DEVIL MAY CRY: Call of True Destinies

By: HappyBerry117

Disclaimer- Okay, I'm pretty sure you know how this goes. None of the characters from the game belong to me, but the original characters are mine!

Warnings- I don't know how high the rating is going to be yet, but I know that there will be a lot of swearing and gory scene! Also, please take note that I haven't play the game yet. Therefore, I don't know much of the original plot except for what I have read on websites and fan fictions. Sorry if I end up screwing up the story for you guys.

Chapter 1:Consequences of Shortcuts


Another tree falls over. It was the third tree that had fallen on this eerie, full moon night, but he didn't care. All he cares about is not losing sight of his target. More mud splashes on his black leather pants and boots as he stomps right into another puddle.

"Damn, I lost him." Regardless of his thoughts, he smirks, stop his chasing, and listen.


He spins around and starts the chase again. "At least he runs faster than the others." He mumbles to himself as his prey appear in his sight again.

Looking up ahead, he could see that the chase was heading towards a clearing in the forest, "That'll make the fight easier."

He readied his sword and was just about to step into the clearing where his prey already was when a navy blue car sped by, almost hitting him. "What the…"

"ARGH! I'M GONNA BE KILLED!" She complains to herself.

Normally, she's not the type that would talk to herself. But seeing that she is the only one in her car, she is the only one to hear her own complaint.

"I am so freakin' late! If I don't get there in five minutes, I will be fired!" Looking to the side of the road, she can see a shortcut that goes all the way through to the other side of the mountain, where she needs to be. Without wasting another minute, she slams on the brake and turns the wheel quickly to make a sharp turn into the short cut.

Seeing no obstacles blocking her way, she slams on the gas, driving 80mph, she sped down the straight road. "AH!" She let out a little yelp as the car sped right over a bump in to road, "It's just a little bump. It's not like I drive like this everyday." She reassured herself, trying to shed away some of her guilt for treating her precious new Toyota Matrix like this.

Ring, ring, ring!

Knowing that it was her friend calling her cell phone, she whines, "Stop it! I'm almost there!" Without looking, she pushes the "decline" button and continues driving.

The road was so straight and so quiet, it was beginning to make her sleepy. She yawns and tries to concentrate on the road. "Hey, what's that black blur standing in the middle of the road?" She tried to squint her eye to see better.


"Oh shit!" She whispered with widen eyes. "I just ran over a person!" She had been driving so fast that she didn't realized that the gap between that person and her car was closing so fast. She was so shocked that when she did come to realize what had happened, she was already half a mile down the road.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit…" She kept cursing as she pulled the car in reverse and drove quickly back to check on the person.


During these situations, panicking is usually not a very smart thing to be doing, but that was all she had in her mind. She thought that she should move the car back to the place right before she had hit the person, and that's what she did. Of course, in order to do that, the car would have to drive over the person again. And that's exactly what she did.

"DAMN IT!" She smacked herself right on her head. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING?"

She ran out of the car and kneeled near by the person's head. Actually, she wouldn't really describe him as a person. The guy had very little hair and was all skin and bones. His skin was a sickening pale color with a lot of brownish, yellow spots as if it were rotting. In fact, he smelled like he was rotting. At least that's what she thought it was. The odor was very pungent and unpleasant, it was hard to recognize.

"Dude, you alive?" She nudged his shoulder with the tip of her navy blue sneakers.

No answer. Running back to her car, she grabbed her cell phone and dialed 911. "Hello? 911? Yeah? There's been an accident! This dude got hit by a car and he's not moving!"

"Miss, please calm down and tell me your location." The woman said.

" I AM CALM!" She looked around for any easy to recognize landmarks that would give away her location but found nothing but trees surrounding her. "I don't know? All I can see are trees everywhere! I think I'm in a forest!"

"It's okay, Miss. Do you think you can tell me the identification of the person that has been hit?"


What she said was completely true. The only article of clothing on this person is his loincloth, which, by the way, is riding a little too high.

The woman sighed, "Miss, I know you are under a lot of stress right now but please try to cooperate."

"No way! Why would anyone hide their identification under their loincloth? There aren't any pockets, none that I can see anyways. I don't want to reach down there and find out either!" She whined.

"Miss…" The woman warned.

"Fine, okay, hold on." She sighed.

Very slowly, she approached the person and went down on one knee by his head. The more she looked at him, the more inhuman he looked. With her free hand, she reached slowly towards his only piece of clothing, if you can call it clothing. Her face was contorted into one with disgust, "I really don't want to do this…"


She gasped as the man suddenly grabbed her wrist and started hissing madly. Frightened by his sudden movement, she slammed her right knee down right on his arm, causing him to let go of her wrist immediately.

"Holy shit…" she whispered to herself while backing away from the man.

"Miss, is something wrong?"

She had totally forgot that she still had the phone to her ear and almost dropped it when the woman spoke again, "The dude just woke up. Now he is getting up." Actually, he was doing more than that. He was walking towards her and hissing like a mad animal.

"Tell him not to move. He could lose a lot of blood that way."

"Blood?" She looked around the ground and realized something she hadn't earlier; He wasn't bleeding. Regardless, she decided that it be best to keep him still until the ambulance come. Besides, she didn't want him anywhere near her. Something inside her is telling her that it is safer to keep away from this guy.

"Dude, you need to stay down, the ambulance is…Whoa!" She dodged towards her right side just as the guy swung out his left hand to hit her in the face. His hand, with razor sharp claws, just barely missed the left side of her face. Unfortunately, she was holding her phone to the left side of the face also. Unable to move on its own, her phone was sent flying out of her hand to the ground.

