I have always meant to create an Akane/Ranma fanfic! Now I finally have my computer back so I can! ((smiles and hugs computer)) I know some people liked my one-shot of Ranma and Akane called Memory so I hope everyone likes this!

This fanfic is about when Ranma goes back in time to prevent something from happening, using the help of Cologne's amulet that grants a person to go back to a specific point in time- in his case- 3 yrs ago.(you'll find out more about the amulet later!). When Ranma sees his future self he knows whatever 'he' is trying to prevent is very grave but the way future Ranma acts and seems almost scared by whatever happened.…What future Ranma is trying to prevent you'll have to read and find out for yourself!

There will also be some Shampoo/Ryoga pairing in this as well being as how I hate Ukyo and Mousse. Anyway enough with my ranting- here goes the first chapter!

Scars of the Future

Chapter 1: Reflection

I heard a large crash from downstairs, I rolled my eyes- probably another one of Ranma's doings again.

I put the bookmark back in my book and got up from my bed, might as well check it out. I walked out of my room and went downstairs, I could hear voices coming from the living room.

I went through the doorway and gasped in shock, Ukyo was on top of Ranma-who was on the floor! I couldn't see his face, Ukyo's back covered it.

Wha-what is going on?

"So you'll go out with me right?" Ukyo said happily, still on top of Ranma.

I felt serge of anger, how dare he! In my own house! I felt my anger rise as I stomped up to them but halted as I saw Ranma push Ukyo off of him, to the floor. "For the last time get off Ukyo!" he said in annoyance as he stood and noticied me, "Akane! Uh- it's not what it looks like!"

"Yeah right! She was right on top of you!" I yelled in fury, pointing at Ukyo.

"No, she jumped me and knocked me over! It's totally different!" Ranma said in defense, then he spatted, "Oh what do I care? You won't believe me anyway!"

"What does that mean!" I screamed at him.

"What are you so worked up about anyway? Why do you even care?" The minute Ranma said that I saw in his eyes and face that he knew he went too far.

But he had said it.

I do believe you Ranma…I do…its you who doesn't care…

"Yes Akane, why don't you just leave me and my Ranma honey alone?" Ukyo said with venom.

I glared at Ukyo in anger. I had had it! I raised my right fist and punched her, square in the jaw. She lost her balance and clasped her hands to her face in shock and pain. "How dare you, you bitch! If it's a fight you want tomboy I'll gladly agree!" She raised her own fist, preparing to strike.

Ranma caught her fist and yanked in back in mid swing from punching me in the stomach. "Ranma!" Ukyo screamed as he yanked her out of the room.

"Uh, Ukyo-listen just leave OK?" Ranma said.

"Hmph!" she said, "fine! We'll finish this later!" She then left in a huff, slamming the front door shut and leaving me and Ranma alone.

"She really did knock me over…" Ranma said, looking at the floor. He turned around to look at me when I didn't answer and I saw his eyes widen in shock.

I looked down and saw my tears fall slowly to the floor, making no effort to stop them.


Why doesn't he say to Ukyo or Shampoo or all the others and tell them to leave him alone? Or say that he's not interested? …why does he not care?

"Uh, Akane," I could tell by his voice that he was nervous, I heard him walk closer to me. "You can hit me if you want…I'm sorry…so, er, don't cry."

"Your such an idiot Ranma…" I looked up and saw him standing a few inches away from me, his eyes were glued to me, "…the reason why I'm crying…is because I do care…" I whispered.

You should know that by now…


I shook my head and closed my eyes, "Just leave me alone!" I ran away as fast as I could. I knew he wasn't going to come after me, I ran to my room and slammed the door, locking it and fell on my bed crying.

Why did I have to go and say that!

I grabbed my pillow and buried my head on it…Ranma doesn't care about me. He never even wanted me as his fiancée… He just thinks you're a stupid macho tomboy Akane.

Nothing more.

Ranma's POV:

I cursed myself as I walked into the room I shared with Pop and shut the door, my head bowed. I sighed and leaned against it, my forehead on the wooden door.

I screwed up…again! Royally this time, I've never seen her cry like that. I nearly killed myself when I said that. Why do you even care? My voice rang out in my head. How could I be so stupid? When I saw her crying there it had taken all my strength not to just grab her and…but that would have only made things worse.

"…the reason why I'm crying…is because I do care…"


I couldn't even chase her when ran out, I know she didn't want me too. I couldn't anyway, I was just frozen there.

I banged my head against the door, I'm such a damn baka!

"Your killing brain cells ya know," I jumped as I heard a male voice come from behind me. It sounded almost familiar.

I turned around and gaped. The guy had black hair tucked back in a pigtail, brown eyes, a red and black martial arts outfit on as he leaned against the opposite wall of my bedroom, near my futon.

It was like a reflection of…me. Only a little older and taller. It's a clone.


"Calm down and be quiet- Akane's upstairs," the clone then glared, "Crying if I remember right." He then scoffed, "thanks to me."

I stared at this guy in stunned silence. No way. It can't be. It must be a hallucination. People don't see weird copies of themselves. It must be a prank-or some trick from one of my enemies!

I quickly got into a defense position, "Who are you really?"

"I'm you," his cold tone said, "three years from now." The look-alike said. "And don't even try fighting me, you'll just embarrasses yourself…or actually us."

