Destiny Prelude: Screaming


A girl of only six years stood before her mother, her father, her three older brothers and a human male and a Twi'lek female in brown robes.

"Sweetie, Revan darling, this is a good thing," the mother of the young girl named Revan declared. The woman didn't actually believe what she had just said, she just needed to encourage her daughter. Becoming a jedi would be a better life for her than any farm life on Deralia would be.

"Daddy?" Revan turned towards her father.

"Your mother is right Rev," her father said with a sad smile on his face. "Go on now, they're nice people." He ushered her towards the two jedi as he called them.

Hugging a stuffed animal close to her body, Revan did indeed turn towards the Twi'lek jedi. "Hi," she said shyly. The jedi both smiled. The Twi'lek was obviously younger, a Padawan learner as she was called. The human male was her master. His smile was less welcoming. Revan felt a bit afraid.

"Johnny?" The oldest of Revan's brothers at twelve sadly looked down onto his younger sister. "Johnny!" she cried running into his arms. John Kombi hugged his sister tightly, a tear dripping down his face. They had been close.

Her other two brothers, twins, both nine, seemed to not show any emotions as they looked at little Revan, the only girl of Marie and Baal Kombi. After many years at the jedi enclave, she still remembered their faces as the look of a true jedi. Passive, calm.

Not that that's what Revan was thinking when she cried loudly as she was taken away from her family by the two jedi, dropping her animal as she was pulled by the Twi'lek. She shook her head in anger, her black hair flying everywhere. Her father and mother were starting to cry as they say the anguish in their daughter's piercing green eyes. Then they turned away.

That was the last Revan had seen of her parents.


"You want me to be a jedi?"

Halfway across the galaxy on the planet of Coruscant only an hour later, another young girl, also six, was being met by two jedi. This time it was a short very old jedi, yellow and wrinkled. He had introduced himself as Master Vandar. With him was a young human, a woman, who was wearing blue robes, like Master Vandar's. He told the girl and her father that the woman had just become a jedi knight.

"Yes little one," Master Vandar spoke, his large ears twitching slightly with his speech.

The young girl looked up at her father and cocked her head, giving him a questioning glance. The man chuckled. He looked much like his daughter. They both had the same sandy blonde hair, though the girl's was obviously longer, just reaching her shoulders, and they had the same porcelain skin and ice blue eyes. The only difference besides their gender was that the girl was very short, and the father very tall.

"Sienna, it's not my decision," the man chuckled, patting his daughter's shoulders. "You have to decide if you want to be a jedi."

"Well, I do," the girl named Sienna said, turning towards the two jedi, looking away from her father. "I wanted to be a jedi since I heard of what they were. The saviors of the galaxy, the keepers of the peace." Sienna smiled up at her father.

Master Vandar was quite impressed with the young one's knowledge and serenity in the situation. Most younglings her age were known to kick and scream as they were taken from their homes. But of course, usually the young ones taken for jedi training were under the age of three standard years. Unlike this case.

"So is your decision made little one?" the jedi woman asked Sienna. The woman's name was Atris. Vandar had known her since he himself had taken her for jedi training. She had trained at the temple on Coruscant, and recently taken the trials and passed with flying colors. She was ambitious though. Vandar hoped she would loose some of that ambition and self-confidence, and grow into a more mature jedi knight.

Sienna nodded her head, smiling. "I'm going to be a jedi," she said quietly. Her father smiled sadly and hugged his daughter.

"I will miss you Sienna," he told his little girl, still holding her in his arms. He was afraid he would never see her again. And he probably wouldn't.

"Bye father," Sienna whispered to Liam Vaas as she picked up a small bag of belongings and walked out of the room with the two jedi. She didn't look back. She didn't want to think she'd regret this.


Standing alone in a room, where a large tree sat, growing in the center of sunlight coming from an open roof up above stood a young boy, only six, holding nothing, and owning nothing except for the simply garments he was wearing.

Malak Bilk felt quite alone, not to mention scared, as he sat down on one of the few benches in the room. He hadn't been away from his family for more than a day, and already he was missing them. His combed his small hand through his black hair nervously, wondering why he was standing there. Wasn't he a jedi now? Shouldn't he be in training?

He heard footsteps. If he was listening close enough, it sounded like three set of feet. He immediately stood up, back in the position he was supposed to be standing in. Still frightened, Malak ran his hand through his hair again, his brown eyes darting over to where the footsteps were coming from.

"Ah, there he is," an elderly voice said, as an old and wrinkled jedi master walked into the room, followed by two other jedi apprentices, obviously the same age as Malak, though much shorter than his advanced height.

"You three are the newest additions to our rather wide collection of young jedi apprentices here at this new enclave," the jedi named Master Vandar smiled. Malak almost jumped out of his skin at the sight of this strange teacher.

