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/Current aspect speaking to dormant aspect./
/Dormant aspect speaking to current aspect./


Hiei sat in the big chair looking out of the tree house at the night with Kurama settled in his lap. "See Hiei-Koi, I knew everything would work out. Shina and Yokuro loved the idea of having the den to themselves and said they weren't going anywhere for a long time, if ever."

Hiei pulled back long silver hair to kiss his mate's neck. "Personally, Foxie, I'm glad we'll be close. After what Yokuro told us about his mission, Shina may always be some sick bastard's target."

Kurama shivered at the soft caress on his neck. "I'm glad too Fire-Fly. I want us to always be here to help and protect them, even if they really don't need us."

Hiei only nodded as Kurama continued. "Our children may be grown my Love but maybe someday we'll have grandchildren to spoil. Won't that be fun?"

Kurama turned his head to look questioningly at Hiei's sad expression. "I was thinking Foxie, that someday, when you're threw spoiling our grandchildren, maybe we could have more children."

Hiei had an excited Youko straddling his lap, kissing and licking his face. "Oh Koibito nothing would make me happier than to have more children with you. Who knows Beloved, maybe by then we can find a way to have babies of our very own."

Laughing Hiei kissed his Fox. "Fine, you work on that. In the mean time get naked and get that beautiful fuzzy tailed ass of yours in bed so I can practice making them with you."

"Yes Koi, but you realize to pull that off we will need lots of practice. Are you sure you're up to it? We might have to make love morning, noon and night to get it right." Kurama yipped when his beautiful ass was pinched.

"You just get naked and I'll show you just how up to it I am." Hiei growled then chased his mate to bed.


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