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CHAPTER 1 The Story Begins

Colonel Schmit looked out of the window to his helicopter.

Down there, somewhere in Station Square, was project Shadow A.

The City's lights were on illuminating the night sky.

"Where is that blasted hedgehog?" Schmitwondered. This was all Professor Gerald's fault. Schmit's thoughts wandered from Shadow to his creator, Gerald, and he wondered how many other land mines the Professor had left for him. This was probably the last one, although not the biggest. The biggest land mine that Dr. Gerald had left behind was his own grandson, Dr. Eggman. Everyone thought that he had died when the Death Egg crashed, but Colonel Schmit knew that that would be too good to be true. Although not nearly as honorable as his grandfather, Schmit knew that Eggman was an opponent to be reckoned with. But for all of Eggman's intelligence Schmit had one advantage over the grandson of his greatest rival, the element of surprise, and Colonel Schmit intended to use that advantage to the best of his ability.

"Sir, we have a break in." The pilot called back.

"Where is it?" Schmit asked.

"It's at the old Shinslow museum." The pilot said.

Schmit frowned. What could Shadow possibly have wanted at a museum? Then it clicked. "Of course, the museum probably has a Chaos Emerald." Schmit thought

"Radio all units, and have them surround the Shinslow museum." Schmit said.


Shadow took another peek out the window. His dark fur helped conceal him from the soldiers, and robots that where taking position out there.

Soon the building would be surrounded. That was just fine with Shadow. The more of their personal that they brought here, the fewer they had left to patrol the outskirts of the city. And Shadow planned to chaos control as close to the outskirts of the City as he could, the moment they tried to come and get him.

It would take a lot of energy out of him to chaos control that far, but he didn't feel safe doing it any closer. Something told him that, that Colonel was a lot smarter than he looked, and Shadow wasn't taking any chances.


Tails washed the oil off of his hands. He had gotten up early to work on a machine that would use the Chaos Emerald as a power source. He had gotten the idea from Eggman. If Eggman could use the Chaos Emeralds to power his Death Egg, then Tails should be able to use one Chaos Emerald to power something smaller.

The first challenge had been coming up with an idea for something that could handle the amount of power a Chaos Emerald gave off, without exploding. After that he had had to go searching around junk yards for the proper equipment, which took about two months. But the search had paid off, and Tails thought that he would finish the project sometime this week.

Tails finished washing his hands, grabbed a towel to start drying them, and glanced at the clock. Sonic would be back for breakfast, any time now.

Tails put the towel back on the rack and went to go fix breakfast, thinking about his best friend. Sonic was so cool. He didn't pick on Tails like most other kids did.

Tails had started experimenting when he was barely five, but all of the other kids at the orphanage had thought that was geeky, but not Sonic. Sonic had always encouraged Tails to invent things. He almost liked the stuff that Tails came up with as much as Tails did.

A knock at the door interrupted Tails thoughts. At first Tails thought that it was Sonic, but he quickly realized that that probably wasn't him. Sonic didn't usually knock. He usually ran in, to check out what Tails was cooking.

Maybe it was Amy.

She was probably just as attached to Sonic as he was, but Sonic avoided her. Tails felt sorry for Amy. There wasn't anything wrong with her. It was just that she unnerved Sonic. Tails had thought about why she unnerved him, and had come to the conclusion that, it was because she was a girl.

Reaching the door Tails opened it.


Shadow knocked on the door, folded his arms, closed his eyes, and waited. There was a Chaos Emerald somewhere in the house, he was sure of it.

Shadow knew that he could probably chaos control inside, and take the Emerald for himself, but using chaos control last night, had taken a lot more out of him, then he had thought it would, and he didn't want to become dependant on it. Then there was breaking and entering, but Shadow didn't think that he could do that without making a lot of noise, and whoever lived here might have the Chaos Emerald with him, and chaos control away before Shadow found him. Shadow didn't think many people knew about chaos control, but it had been fifty years since they had locked him away, and he didn't know how much the world had changed. Then there was a steak out, which Shadow didn't have the patience for. So that left knocking.