Incase he attacks again, she pivoted around quickly so he is within her eyesight. The guy was also turning around to face her, but instead of looking at her, he was looking at her phone. He examined it without picking it up.

"HEY YOU CRACK HEAD!" The guy looked up at her as she continued her sentence. "THAT WAS A NEW…" Without looking back down on the phone, he crushed it with his feet. "…phone…" And then he lunged at her again.

As he was charging at her, she grabbed his outstretched arm and swung him around. Before the guy was able to see what had happened, he crashed, head first, into the trunk of a nearby tree, "Look, I know you're probably really pissed at me running over you twice, but if you don't stay still, you are gonna die."

The guy got up quickly as if that crash had no effect on him and hissed.

She frowned and got into a fighting stance, "Since you're not gonna be a good boy and stay down, I'm gonna have to put you down!"

"ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The guy screamed as if in agreement and began his attack.

Nearing his target, he first tried to take a swipe at from the left side of her rib cage with his clawed, right hand. But she dodged it by jumping backwards away from him. He quickly regained his posture and raised the same hand into mid air to claw down on her. As his hand came down, she quickly moved towards her right side and grabbed his right wrist. Next, she kicked his legs back so that he land on his knees. The guy had absolutely no time to react at all. Seeing her chance, she raised her right hand and chopped down on the right side of his neck. The blow was so hard that it caused him to fly backwards until his back hit the tree trunk again.

"How's that? Wanna give up?" She smirked as the guy tried to get up but stumbled and fell back down.

Finally, he got up and gave an angry roar, "ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!" He raised his left arm at her.

She suddenly noticed something really weird, "HIS RIGHT ARM IS GONE! What happen to it...?" She was looking around until she came to a realization. "Don't tell me…" She looked over at her left hand in horror. Yep. His right arm came right off when she knocked him away and she just realized that she is still holding it. "OH MY FUCKIN' GOD! AHHHHHHHH!" She screamed, dropped the arm, and backed away from the both of them in disbelieve.

"What the hell is going on…?" She grabbed her head in confusion and starts mumbling to herself.


She looked up quickly at the noise. During all of this, the guy had gotten up from his spot and was prowling over towards her, but in the process of doing so, he had stepped on a branch and snapped it, catching her attention. She quickly got into her fighting stance again, "Okay, I know you are not just a crazy hobo that wears a loincloth. Who the hell are you?"

Instead of answering, he charged at her again. This time, without holding back her strength, she kicked the guy right in his rib. Although an unpleasant sound of his rib cage breaking was heard, the kick didn't seem to have any effect on him. In fact, her right foot, which had crushed right through the bones, is stuck in his rib. In order to get it out, she started to do a back flip. When she was balanced on both her hands, she lifted the guy up along with her right leg and stomped her left leg on his chest to help pull her leg out. She finished her back flip as the guy fell to the ground.

"Shit." She cringed as she felt a burning sensation from her right ankle. Looking down, she can see blood seeping out slowly. "His bones must have pierced through my skin."

This time, the guy jumped up high for an air-assault. Using her right foot, she kicked a long branch upward and caught it with her right hand. Looking up, she can see that the guy was flying down at her. So she grabbed the branch with both hands, took a step forward, and pointed the tip of the branch upward at the landing figure. As she had previously calculated, the branch pierced right through him. With one last kick, she sent him flying to the other side of the clearing. With his back crushed against the rocks, the guy laid still and lifeless.

She stood, using the stick to support her, as she tried to catch her breath and comprehend what had just happened.


"Huh?" She immediately spun herself around to face the noise.

What she found somewhat startled her. It was a person, a perfectly normal-looking human being. Well, not exactly.

"Damn, babe… You totally trashed it." The person said.

" 'It'?" She questioned as she start to analyze the person's features.

He was a young man, a pretty hot one too, about her age. That was the only normal part about him. Let's start with the abnormal parts. First of all, the guy had silver hair. But that's not all, he was wearing a long red leather jacket, black gloves, black leather pants, and black combat boots. And from what she can see, there were weapons under that jacket of his. In fact, he is holding a really long and dangerous looking sword at this very moment.

"Of course. It is a demon after all." He starts to approach her.

She took a step back and got in to her fighting stance again, "He's a what? Better yet, who the hell are you?"

"Oh, that's right. Where are my manners?" Without looking at all, he slipped his sword back into its holder with a quick movement and starts walking towards her again. "The name's Dante. I'm a demon-hunter."

"Wait." She held out her hand to tell Dante to stop moving. "A demon hunter?"

"Damn right." He smirks.

She turned around and starts mumbling to herself again, "Okay. Usually, it is never a good thing when some silver-haired punk, who is running around in the woods in the middle of the night with a bunch of weapons, tells you that he is a demon hunter and that you just trashed a demon."

She stopped mumbling to herself when she felt something grabbing on her pant leg. Looking down, which she regretted doing, she found the detached right arm trying to climb up her leg, "SHIT!" She kicked her leg really hard and sent the arm flying back to its owner.

"LOOK OUT!" Dante warned, but it was too late.

When the arm hit its owner, the shock startled the body. The demon's mouth sprang opened and shot out something right at the girl.

She screamed as it hit her right on the left side of her neck, "OW! What the fuck…" Before she could finish her sentence, her legs gave out, and she toppled over. "Damn it…I knew something like this was gonna happen…" She mumbled to herself as the world faded before her eyes.

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