Author's Note: The Nightmare Before Christmas was the inspiration for this story and all of my others on this site. Deflowering its heroes in the cleanest way possible has been quite a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it's time to say goodbye as Jack and Sally begin to take in whatever those potions had to offer. Also, say thank you to Tim Burton, Danny Elfman, Henry Selick, Disney, and Touchstone Pictures. Without them and their astonishing minds, none of us here would have been inspired. If anyone deserves to be loved, it's definitely all of them (and Capcom for making a sequel!).

The golden heart doors opened shakily to the one person waiting outside. Her right foot tapped impatiently as one black-sleeved arm, holding a cup in it's skeletal hand, stretched out of the opening doorway. Venus watched intently as the arm tipped the cup upside down. No drop of potion dropped to the floor. This could only mean one thing.

"You drank it!" Venus exclaimed happily as Sally and the rest of Jack appeared before her. "Jack, you dramatic brute! You had me scared for a minute."

"Well, it's what I do," Jack said before holding his right hand to his mouth to cover a small burp. "Sorry."

"You are excused," Venus said before looking over to Sally. "How about you?"

"I drank mine too," Sally said as she turned her cup upside down to show there was no potion left. "They tasted better than you said they would."

"Well, I've never been much of a magic chef, but at least one of my potions turned out to be delectable. Now all that matters is what they do, besides give you gas."

"Since they weren't identical, we won't be having the same side effects, right?" Jack asked.

"Right. You know, Jack, I would start wearing baggier knickers if I were you," Venus said.

"What is it with you and knickers?"

"I am just pointing out that they are a bit... tight. I suppose you can cross that bridge when you come to it."

"What about me?" Sally asked as Jack fretted over the ever present issue of his pants.

"My dear, I am sad to say you may finally meet with the true sign of womanhood. Such a shame, since you avoided it for so long already," Venus sighed.

"There's no way of avoiding it even more?"

"Not for another thirty or forty years," Venus said, watching Sally's jaw drop. "Hey, you have it easy, some women have it for fifty. Anyway, if you feel any cramping and such in your lower abdomen in the next twenty eight or thirty days, you come straight here. I will set you up with all you need and we can make a Girl's Day Out of it."

"Thank you, Venus," Sally said.

"You are welcome, both of you. Before I send you on your merry way home, is there anything else you wish to ask me of this whole subject?"

"We can't have children until we drink the Essence of Life, right?" Jack asked.

"That is right. Speaking of which, here you go," Venus said as she passed the vials to Jack and Sally.

"So no matter how much we try, nothing will happen until we drink what's in here?" Jack asked as he shook his vial slightly.

"Yes. Do not go saying that around Valentine; he already finds that 'sinful'. He probably expects you to abstain from unity until after marriage too. Apparently, Valentine thinks everyone in the Universe is or should be a saint."

"I feel bad, breaking all of these rules when you're helping us," Sally said.

"Think nothing of it," Venus said.

"We can always try to abstain. How hard can it be?" Jack asked Sally.

"I would explain to you, but I think both of you will find out soon enough. When are you getting married anyway?" Venus asked, watching Jack and Sally look at each other and shrug. "You do not know?"

"We haven't picked a day yet," Sally said.

"Oh, my, my, my! This simply cannot be. Darlings, I will help you. I will have an army of cherubs planning your nuptials. Just say the word and it will be."

"Venus, that really isn't nece-" Jack started.

"It will be wonderful! Sparrows will sing and all the rice will fly in the air. I will even get the Muses to perform. They owe me," Venus said to herself as she walked away from the couple. "Ta ta, loves! Check back with me soon!"

"Uh-oh," Jack said as Venus disappeared outside.

"I guess she wouldn't be too happy if she knew the Mayor was planning the wedding," Sally said as she tucked her vial of essence in her pocket.

"To think, I figured getting his thoughts off of Halloween for a change would do him good," Jack said as the pair made their way out of the temple. "I don't know what I was thinking."

"I think you were still sleep-deprived from having Takoda in the house," Sally said.

"That had to be it. The Mayor showed up with the house all a mess and started talking about plastic pumpkins and then... I offered him the job of wedding planner. Yes, I definitely wasn't in my right mind."

"Well, he hasn't been at the house since. The idea's really kept him busy, Jack."

"Maybe a little too busy. It's been six days since the Mayor dropped in. He's probably going to stop by today. Think we should take a detour to another world, Sally?"

"Jack, come on. Maybe having two wedding planners will turn out ok. All we'll have to do is show up."

"Good point," Jack said as the pair walked out into the open and made their way into the forest.

"Feel anything yet?" Sally asked.

"Well, it's a little chilly for spring," Jack replied.

"I, um, I meant about the potions."

"Oh. No, nothing yet. How about you?"

"Nothing," Sally said, looking at the ground as she walked.

"Everything's going to be fine," Jack said as she wrapped his right arm around her as they walked closer and closer to the clearing.

"We're going home differently than how we left. Saint Valentine said we're messing with Nature. Think it will mess with home too?" Sally asked as Jack opened the door to Halloween Town.

"Only one way to find out," he said as one hand held the knob and the other held Sally's.

After looking back to the woods for one more time, Sally dove right into the Halloween door with Jack. Halloween Town would just have to adapt, if anything. So no natural offspring had come from there, so what? There's always a first time for everything. And who better to break the rules than the Pumpkin King who stole Christmas and his lab-made love who kept sedating her creator to explore the town? Perhaps the pair were really meant to have children after all. All they needed was a little help.

The End

P.S.- Hope it was funny, fluffy, and fulfilling, all at the same time. Thank you all for reading! (Re-edit Comment:Thanks again!)