'Demon Family' is thethird and finalstory of a trilogy. Yes, a family for our favorite foursome. It will make more sense if you read 'Hiei and Kurama a Love Story' and 'Memories of a lost Love' first. This story has 14 chapters and a short epilog.

Full disclaimer posted in first chapter only. Yu Yu Hakusho and it's characters are the property of Yoshihiro Togashi, Fuji TV Shueisha, Jump Comics and Studio Pierrot. The only thing I own is a love for Yu Yu Hakusho and it's awesome characters.



/Current aspect speaking to dormant aspect./

/Dormant aspect speaking to current aspect./

Chapter 1

The afternoon sun was dipping low in the purple Makai sky as Kurama made his way home. Hiei had been in a bad mood this morning so the Youko had decided to leave him be and went to the nearby town to shop. Not that they needed anything, it was just something to do.

He had actually found a few things for his lovers and even something for Shuuichi. For Hiei he had slipped a small bottle of scented oil into the folds of his tunic. He hoped a nice massage later would put his Firefly in a better mood. For Kuronue he had palmed a fine leather thong to tie up his hair. It would also work well to tie up a more than willing fox. Shuuichi's gift was also for Hiei and Kuro. He had found a beautiful tunic made of a shear green fabric the same color as the human's eyes. The fine peek-a-boo fabric would drive their lover's wild.

'Our lover's, that sounds so kinky, I love it.' He smiled as he thought about the last year with them. They were all so happy together. Though technically there were only two souls the fact that each soul had two bodies kept life, especially their love life, very interesting. No matter who wanted whom, everyone was happy. They must truly be soul mates.

As he passed through the perimeter of their territory talking with his plants he began to hear voices. His ear twitched. No, there was only one voice, Hiei's. He quietly approached using his plants as cover so he could watch his mate's strange behavior.

The fire demon was pacing at the base of the large tree, occasionally glancing up to their home. He was mumbling to himself as he paced. Suddenly he stopped and flitted up to the tree house only to return a moment later to continue his pacing. After watching Hiei repeat this several times Kurama decided to move closer and try and hear what he was saying.

"What am I supposed to do with that thing? Why didn't I just ignore it? I could have just left it there I suppose. Maybe I can put it back. No, the fox will smell it was here. My Fox won't want to keep it will he? That damn soft ningen heart of his just might." Hiei flitted to the tree house and back again. "Where the hell is that stupid fox?"

"You mean me?" As Kurama stepped forward Hiei jumped back, falling on a tree root.

Seeing Hiei so flustered was quite amusing. "Alright Hiei, what's going on and what do you have in our tree house?"

Hiei started talking in a rush of words even before he rose from where he fell. "Well, you see Fox, I was training… you know, way out in the forest… when I heard the scream… I shouldn't have gone you know… cause she was already dead… so I killed them… then I found it… I should have just left it there… but I knew you'd be mad… so I brought it here… now I don't know what to do with it."

Hiei sighed and looked relieved now that his mate knew everything. Kurama shook his head in confusion. "Darling, I have no idea what you're talking about. Why don't I just go see what's up there?"

Not waiting for a reply the Youko went to the tree house. He entered slowly, not sure what he might find. At first he didn't see anything, then he noticed all the pillows from around the table were on the bed. As he moved closer some of the pillows moved and his ears perked up as he heard small coos and yips coming from the center. What the fox saw when he peered past the pillows made him fall to his knees by the bed. Kurama was speechless at the beautiful sight before him. Lying in the center of the pillows was an adorable youko kit. She was silver with black tipped ears and tail.

He looked up when he felt Hiei's hands on his shoulders. "Some of what you said is starting to make sense, Koi, but not all of it. I'm guessing the 'it' you were referring to was her, but who is dead and whom did you kill?"

Hiei seemed calmer now that Kurama had seen the kit. "I heard a woman scream. When I got there I found two demons over the body of a dead Youko female. It looked like they raped her before they killed her, so I killed them. I found it… her… in the bushes not far away. She must have hidden her kit in order to protect it. I used the jagon to search the area for her mate but found nothing so I brought it here. Kurama what the hell are we going to do with that thing?"

Kurama slowly crawled on the bed closer to the kit. He sat beside her then held out a hand for Hiei to join him. Once they were settled he tentatively reached out and touched the kit, her little hand wrapping around his large finger. "Well Hiei-Koi, I'm sure someone in town will take her, but as an orphan she will probably be used as a servant or maybe later a prostitute."

Hiei scowled and with a growl picked up the kit protectively. She immediately curled in a little ball and nuzzled into the warmth at the crook of his neck. "Kurama, I did not save her to make her a prostitute. There has to be something else we can do with her."

The Youko smiled, his tail twitching at the sight of his fire demon protecting the kit. "It seems my ningen one is not the only soft heart in this family."

As Kurama reached out to stroke the kit's soft fur he leaned over to whisper in her cute little ear just loud enough for his mate to hear. "What do you think my little one? He'll make a good Daddy won't he?"

Hiei's eyes were as big as saucers as he pulled the kit from his neck and shoved her at Kurama. "What do you mean 'Daddy'? I'm not her Daddy. You're crazy if you think we can be her parents Fox."

Kurama quickly took the kit and nestled her in his arms. "Be careful Hiei. She's so little, she's got to be only a couple of weeks old. Just think about it Hiei-Koi. We are two males. There is no way we will ever have a child of our own. Now suddenly we've been given this beautiful kit that looks like she could be ours, a silver Youko like me with black tipped ears and tail that could be from you. Sweetheart she's perfect."

Hiei still wasn't convinced but Kurama could sense him wavering. "If she was perfect then she would have green eyes. Kuronue and I both have black hair."

Kurama was thrilled that Hiei had included Shuuichi and Kuronue as parents also. "All kits are born with gray eyes Hiei, they will change by the time she's a couple of months old. Besides, Shuuichi won't mind so long as we get to name her. We already picked her name years ago."

Hiei looked at his mate suspiciously. "Kurama if you name her we'll have to keep her."

Defiantly Kurama faced his mate. "Hiei, over the years I have willing given you dominance in everything we do. I do nothing without your approval. Not this time, this decision is mine and we are keeping her."

Hiei regarded his mate before replying. "That's all you had to say Fox. You know I would willingly give you anything to make you happy. You do have to tell me though, how could you name a child you never thought we could have?"

The fire demon had to say the last sentence around the kisses of his grateful mate. "I love you my Darling. Just because I didn't think we could have a child doesn't mean I didn't wish we could. When Shiori died, Shuuichi and I both regretted that we would never have that kind of relationship with your child. We also mourned the thought that you never had one with your mother. Shiori and Hina are both beautiful names. So we decided if somehow we were ever blessed with a daughter, calling her 'Shina' would be a nice way to honor both our mothers."

With a shy kiss to his mate's cheek Hiei whispered to the kit as Kurama had done. "What do you think of your new name Shina? I think Mommy picked a perfect name for our little girl."

Kurama pushed Hiei back nearly knocking him off the bed. "Wait a minute. I am not the 'Mommy'. Do I look like a girl to you? I do not have the right equipment to be the 'Mommy'."

Hiei was rolling on the bed laughing. "Well, you are pretty enough Sweetheart, and if I have to be 'Daddy' then that would make you 'Mommy'. Now all Kuronue and I have to do is decide what Shina will call our Kitten."

Seeing the look on Kurama's face Hiei decided he'd better run. "Hiei, you better be glad I'm holding this kit, because when I catch you…"

All the while little Shina was happily kicking her arms and legs as she smiled and cooed up at her new Mama.