Shadow heard the sound of the door opening, and opened his eyes. A young fox stood in the door way. He was probably nine, or ten.

"Yes?" The fox asked.

Shadow grunted. "Give me the Chaos Emerald, you have."

The young fox was taken aback by this, and he seemed to be struggling with an answer.

Shadow was about to repeat his demand when he noticed something odd about the fox's tail, or tails to be precise. He had two. Shadow stared at the deformity, wondering how it had come about. But apparently the fox didn't notice this.

"Excuse me?" The fox asked?

The fox's question pulled Shadow's mind back to the task at hand. It didn't matter where the fox had gotten a second tail. What mattered was the Chaos Emerald that was currently in this fox's possession. The fox didn't have the Chaos Emerald on him. That much Shadow could tell by the amount of energy the Chaos Emerald, in his pocket, was giving off. That meant that it was somewhere in the house.

"You heard me. Give me the Chaos Emerald that you have." Shadow said.

The first time he had made this demand, the fox had looked taken aback and confused. But this time he glared at Shadow with a resolve that surprised Shadow, for one so young.

Shadow didn't give the fox time to act. Jumping over his head, Shadow took off into the house, using his Chaos Emerald to find the fox's Chaos Emerald. He wouldn't have to worry about the fox. There was nothing alive, or mechanical that could keep up with him. Although he wasn't sure whether science had advanced far enough to create a machine capable of breaking the sound barrier, he was sure that, that fox had no chance of keeping up with him.

Shadow's Chaos Emerald led him to the garage, which was filled with all sorts of scrap. But Shadow wasn't interested in the scrap. He was interested in the yellow Chaos Emerald, sitting on a table, littered with tools, blue prints, and more scrap.

Shadow picked the glowing gem up, off the table, and stared at his prize. He had plenty of time. Only two seconds had passed since he jumped over the fox's head, and he planned to chaos control out of here before the fox even reached the garage door. "If the other five are as easy to find as the first two, then I got this in the bag." Shadow thought.

WHAM! Something hit Shadow in the back, catching him by surprise.

Shadow dropped the chaos emerald, as he stumbled forward. Regaining his footing Shadow turned around, to see where the attack had come from, expecting to find another one of the house's occupants.

He should have been more careful. He shouldn't have assumed that the fox was the only one here. Shadow finished his turn, and came face to face with the fox, that had answered the door. He had already picked up the chaos emerald that Shadow had dropped.

Shadow stared in disbelief. There was no way that that could be the same fox. Could it be a family member? But no, Shadow could clearly see that the fox had two tails.

"You're not taking our Chaos Emerald." The fox said.

Shadow didn't like what the fox had just implied. By saying "our" he had indeed determined that he was not the only one here. And that meant that the fox's friend, or friends, would probably be showing up any time now. And Shadow had no intention of being here, when they arrived.

Shadow skated towards Tails, and threw a punch at him.

The fox was ready for the attack, but he wasn't as fast as Shadow. So he received a glancing blow. "He's a lot faster than he looks." Shadow thought to himself not bothering to stop, or turn around.

He kept on skating, until he reached the wall. Shadow jumped at the wall, feet first. When he hit the wall he jumped off of it, and curled his body into a spin attack, headed back towards the fox.

The fox must have realized what Shadow was doing, because he tried to jump over the attack, but he jumped too soon, and Shadow knew that gravity would pull the fox down into his attack. So he was quite surprised when he went right under the fox.

Shadow stopped about five feet away from the fox, turned around, and stared in disbelief. The fox was flying. Shadow looked the fox over, and tried to figure out how he had accomplished this impossibility. Then he spotted it. The fox was spinning his two tails around like a helicopter, which was keeping him in the air. Shadow couldn't believe it. It defied the laws of physics.

He was so bewildered that he didn't notice the fox had moved, until it was too late. The fox slammed into him, with an attack similar to his spin attack, knocking him flat.

Shadow was getting quite annoyed by this little fox. He had already hit Shadow twice. But both times it had been because Shadow had underestimated him. Shadow made up his mind that he wasn't going to underestimate this fox again.

Shadow jumped to his feet, and barely managed to avoid another spin attack from the flying fox. Shadow lunged at the fox, which flew backwards, avoiding the attack.

