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Prologue: The Reunion

It was finally the day when all three Quagmires were reunited. Violet had never seen Duncan and Isadora so surprised. They found out that Quigley had indeed survived the fire, and were very happy to see him.

It made Violet happy to know that she had never lost either one of her siblings. She didn't know what she would do if she lost Sunny, who was almost two, or Klaus, who was thirteen. Little did she know, she was soon to find out.

The six orphans were staying in an abandoned mansion in a small town. The house was safe, and they would stay there for a week before they moved. This was to confuse anyone who might still be looking for them.

The children talked all through the evening, comparing their stories and coming up with knew theories.

"So, what do you think happened to Fiona?" Quigley asked.

Violet glanced at Klaus, knowing that this was kind of a touchy subject for him.

"I'm not sure- maybe we'll see her someday," she said, hoping she could change the subject- fast. "I know that those circus freaks ended up joining a different circus. So they're right back where they started. You'd think that they would expand their options," Violet continued, hoping that Klaus got the message.

Klaus shifted uneasily in his seat. She wanted him to go beyond Fiona. He still loved her, but he knew he had to move on. There was another girl he loved, and Violet was encouraging him to chase after that love, the one she knew was on their side.

Isadora was even more beautiful then Fiona, and was always there to support him. He knew she wouldn't betray him as he felt Fiona had done. He made his decision then and there- he would stop worrying about Fiona, and would tell Isadora… when he thought of what to say.

He sat there in silence for the longest time.

"Isadora," Klaus said, "can I please talk to you outside? In private?"

"Sure…" she said, wondering what it was that he wanted.

They walked out into the garden. It was very beautiful, despite the fact that it hadn't been cared for in years. The path was a red brick, and the weeds were slightly overgrown through the several sycamore trees, making it look like a curtain.

"So… Isadora," Klaus started as he pushed back some of the weeds. "I wanted to talk to you about..."

"Yes?" Isadora said.

"Umm… I just wanted to tell you that…"


"I love you, Isadora Quagmire."

There was a shocked silence that lasted for a few seconds. Finally, Isadora was the first one to speak.

"I love you too, Klaus Baudelaire. More then anything in the world."

She stepped closer to him.

"Uh… What are you doing?" Klaus inquired.


She pulled him into a passionate kiss. He loved her, she could tell that. Her mother always told her this:

"If a boy loves you, you can tell by the way he kisses. You just know- I can't explain it," she had said.

And she did know.

"Hey Vi," Duncan said as he looked out the window.

"What?" Violet had just come down the stairs from putting Sunny to bed.

"Ever see your brother make out with a girl?"

"Uh… no. Why do you ask?" Violet inquired suspiciously.

"Come here."

Violet and Quigley both burst out laughing.

"Finally!" Violet exclaimed. She gave Quigley a kiss on the cheek. It was no secret that she loved him; he told her weeks before.

They watched as Klaus and Isadora walked hand-in-hand around the garden.

Little did they know, Violet, Quigley, and Duncan weren't the only ones watching them.

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