Author's note: Written for 15minuteficlets at Live Journal, this came to my muse while looking at an older picture challenge in that community and listening to "Under Heaven's Skies" by Collective Soul. So here's what came of it. Reviews always appreciated.

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A soft laugh emerged from Sonja throat as she felt the ladybug crawl up her skin before finally pausing and flying off and away, too look for a plant to land on instead of a human. Her emerald eyes lifted and met Lucian's gray pair, her gold hair shining in the sunlight.

"Have you ever been so happy, Lucian?" she asked softly, her grin softening into a smile, but mirth still glittered in her eyes. She leaned over, so that her breath hit him, and she made silly faces while she waited for his answer, prompting his grin to open and let out his own laughter.

The Alpha male shook his head at her antics and pulled her close, giving her a full and deep kiss, letting it linger as he slowly pulled away, dragging it out as he broke it. "No, my princess. Never in my life have I been this happy," he stated, smiling back at her.

Sonja beamed with almost childish glee, her whole attitude even more free, more liberated, more glowing than ever before. She was radiant, glowing, her pale skin a bit tanner from the sunlight, her tangled hair blowing in the summer breeze. She laid back in the grass, surrounded by yellow daffodils, a delicate hand moving up to bring one bloom closer to her nose so she could inhale its fragrance.

Lucian laid down beside her, content to just watch her as she reveled in the beautiful day, no worries or cares clouded his mind and his eyes, leaving them free of the dark, stormy gray they often could become. He watched her as she gently swatted a bumblebee away from her nose, enjoying the beautiful, girlish giggle she made.

She turned her head so she could meet his eyes, her expression adoring and warm, full of life and promises. "You always seem so reserved, my love. Sadness clings to you, it's hidden in your eyes," she whispered, her expression melting into one of pity, her slender fingers stroking his cheek. "Learn to enjoy your glimpses. They won't always be glimpses, Lucian. I promise.

"And a princess always keeps her promises, doesn't she?" Lucian asked, his voice thick with sorrow as his light gray eyes became glassy with unshed tears. He managed a smile as she nodded, her own lips giving him a reassuring smile. He opened his mouth to speak again, but Sonja pressed her fingers to his mouth, shaking her head.

"It's time for you to wake up."

Lucian closed his eyes, tears spilling down his cheeks. He felt her move her hand away and opened his eyes, but they met nothing except a dark brown ceiling and the scent of summer and nature turned into the stench of sewage and damp mold.