DEVIL MAY CRY: Call of True Destinies

By: HappyBerry117

Disclaimer- Okay, I'm pretty sure you know how this goes. None of the characters from the game belong to me, but the original characters are mine!

Warnings- This story is rated M because there will be a lot of swearing and gory scene! Sorry if I end up screwing up the story for you guys because after playing the game, I realized that my story's chronological order is mixed up. I planned on the story happening when Dante is in his younger years (hence his personality) and I didn't know that Trish wasn't there yet. Sorry guys, just pretend the story is set in some alternate universe. HAHAHAHA! Ok! Read away!

Chapter 6: Bonfire Party

Click, Click, Click…

"Come on…" Celene mumbled as she clicked repeatedly on the elevator button. "DAMN IT!" She screamed and ran down the stairs.

It was now 8:45a.m. Celene had about 15 minutes before she is late for school… again. It was a wonder that she even had 15 minutes. Usually, she would be down to about 10 minutes when she burst out the door of her apartment. Luckily, Jin often prevents it from going any lower than 10 minutes. He lives in the room right above hers and would come down to ring her doorbell just before heading out for breakfast to make sure she wakes up. Then Celene would start scrambling about her room trying to get to school on time.

Just before passing the security guard's counter, the guard shouted out to her, "Celene! Jin left this for you!" He held out a cup of coffee and a take-out paper bag. Celene grabbed the things without slowing her pace.

"THANKS, MR. BRANT!" She shouted out loud and continued out towards the sidewalk.

Mr. Brant shook his head and opened up his newspaper behind his counter, "Kids these days."

Celene slowed down as she approached her car, which she had picked up from the pound yesterday, and looked inside the paper bag Jin got her. "So he went to Subway this morning huh?"


Her body tensed as she felt someone standing right behind her. Celene slowly put her stuff down on the hood of the car as if she hadn't notice and began to fumble for the keys in her pocket. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a hand reached out for her shoulder. Acting on instinct, Celene immediately grabbed the right arm and twisted it behind the person's back, preventing them from moving any further. "Oops…Hehe…Sorry." Celene said sheepishly when she saw who it was.

"OW!" Jennifer swung her left arm wildly to struggle free. "Could you please let go of me before you start apologizing?" Celene immediately let her loosen her grip. Jennifer rotated her shoulder to relieve the pain and pouted at Celene, "What was that for?"

"You scared me!" Celene said defensively. "I thought…"

Jennifer raised one of her eyebrows, "You thought what?"

Celene furrowed her eyebrows and began to unlock her car, "Never mind."

"Ok, fine." Jennifer sighed. "I just wanted to ask if you had anything to do after class, which…" She glanced down at her watch. "…you have about five minutes to get to."

"WHAT?" Celene looked at the clock in the car as she turned on the engine. "CRAP!" With one hand, she buckled her seatbelt and began turning the car out on to the road with the other. "BYE JENNY!"

"WAIT!" Jennifer screamed and started to chase after the moving car. "YOU DIDN"T ANSWER MY QUESTION!"

"I HAVE TO GO TO THE LIBRARY!" Celene screamed back before her car turned the corner and disappeared from sight.

Jennifer stomped her foot, "Again?" She pouted and was just about to get back onto the sidewalk when something black flew past her. "Huh?" She turned to the direction when the object flew. "A…bat? In New York? And broad daylight?" She scratched her head in confusion and headed towards the sidewalk again.


"It's not like I'm trying to be late on purpose…" She thought as Ms. Carnile threw a glare in her direction. Celene turned her gaze out the window but couldn't find what she was looking for.

It's been two days since they first saw the bat. Although it is nowhere in sight now, Celene was sure that it was still lurking around, watching her thanks to her tattoo. She rubbed the tattoo, hoping it would relieve the sting she felt. It had no effect. "Che."

Ms. Carnile glared at her again, "Is there a problem, Miss Noels?"

At the sound of her name, she immediately turned her attention from the window to the speaker, "Huh?"

