Story Title: Betrayal

Story Disclaimer: I don't own Zim, Dib, Gaz, or pretty much anything except the plot (Unless some filthy human stinky person thingy stole it from me!). Oh, and I got Riq.

Story Summary: It's been five years since Zim moved to Earth, the gang now in high school, and still he has not found a way to conquer it. Over the years, his mind has slowly developed into the human way. But when his heart follows towards someone among them...a will Dib react? And who is this girl Dib has found that isn't so human after all? Zim/Gaz Dib/OC

Inspirational Music: Dive by Steven Curtis Chapman

Story Dedication: Matt...because he's the biggest Invader Zim freak I know!

Chapter Dedication:'re my biggest inspiration, girl!

Dib's POV:

"Stupid filthy human car thing!" Zim screeched out, arms strained at his side while he watched the BMW fly down the street. Seething, a scowl on his face, he frowned slightly as he heard an all too familiar voice call out to him.

"Hey Zim! One would think after these past years you would atleast learn to look before you crossed the street," Dib taunted, a grin on his face, obviously finding amusement. "Maybe you should go back to whatever planet you came from. You'd have much better luck of surviving there. I mean, you can't even remember which direction is left and which is right."

"Insolent school boy!" came the retaliation as Zim walked up towards Dib, eyes level as he shook his head. "Left over there," he stated calmly, pointing to his left. "And right is over there. My left thumb is bigger, it makes following directions so much easier. Now, if you don't mind, I have school to attend."

Whistling softly to himself, clasping his hands behind his back as he marched stiff legged-like to the schoolyard. Off in the distance, Dib could hear the school bell ring a warning round up for the students. "Oh yes, just you wait, Zim. Soon, victory will be mine! They may have kept us from the same classroom those past four years, but I assure you, this year I will have you. And I will annihilate you!"

Freezing up as he noticed the sudden silence around him, he turned to look towards the schoolyard where a few students had been playing four corners.

"That kids a freak," commented a brown haired boy, the rest of the kids around him nodding in agreement.

Hissing under his breath, Dib clenched his fists before giving a 'hmph', turning on his heal. He'd show them, he'd show them all. One day, when everyone was dying, all because of Zim, he'd be there. And he'd be the first one to say 'I told you so'.

Hurrying a little faster along, intent on making it to class, Dib paused slightly as he reached the door to the classroom. "Mrs. Bitter? What are you doing here? Since when do you teach High School?"

"Silence!" Mrs. Bitters' voice rang out through the room, obviously displeased with Dib's accusation. "Dib, I suggest you sit down before I assign you a detention. Now, all of you have been acquainted with each other. sit down and shut up!"

As her words hit each of their ears, every student clung to the side of their desk, knuckles turning blizzard white.

"Now class, there will be a new student this year. She's come all the way from Romania, so if you can't understand her then listen harder! Any questions?"

The whole entire class was silent, all except for Zim who was tapping his fingernails atop his desk impatiently. He stopped, however, the moment Mrs. Bitters shot a glare towards him.

Dib was quick to snicker, a grin on his face from Zim's predicament, but was cut off when he Mrs. Bitter closed up on her, her face just above his as she growled at his disruption.

Keeping still, a small, nervous laugh escaping his throat, Dib watched as she retreated back to the desk in the front of the classroom.

"Kids, this is our new student, Riq."

At that exact moment, the door opened instantaneously. There was a flash of a fire bolt and a cloud of dark rain as the girl stepped inside the room, hair black and long while her eyes were piercing gray.

Wrapped around her was a currently drenched, black cape with scorch marks aligning it. Obviously it had been through the mill.

"Hi, I am Riq, from Romania," greeted the girl, pushing strands of hair out of her eyes. "I wish to meet each and every one of you and become good friends."

"Yes, yes, good...not sit down, girl. You're not the president, enough air time," Mrs. Bitter quipped. The girl emitted a low his, bowing dramatically towards the teacher before taking an empty seat in the back room, farthest away from the window.