"Malak Bilk, meet Revan Kombi and Sienna Vaas," Master Vandar motioned to the two young girls standing behind him. The blonde, Vandar had called her Sienna, looked a tad shy, avoiding eye contact. The one with black hair, Revan, was eyeing Malak as though he were an interesting bug. "I shall leave you three for now. All of you report to the council chambers in about ten minutes. This enclave has just begun its path. All the new apprentices will be meeting there soon." Master Vandar left the three six-year-olds.

"Hello," Malak said nervously to his new classmates. Revan giggled.

"You would look better without your hair," she told him. Malak recoiled. He liked his hair.

"I like my hair," he voiced aloud. Sienna backed away slightly, obviously not wanting her hair to be threatened as well. Revan giggled again. "I won't cut your hair Sienna, I like it." The blonde girl smiled. "But I hate yours," Revan said, turning back to Malak.

"Well I don't," Malak retorted defensively.

"You know, it won't be very hard for me to chop it all off, buzz your head and make you look better," Revan offered. Malak snorted.

"I don't trust you," he excused himself.

"Well, that doesn't matter," Revan shook her head. "Come with me, Sienna, I'll need your help." Sienna seemed a bit excited to get involved with the 'fun' as Revan would've called it.

Before Malak could object again, Revan grabbed his hand and pulled him into a room with a sparring mat, a workbench and a few computer consoles.

"Do you think we should be in here?" Sienna asked uncertainly. Revan scoffed. "Doesn't matter."

The black-haired girl dug through the workbench and found what she was looking for. A vibroblade and a razor used for shaving one's face. Malak backed away. "No way! No way am I going to let you do that!"

Revan smiled almost evilly. "Come on, it'll be fun! Believe me, you'll look better without that mop of hair on your head!" Sienna secretly had to agree. Malak might've if he wasn't so defensive about letting that girl near him with a vibroblade.

Before he could leave the room, Revan had him down on a chair in the corner of the room, Sienna grabbed some cords from the workbench and tied his legs and arms to it. Revan giggled again. Malak groaned.

"Now… let's start shall we?" Revan moved towards him with the vibroblade, and he would've screamed if he didn't know how stupid an idea it was.

For the next ten minutes, Revan chopped off as much of Malak's hair as she could. It fell onto the ground soundlessly as Sienna stood back from a distance and watched. Malak certainly looked better without all that hair.

"There, better," Revan finally stopped with the vibroblade, examining his head, now with just pieces of black all over it. She picked up the razor and smiled. "Now just to get rid of the rest."

Malak began squirming, and that's what caused Revan to cut him while she began shaving his head. As a result of such, Malak screamed. "Oh no," Sienna muttered. Revan turned a ghostly shade of white and quickly stuffed the vibroblade and razor back on the workbench.

A jedi knight walked into the room from the council chambers at that exact moment, seeing the tools in Revan's hands. He was a bald man, though still looking a bit young, not very though, perhaps in his late thirties. He wore a red jedi knight robe and a scowl.

"What is going on in here?" he exclaimed. "Why aren't you three in the council chambers? And what are you doing to that poor boy over there?" The knight pointed a bony finger over at Malak still tied up. Sienna silently went to untying him.

"He let me do it," Revan lied. Malak didn't say anything. He wasn't going to let Revan take the full blame. He probably could've resisted more. And it was all in fun. Until she nicked him. His forehead was bleeding slightly, and he had patches of his hair left, that was all now.

"I don't care!" the knight shouted. Master Vandar walked into the room then.

"What is the meaning of this Knight Vrook?" the short yellow master asked. Vrook was fuming.

"This youngling decided to give this other youngling a haircut with the help of this third youngling when they should've been in the council chambers!" Vrook half-screamed.

"Calm yourself Knight Vrook," Vandar said serenely. Vrook took in a sharp breath and stormed out of the room. "Apprentices Revan, Sienna, what were you two thinking when you cut off Apprentice Malak's hair?" The three stared in fear at the master. "I know the healer here gives excellent haircuts, you could've waited." The old master gave them a smile. Revan, Sienna and Malak exchanged glances and smiled back.

"But please, show up when you are summoned next time," Vandar said as he left the room. The three younglings followed him, Malak grabbing a towel from the workbench to clean the blood from his forehead up.

"That was certainly odd," Sienna whispered as they walked into the chamber.

Revan caught sight of Knight Vrook who glared deeply at the three younglings. "I don't think that Vrook character likes us very much," she pointed out.

"Ya think?" Malak snorted.


Hot white intense pain fell over Revan as she collapsed to the ground, still in her full black suit, her helmet on. She had been just beginning to battle with a young jedi name Bastila when… no. No! Malak had betrayed her! Her own ally had turned against her and fired!

He will be punished, Revan thought to herself as she let loose a scream as the pain took over her, her memory fading, and her mind failing. Then there was nothing.


Yes I randomly wrote this up like three months after starting this fic, just after finishing the second story break! Heh, anyways, just thought I'd throw this in. I was rereading Destiny and thought it started a bit quickly. So here's some back story, and of course the betrayal of Malak. XD Enjoy folks! And for you people just beginning this: Have fun reading:)