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Chapter Sixteen: Suddenly My Life Doesn't Seem Such a Waste

Isadora refused to leave Klaus's side. One last time, the doctor entered, shaking his head, and told them it wouldn't be long now.

What purpose was life, now that Klaus wasn't going to be in it? She should have just stayed in jail. She would waste her days thinking of him, hearing him call her "Izzy" once more…


Oh no, it had started, and he wasn't even dead yet!


There it was again… Isadora looked at her boyfriend and gasped. He was semi-conscious, attempting to give a weak smile. He coughed for a moment, and noticing the absence of blood, his eyes got wider.

"W-why, Klaus? Why didn't you tell me?" she stuttered, breaking down into a sob.

"I… didn't want… you to worry," he answered.

Isadora sniffed. She tapped a sleeping Duncan on the shoulder and quickly told him to get Violet, who was sleeping in the waiting room with Sunny. Quigley was snoring, resting his head on the arm of the hard, uncomfortable chair.

Isadora shook her head. "He's going to do something to that neck of his again…"


"He broke his neck a few years ago, climbing a tree. We thought that he was dead, but he survived, thank God."

Klaus knew better then to ask, now more then ever. "Not the first time you thought he was dead."

At this point, Violet, with her eyes red and puffy, and her pale face, walked in the room. "Klaus… I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you…" she muttered over and over.

Klaus started coughing again, and this time, Duncan also noticed that there wasn't any blood.

"Whoa… uh, should I um, get the doctor?" he asked.

"Yeah," Isadora said, while trying to console Violet.

There was a moment of silence. Klaus yawned, and was suddenly fully conscious.

"Wait a minute, Izzy, I thought you were-"

"I was. It was thanks to Fiona that I got out. Fiona! I'm surprised. I think she felt guilty. But, it wasn't her fault that Fernald died. It was a suicide! That's what I was trying to tell my brothers on the phone, but then I had to get off."

"So Fernald killed himself? That's odd… no note? No anything?"

"Yes there was a note. It was on Fiona's pillow. I guess she never had a chance to sleep after he died…" Isadora answered. Then, reciting from memory, she repeated what the typed suicide note said.

My dearest Fiona,

I'm sincerely sorry for doing this to you, but I feel guilty for what I've done with my life. Joining Olaf's troop, abandoning you, attempting to kill that Baudelaire kid you loved… I've been a terrible brother. So, I've decided to end it all. Just remember that I love you with all my heart, and that I'm doing this for you. Go marry that new guy. He loves you too, Fi-Fi.

"Love, Fernald," she finished.

"A suicide… so, he hung himself?"

"Yes. You once told me that the difference between a strangling suicide and a strangling murder was the bruise on the neck. Remember, Klaus?"

As foggy as his memory was at the moment, he remembered telling her. "Yes. A straight line is a murder, snuck up from behind, and a v-shaped bruise is a suicide-"

"-dropped from a height," Isadora interrupted. "Yes, that's right. He had a v-shaped bruise. It was suicide."

Just then, Duncan walked in with the doctor who had a puzzled look on his face.

"What is it?" Klaus inquired.

"This is unbelievable…" the doctor replied.

Duncan grinned."Turns out that Klaus doesn't have tuberculosis. Just a really, really bad case of double pneumonia."

There was silence. But for once, it was a good silence. A promising silence. A silence that told everyone that everyone, and everything would be okay.


The next day, Klaus was checked out of the hospital, cured of the pneumonia that had gotten almost deadly. Because it was untreated for so long, it had nearly been fatal.

But that didn't matter anymore. There was only one task on hand: find a way to prove that Fiona was innocent. Everyone rested for a few days before getting to work, though.

Duncan went to the hospital for a visit a week after Klaus came home.

He came home, sobbing. "She's… she's…"

"Duncan, what is it?" Isadora asked, curious.



"They… executed her. Last week," he said, voice trembling, "the day we found out that Klaus was going to be okay."

"How?" inquired Klaus, who had been reading a book.

"Injection. It was painless, at least."

"Why? She never had a trial," Quigley muttered.

"She didn't want one. She said that she didn't care anymore, and that she wanted to die."

"And the filthy slime they call wardens let her die…"

"I'm sorry, Duncan," Klaus said.

Duncan closed his eyes, blinking back tears. He opened them and said, "The odd thing is, she died not twenty minutes before Klaus woke up."

Isadora nodded. "She's done so much… for all of us. It seems… like a life in exchange for a life. Like she saved Klaus."

"That's what I thought, too."


Quigley and Duncan went for a walk, which left Violet, Sunny, Klaus, and Isadora alone. Sunny was asleep in Violet's arms. Violet also was peacefully resting.

"Poor Duncan," Isadora said.

"Yeah," Klaus replied.

Isadora noticed some hesitancy in his voice. "You're not regretting that you left her for me, are you?"

Klaus shook his head. "No, of course not! I'm just regretting that we all treated her the way we did before. Izzy, I love you. I always will. "


"Come what may, I'll love you."

Isadora sighed, and curled up in her lover's arms. "You know, when I found out you were dying, I thought that I had no purpose in the world anymore. When I'm with you, I think that I'm worth something. Suddenly, my life doesn't seem such a waste."

"You'll always be worth the world in my eyes, Izzy. Don't you forget that."

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