"Miss Noels, I suggest that you pay atten…"


Ms. Carnile sighed, "Class dismiss." She was getting tired of repeating herself everyday anyways.

"Lucky!" Celene thought as she head out the door. She ran downstairs and headed towards the library again. Now that she had been there a couple times, she felt less tense when she entered the dark room. "Where was I yesterday?" Celene smiled as she came across a book that was sticking out. She had purposely put the book like that to mark her spot.

During the past few days of research, she had found nothing about her tattoo. But she did learn a lot more about demons, though she had many doubts about the information she had found. Speaking of information, Dante told her two nights ago that he would try to find out stuff from his 'connections' and hasn't shown up since then.

"I wonder where he went." Then Celene slapped herself mentally. "Why the hell do I care?" She buried her face deeper in the book.


Celene flinched. Something was watching her. "Why didn't I notice before?" She stood still as the sound came closer and closer until it stopped right behind her.


At the sound of its movement again, Celene held the book with her left hand and swung it at the face of the demon.

"OW!" It screamed and dropped to the ground.

"Ow?" Celene thought and she narrowed her eyes to see the demon better. "Oh crap…" She mumbled as she realized that it wasn't a demon at all. "Dude, are you okay?" She sighed and knelt down next to her victim. "Why do I keep thinking everyone is a demon?"

The young man held his nose and said enthusiastically, "That's because everyone could be a demon!"

"Huh?" That was all Celene could come up with. She analyzed the man sitting in front of her. He had dirty blond hair and a somewhat skinny frame. Behind his glasses, his bright green eyes watched Celene with great interest. They made Celene uncomfortable.

The man continued with his hand still on his nose, "Demons are capable of changing shapes. Of which include the shape of humans." He smiled widely. "So you are right to assume people could be demons!"

Celene was surprised at his explanation. He seemed to be well informed about demons. "Um… Anyways, sorry dude."

"Don't worry about it!" He grinned. "Are you trying to find out more about demons?"

"Yeah, but how did you know?" Celene looked at the man suspiciously.

He grinned widely again, "I saw the books you've been reading" He held up a few book in his hand, which Celene recognized as the ones she had read in the last few days. "You're researching about ancient markings and symbols."

"So it was you that I was chasing!" The man nodded. "Why'd you run?"

"Cause you chased me." Celene's head fell at the stupidity of the answer while the man continued. "By the way, my name is Steven Fitzgerald."

Celene thought it was only fair that she tell him her name as well, although she really didn't want to, "Celene. Celene Noels."

Steven sat up straight, "Have you found what you're looking for yet?"

"No, not yet. I doubt I'll find anything about it here." She sighed.

"I can help if you want!" He continued enthusiastically. "I've been studying about demons all my life!" He smiled proudly, "I'm really good at using the computer too, especially to look up stuff. I use it to look up information on demons all the time!"

"Really?" A light bulb lit up in Celene's head. "He can probably help me find out about the tattoo."

"Of course! I'm so glad you believe in the existence of demons!" Then he looked a bit more serious and raised his free hand to the air. "Everyone should be informed about the existence demons that lurk about! Mankind could be endangered!"

"You're sure you can help me find out what I need to know?" Celene asked with hopeful eyes.

"Yes!" He said with determination. "And if I don't, I'm sure the club can find out!"

"The… club?" Celene raised her eyebrow.

Steven's eyes gleamed with excitement and leaned forward, letting go of his nose, "Are you interested in joining the club? Everyone there is informed about demons. They might know about what you are looking for!"

"Uh… Your nose is bleeding…" Celene pointed out as a steady flow of blood came out of Steven's nose right after he let go.

Steven continued smiling stupidly, "Don't worry about it. If you join our club, I'm sure it will help raise the number of female members!"

"Uh… Sure…" Celene answered with no idea what she was getting herself into.

