming.

"Do you know what this means?" The policeman asked.

"No. No idea." The Darkness is coming? She thought. What's that? "Can I go with him to the hospital?"
"Sure, miss." The officer nodded. "Get in the ambulance."

"Would you get up already?"

Albert Wesker grumbled unintelligibly and buried his head in his pillow. This only caused his coworker to shake him harder. "Get up. I mean it. Something's bothering Sherry. We need you to talk to her."

"Why me?" He frankly didn't care what Sherry needed. This was the first time he'd had more than an hour of sleep in three weeks and no force on Earth was going to make him get out of bed. "What's wrong with you?"

"Tried it. She won't tell us what's bothering her. Get out of bed."

"Go away."

His coworker responded by grabbing the end of his bed and lifting it up, causing Wesker to roll onto the floor in a very undignified manner. "Look, none of us are getting any sleep either. Get up and shut her up." She turned around and left.

Cursing the world and everyone in it under his breath, Wesker got up, put on his bathrobe, and headed for Sherry's room. He hadn't been sleeping much recently, unless you counted dozing off for a half-hour during a board meeting (it wasn't like they had been talking about anything important). True, he'd never needed much sleep, even before his transformation, but for the past few weeks, up till yesterday, he hadn't even been tired.

Sherry's room was at the end of a long hallway, close to the staff bedrooms and far away from any important equipment in case the G-Virus dormant inside her decided to make its presence known. It was kept locked at night, but every employee had a key. Wesker retrieved his own from his pocket and opened the door.

Every light in Sherry' room was blazing, and Sherry herself lay facedown on her bed, crying. "What's the matter, Sherry?" He asked, walking into the room. When she didn't reply, he sighed and leaned on the door. "Sherry, you're keeping everyone awake. What's the problem?"

At this she looked up, saw Wesker, leapt off her bed, and ran over to him. "You—I know you can see him!" She insisted. "I mean, you can, can't you?"

"See who, Sherry?"

At this a quiet voice replied from the back of the room.

"Just me…"

Wesker looked up suddenly. The voice was very familiar.

There was indeed someone standing next to Sherry's bed, but that someone was very faint—the bright lights in the room seemed to shine right through him, making him nearly transparent. He stood up, following Sherry, and as he came nearer it became clear just who he was.

"It's been quite a while, hasn't it?" The man said. "I was wondering when I might see you again."

It was a long moment before Wesker was able to speak. When he finally found his voce, he could only manage a single word.


End Chapter 1

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