The cloud slowly emitted from the room, although the lightly still erupted around her. One student next to her was rendered useless against the currents as he stuck out his hand to greet her. With one disgruntled glance he was immediately struck down by a bolt, hair sprayed out around him as he groaned, falling soundly off his desk.

Dib felt his jaw nearly drop off as he looked back at the girl, noticing everything from her pale complexion to the long fangs that adorned her lips. Spluttering a good amount of nonsense, turning back to the front of the classroom in disbelief, his head slowly drooped down and hit soundly with the desk.

"Let me guess, no one sees the vampire or the alien in the classroom, do they?" he questioned, voice muffled and hardly loud enough for anyone to hear. However, a voice from the back of the room scoffed at him, as if the individual had heard every word.

"Alien? What, don't tell me you're talking about yourself." Riq had a small, mischievous smile pressed on her face, shaking her head slightly. "And personally, I don't see a vampire myself. Maybe you need to stop watching TV, it's doing things to your brain."

A chorus of laughter rounded around the class, including Zim who obviously found the girls outright rebuttal against Dib amusing. "See? I told you he was crazy," he cackled throughout the class.

Folding his hands over his head, Dib lowered it to the desk just in time to hear Mrs. Bitter slam her book atop her desk. "Silence! Insolent little attention and possibly your immature little minds will pull together and make something of your worthless futures."

Slowly the class pulled themselves together, pulling straight faces as they themselves mulled throughout the class. Only three members of the class allowed their minds to still play through the moments that had just happened: Dib, Zim, and Riq.

'I know it...I just know it. Those two are in on it together. Together, they're going to take over the world!' Dib's mind rang out, looking towards the pair suspiciously, although he noted they weren't rather chummy. It was an just had to be.

The hours ran together, a point in which Dib was quick to eat his lunch. He frowned as he noted the fact that Gaz wasn't by him; usually she ate with him or alone. Having shrugged it off, he continued on his way home, working out a plan in his head. Oh yes, it would be great. Neither Zim nor that Riq would stand against himhe would save the world. It was only a matter of time...

As he finally reached his house, he was quick to stand before the refrigerator. As he dug around a bit, pushing a few containers of leftovers aside, he grinned. The last can of poop cola. Obviously it had been Gaz's weasley attempt to hide it from him.

Popping the cap open, he quickly tipped it back to enter his throat, guzzling it down quickly. "Gaz, what's on tonight?" he questioned as he walked past the living room to the phone, checking for any messages.

"Quiet, Dib. We're talking and we don't want anyone bugging usdid you take my last poop cola?" Gaz's head shot up, glaring daggers at Dib as he gulped another draught.

"Yeah, maybe you should try a different place that isn't behind the tacos. It's getting old," he muttered, scribbling down a few things for his father before walking towards the direction of his room. "Now I'm off to my room, remember to knock before you enter."

"You will suffer," he heard the hiss and he rolled his eyes. His sister's threats were getting old. Pausing, however, remembering her previous words, he took two steps backwards and looked into the living room. Never once had she talked to anyoneit had always been GameSlave.

But the moment he saw the person seated next to her on the couch, he almost wished he hadn't. Riq, now minus the cloud and lightning bolts, was sighting on the couch. More like laying, the two girls relaxing as they talked about God knows what.

"You invited a vampire into our house?" he demanded, bewildered. How could Gaz be so stupid?

He watched as her eyes went wide, as if she thought he was beyond crazy while Riq laughed lightly. "Oh please, don't tell me your going back to that again. If I was a vampire, why would I be out during the day?"

Her question had him stumped as he looked towards the windowwide openand the rays of sunlight that touched various areas on her body that contained atleast a little skin. Scowling, Dib clenched his fists as he fled to his bedroom. Oh yes, he'd figure something outvery quickly indeed. Just a moment and he'd have it figured out. And that vampire wouldn't stand a chance against him...

A/N: Well, there it is. My first Invader Zim story. I hope you like!