Celene stood in her apartment looked into the backpack she was to carry to the meeting and started wondering if she made the right decision to go to the meeting. Steven had told her to bring a bottle of water, a lighter, a pocketknife, a flashlight, and a first aid kit. She felt as if she was going camping. Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong…

"What the hell?" Celene said as her doorbell kept going off. She was surprised and somewhat relieved to see the face that was on the other side of the door, but she kept her feelings hidden. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm really happy to see you too!" Dante ignored her tone and answered cheerfully. He walked into the apartment and looked around the room. "Great view!" He grinned as he opened the curtain slightly and smirked. "I guess it's the same for him too." He turned his attention back on Celene, "So he hasn't done anything yet?"

"He?" Celene asked before coming to realization. "No, that bat just keeps following me around. How did you know where I live by the way?"

"I have connections." He grinned at her annoyed look and answered again. "Your friend, Jennifer was kind enough to point out."

Celene rolled her eyes, "Of course, who else could it be?" Celene watched as Dante walked around her room examining her belongings. "Where have you been the last few days?"

"Why?" He grinned mischievously and walked up to her. "Did you miss me?"

"Che. Like I care." Celene started to walk away but Dante caught her by the arm.

Dante turned her back around, "I was just looking for information, hunting down some demons. You know, the usual." When Celene gave him a questioning look, he smirked and leaned in closer, with her hand still in his. "You know, this feels like a situation where the girlfriend is mad at the boyfriend."

Celene's gave Dante a weird look, "What are you talking about?" She blushed as he moved even closer.

Dante grinned even wider at her look, "And after the guy explains and apologizes, they usually make up by making out."

Celene flinched as he finished his sentence. Dante started to lean in for a kiss. That is, until Celene stopped him by punching him in the stomach. Dante doubled over groaning.

"HAVE YOU FUCKING LOST YOUR MIND? WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING?" Celene stood over him and screamed, her face still blushing madly.

Dante started to get up from the ground still holding his stomach, "I was just kidding! You haven't cursed at all since I entered the room, so I was just checking you!" He winced. "You punch a lot harder that's for sure."

"You fucking moron! I can't relax even for a minute!" She turned and grabbed her backpack.

Dante looked up with curiosity and followed her out the door, "Where are you going?" He was done recovering.

Celene shouted without turning back to look at him, "None of your business!" With that, she headed into the elevator and closed the door before Dante could get in. Not that he was trying to anyways.

Celene closed her eyes and tried to calm down, "The moment he comes back, that bastard tries to pull that over me! That asshole." Despite her angry words, Celene smiled softly.

Dante knew better than to annoy her anymore, his life could be shortened. He laughed his head, "I'm not even afraid of the devil but I'm afraid of a human girl." He head down the stairs slowly.

Dante got outside just in time to see a nerdy looking guy waiting for Celene in front of her car. "Who's that?" He watched in confusion as the guy led her over to his silver car. "Hm…" Dante held his chin thoughtfully for a while, then jumped on his bike and sped off.

"What the fuck have I gotten myself into?" Celene mumbled to herself while she stared shockingly at the group of half naked male dancing around a giant bonfire.

After they had been driving for an hour in the woods, Steven suddenly stopped his car in the middle of nowhere and told her they were having a special meeting in the woods that night. He then refused to explain any further until they reach their destination. Before Celene knew it, they had stepped into a clearing where these men were dancing around.

"Hold on a second." Turning his attention away from Celene, Steven approached the group and started to yell out over their chanting, "Any progress?"

One of the men left the line and walked over to Steven, "You're finally here! We've been dancing all night!" His gaze suddenly traveled behind Steven and landed on Celene. "Is that the new member you were talking about?"

Steven smiled and waved his hand for Celene to come over, "Celene, this is Danny! He's the organizer for our mission tonight. Danny, this is Celene. She wants to find out something about demons."

Danny gave Celene a friendly wave, "We're so glad to finally have a girl in our club! They always avoided us for some reason."

"I wonder why." Celene said sarcastically but Danny and Steven didn't catch it.

"I'm going to go help perform the ritual! Why don't you guys start preparing the stuff." He called out as he was running back to the bond fire.

"Okay!" Steven answered and led Celene to the group of bags lying off to the side. "Come help me, Celene."

Celene followed closely after Steven, "What are they doing?"