I looked him in the eye, he looked exactly like me! Except taller and…his eyes. Their different. Cold, and emotionless. He looks like he wished he was dead.

I shuddered, this was too weird. I could sense this guy, whoever he was, is either very powerful or very stupid. I let out a full blast of my battle aura and the guy didn't even blink! He just continued leaning against the door.

I'll show this cocky bastard! I quickly, using all the speed and agility I could charged him with a right hook, aiming straight for his face. In one swift move he caught my fist and kneed me in the stomach, I grunted in pain as the wind got knocked out of me.

"I knew I would do that." He said emotionlessly.

He beat me in one shot. My stomach ached in pain and I could feel that he didn't even use all the power he had when he kneed me. Yet he kept it all hidden, there was no way you could sense this guy's true power. All I know is that it's immense.

As I kneeled on the floor, I wiped blood coming down from my mouth, "Oh yeah? Well if your really me why don't you prove it?"

"Hn…Let me guess you think I'm one of your enemies trying to trick you right? Or I'm playing some damn prank? How naïve."

I growled in anger as he continued, "I am you so it's easy. Lets start out with our deepest secrets: When you first met Akane, you thought she was the cutest girl you've ever seen, you still do. I know you've been having a lot of, heh, dreams about her lately," I blushed in a mix of anger and embarrassment as he continued, "Hmm, oh yeah-your really very possessive over Akane and hate it when another guy in class even looks at her. What you don't yet realize is that your actually being a hypocrite but we'll get to that later." Then he smirked and glanced at my futon, "Here's a big secret only I know, under your pillow you keep a picture of Akane and-,"

"That's enough!" I yelled in anger, rising to my feet and trying not to show the pain on my face as I stood. How the hell does he know that! Nobody knows that! Nobody!

"Now you see, or I see really," The older clone of myself said, "I'm Ranma Saotome three years from now." He lifted up his red sleeve and revealed a scar I had gotten from my first training lesson with Pop. It was a small thin scar below the elbow.

"From my first training lesson with Pop when I must have only been 3 or 4, I was knocked into some sharp rocks and one slashed me." He said.

I nodded, my throat dry. He really is me.

"B-But, why did you, or I, come back? How?" I stuttered, confused as hell.

His-or my- eyes then got a little glazed over, "To prevent something…and to speed certain things up. I got here by the help of Cologne," he pulled out a ruby red amulet out of his pocket, "This helped me get here, and I'll leave the same way once I'm done here."

"OK…but what do you wanna prevent?"

His cold and hard eyes never faltered, "I can't tell you, the people of the past are not meant to know the future, or so Cologne warns,"

"But I thought you were gonna change it anyway-ya know prevent something? Why would Cologne want to send you-or me- back to the past if she didn't want the future being messed up? And she's still alive even then!"

Future Ranma chuckled, but it sounded hollow, "Yeah, she's alive…she wants what I came here for to be changed as well, I just can't tell anyone what will happen beforehand- she claims it will screw things up even more. I believed she said 'you don't tell someone there going to die in their fifties when their in their twenties, it'll ruin them'. That's the example she used anyway." He shrugged.

Great… this just makes me want to know even more! If Cologne and I wanted this thing to be prevented so much that I would be sent back in the past to change it, it must be a big deal.

"So ya can't tell me anything?" I said, putting my hands behind my back and sitting down on my floor, "Not even if I still change into a girl?" I really, really hope I don't I prayed.

Future me sat down against the wall, "No and you cannot tell anyone I'm here, or else- got it?"

It's weird being told to shut up by yourself. My future self I could see had dark circles around his eyes and looked like hell.

What the hell happened to me in the future? I'm so different…

"Why are you so…uh, ya know?"

"I changed." His harsh tone said.

OK now I really want to know what happens in 3 years.

"Your going to apologize to Akane," future me said.

I nearly fell over in shock, "What!"

"Don't lie to yourself, your beating yourself up about it. You know you care about her- you know you even-,"

"Shut up! I don't have to do a thing you say!" I yelled, "Dammit!" I cursed as I got up and walked over to the window. It was pitch black outside.

"It's time for you to grow up and stop acting like a jerk. Here's a warning I can give you- if you don't stop bullshitting and tell Akane how you feel, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. I know you will." I spun around in alarm to see him now standing. In two strides I had the front on his shirt and yanked it down to my eye level.

"What are you saying?" I growled as his warning chilled my soul.

He knocked my arm away in a fluid movement and walked to the door. He turned and gave me a cold hard look, "I'll be back tomorrow, it's late and the rest of the Tendo family will be here soon, Pop included. Be prepared, tomorrow your real training starts, including setting things straight with everyone, it's time." He then opened the door and shut it quietly.

Set things straight? What things? And what real training? Who the hell do I think I am anyway!

My mind went back to Akane, what did he mean? I got into my futon and grumbled, "I was gonna apologize anyway…" I muttered angrily.

I sighed as I got comfortable, thinking about Akane as I settled. My mind flashed back to her crying, and my stomach knotted in guilt. I always cause her trouble somehow…

I rolled over and shut my eyes, I hope this is some horribly twisted dream and that I really didn't really make Akane cry or just have a conversation with my future self…

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