The fox changed directions, and tried to hit Shadow with another spin attack. But Shadow sidestepped the fox, and grabbed his leg as he flew past.

But, once again, the fox surprised Shadow. He kept on going, even with Shadow working as an anchor.

Maybe, if Shadow had been in this position earlier, the fox might have been able to use the situation to his advantage. But Shadow had decided that he wasn't going to let this fox pull any more fast ones. And he reacted first.

Shadow brought his legs up, and kicked the fox in the stomach. This stunned the fox, and he dropped towards the floor, landing on his back. Shadow had been ready for the fall, and landed on his feet. The fox jumped to his feet, but Shadow had expected that, and hit him with a spin attack, sending him, crashing into the wall, with a thunk.

Shadow was, mildly, surprised, that the fox still held the Chaos Emerald, but Shadow could tell, that the fox was getting tired. Pretty soon he wouldn't have the strength to hold a chaos emerald. That was unless he decided to give up.

"I won't say it again. Give me the chaos emerald." Shadow said.


Something slammed into Shadow's back, sending him flying. He hadn't even hit the ground when someone grabbed him by the legs, and started spinning around, at incredible speeds.

Shadow couldn't believe his stupidity. He had been so obsessed with not letting the fox pull any more tricks, that he had forgotten that the fox wasn't the only one here. And now the fox's friend was swinging him around, like a hammer, in the hammer throw contest.

But the fox's friend probably didn't know that Shadow's shoes had jets in them. If he ignited them, he might spook the newcomer into letting him go, or better yet, the fire from the boots might make contact with some skin, and burn his adversary a little. But before Shadow got the chance to ignite his shoes, the newcomer let go, and Shadow went flying into an unsteady pile of scrap, which collapsed around him.


The first thing that Sonic noticed when he got to Tails house was that the door was open. Tails didn't usually leave the door open. Sonic wondered if maybe he had left it open, when he had left earlier that morning. But Sonic specifically remembered closing the door. Then there was Eggman. But Eggman, if he was still alive, would have been more likely to blown the door off of its hinges than just leave it open. So that left Tails. Sonic did a quick run around the house, to check, and see if Tails had come outside to test a new invention, or something. But Sonic didn't find anything. "Okay. Now let's try in the house." Sonic thought.

Sonic walked in the kitchen. But Tails wasn't there either, and breakfast wasn't even started. Sonic started looking in the cabinets, and any other place that he could think of that the fox might be able to hide in.

Sonic was still looking when he heard a thunk come from the garage.

"Tails must have dropped something." Sonic thought, as he headed for the garage. But when Sonic got there he did a double take.

Tails was on the floor, up against the wall, and he looked like he was in pain. A black and red hedgehog stood a few feet away from his best friend.

"I won't say it again. Give me the chaos emerald." The black hedgehog said.

Sonic wasn't the type to get angry easily, but apparently this black hedgehog had found a way to do it.

He ground his teeth, and his hands curled into fist, and efore he even made up his mind on what to do, Sonic found himself hurling towards the black hedgehog, in a spin attack. Sonic slammed into the black hedgehog, and sent him flying forwards. Sonic's brain caught up with what was happening, and he decided to make the person who had hurt his best friend feel a little pain. Sonic ran forward, and grabbed the black hedgehog by the legs, before he had a chance to hit the ground. Then Sonic started swinging him around like a hammer in the hammer throw contest. Sonic let go, sending the black hedgehog flying into a pile of scrap, that collapsed around the intruder.

Sonic wanted to continue laying into the black hedgehog, but Sonic wanted to see if Tails was alright, even more.

Sonic ran over to Tails, who had just gotten up, while the black hedgehog started pulling himself out of the pile, that Sonic had thrown him in.

"You okay little buddy?" Sonic asked, looking his best friend over for any injuries.

"I am now that you're here," Tails answered, with a smile.

The sound of scrap, scraping against scrap, had died down, which meant that the black hedgehog had pulled himself out of the pile, that Sonic had thrown him in.

Sonic turned around, to get a good look at their adversary.

To Be Continued…