"They're performing a ritual to lure out demons." Steven fumbled through the bags and pulled out bottles of clear liquid.

"SAY WHAT?" Celene screamed out. "Why?"

Steven looked up at Celene with surprised eyes, "Didn't I tell you? The demons are endangering mankind. So we are going to lure them out and destroy them." He smiled reassuringly at Celene's horrid look. "Don't worry, we are totally prepared for this!" He held up the bottles of liquid and some crosses, "They can't harm us with these!"

"Have you guys ever seen or fought a demon?" Celene asked, although she was pretty sure of the answer already.

He smiled at her sheepishly, "Hehe, no. We haven't been successful in our last few rituals. But this is a new method were trying! "

She hung her head in disappointment, "I knew it." Celene held up one of the bottles and started examining it, "What's this?"

Steven looked at her seriously and held up the bottles with special care, "These are our secret weapon! The have no scent, no color, and no taste. But for demons, they are deadly to the touch." He paused slightly as if to provide Celene with time to admire the item, although Celene was just staring back at him with an empty look. He finally continued, "This here, is Holy Water!"

"Holy…Water?" Steven nodded. Celene held her head as if she were having a headache. "Oh my god."

Dante had been wandering around for about an hour now. He was sure he saw Celene and that nerd walk into the forest. "Where are they?"

Dante stopped when he felt the ground being uneven under his feet, so he knelt over and looked down. It was car tracks. His bright blue orbs followed the tracks until they met a silver colored car. He smirked and walked over to the car. "They shouldn't be too far." He said as he glide he right hand over the hood and felt that the engine was still slightly warm.

"What are they doing here anyways?" He asked no one in particular and looked up to the sky. "What the hell?" Dante watched as smoke filled the night sky. "Is someone trying to burn the place down?"


Dante widened his eyes in surprise as a large flock of birds flew above the trees as if fleeing from something. "They probably were." He confirmed to himself as he felt an evil aura about him and the trees behind him begin to move wildly.


Dante whirled around and started running towards the direction of the voice.

"LOOK!" Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up toward the sky as a giant flock of birds rushed by.

"What's going on?" Celene asked herself as the animals started rushing through the clear toward the other end of the forest. She suddenly felt a sharp burning pain on her neck and collapsed on to the ground, "AHHH!"

"CELENE! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" Steven asked with a hint of panic in his voice as he ran over to her side.

With her left hand still on her neck, she supported herself with her right hand while kneeling on the ground. She breathed heavily as beads of sweat came down her forehead.

Steven watched as her lips moved between her heavy breathing but were unable to make out what she was saying. He put one hand on her shoulder and the other on her back to try to soothe her pain, "Celene, are you okay?" He leaned his ear closer to her mouth to try to hear what she was trying to say, "I can't hear you. Can't you speak a little louder?"


"AH!" Steven fell back in surprise due to Celene's sudden outburst. He rubbed his ears as if to check if he had gone deaf or not.

Everyone stood unmoving and watched Celene in surprised. She got up slowly, turned around, and got into a fighting position. The trees started shaking madly while the people whimpered with fright. Then suddenly, everything was silent as if time had stopped. Celene's eyes traveled into the woods, looking for any movement.


"AHHHH!" On of the half naked members let out a high pitched scream as a figure jumped out of the trees and into the clearing. "IT'S A DEMON!"

Everyone turned to face the demon. It was the same kind that had attack Celene many times, the ones that wear loin clothes. Except this time it came with a long scythe. Steven ran and got hold of one of the bags filled with vials of Holy Water, which Celene suspect to be regular water, and begin to hand it out to everyone else.

"Take that!" Danny yelled and threw the vial at the demon's chest where it shattered and splashed all over him.

The demon looked down on his chest, touched the liquid and watched it drip from his fingertips curiously. Then he suddenly turned his head towards his attacker. He took a step towards Danny, fumbled through his bag and found more vials to throw at the demon. The demon continued forward despite the vials that kept crashing on his body until Danny, who seem to have finally come to realized that the Holy Water was not working, ran off in the direction that the animals headed towards.

The slow moving demon, unable to keep up with Danny, turned his attention towards the rest of the people. As he did so, the trees started rustling again and more similar demons came out into the clearing. The frighten people huddled together, shivering as the demons started to surround them.

"Argh!" One of the demons yelled out and raised his scythe into the air.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" They people screamed out in terror and closed their eyes as the demon started to bring it down upon them.


Steven opened his eyes slowly just in time to see the demon's head rolled over to his feet, after it had become clear to him what it was, he screamed out in horror, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" He watched as it turned to dust and disappeared without a trace. Looking up, he found Celene standing in front of him with the demon's scythe in her hand.

"What are you guys waiting for?" Celene asked without turning her attention away from the approaching demons. "RUN!" At the sound of her command, the members scrambled around quickly and started off in all directions.

Despite the easy target of people running past them, the demons had their eyes, if there were any, set only on Celene. Five of them started to surround her in a circle. Celene held out her scythe and swung it in a circle. The other approaching demons looked up in surprised as their comrades suddenly turned to dust due to Celene's attack. Nevertheless, they continued towards her.

Celene ran towards the other side of the clearing before they were able to surround her again, swiping off the head of two demons as she did so. "Shit." She looked around and found more demons emerging from the trees.

"CELENE! LOOK OUT!" She turned around just in time to find a demon bringing his scythe down on her. Holding the handle of the scythe with both hands, Celene stopped the demon's attack and kicked it in the stomach. The demon flew against a tree and exploded into dust.

She then turned to the sound of the voice angrily, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU STILL HERE FOR?"

Steven emerged from behind the bush and picked up the scythe that the last demon had left, "I thought you might need help!" He swung it wildly trying to hit a demon, but they all dodged it easily. Suddenly he tripped over a scythe behind him. As he was falling over, he scythe accidentally caught a demon on the head and got stuck. He got up quickly and tried to get his weapon out. But before he was able to the other demons started to surround him.

"STEVEN!" Celene screamed out to catch his attention.

Steven looked up, closed his eyes, and swung his scythe at the demons clumsily. The demons could've dodge it easily, if only the body of one of the demons were not still attached to Steven's scythe. The limbs of the lifeless demon flung around dangerously, knocking down all the demons within its reach. When the last demon around Steven had turned to dust, he opened his eyes with a satisfied smiled, "Hey… I'm not bad at all!"

"No…" Celene said with a dumbfound look. "You're just really lucky…" Seeing more demons coming out from the trees, Celene ran at Steven, grabbed his hand, and led him off into the woods. "There's no way we can fight all those demons!" They kept running until they found Steven's car.


"Could it be?" Celene stopped suddenly, causing Steven to run into her.

"What's gasp wrong?" Steven breathed heavily.

"Give me your keys." When Steven gave her a confused look, Celene repeated herself in a deafening tone. "GIVE ME YOUR KEYS!"

Frightened, Steven pulled out his keys immediately and hand them over to Celene. They got into the car quickly and started the engine. Suddenly, Celene turned the car towards another direction, deeper into the wood. "WAIT! WHERE ARE WE GOING? THE ROAD IS THAT WAY!" Despite Steven's yells of protest, Celene continued driving in the direction of the noise.


"They just don't know when to give up." Dante recharged his guns quickly and started his shooting again. "I DON'T HAVE TIME TO PLAY WITH YOU GUYS!" He declared over his gunshots, but the demons seemed to pay no heed.

After the flock of birds had flown by, Dante suddenly found himself surrounded by the demons that kept popping up no matter how many times he had shot at them. He had a pretty good idea why they showed up but they were keeping him so busy that he had no choice but to forget his original mission and hope that she was doing okay.

Dante put away his guns and pulled out his sword because they were closing in on him. With a quick swipe of his sword, he cleared a way for him to escape. Dante ran in the forest, slashing any monster that was in his way.


Dante looked up at the noise and found a silver car heading straight for him.


He smiled at the voice of the speaker. But his smile quickly turned into a look of horror as the car continued its speed without slowing as if trying to run him over. Unable to dodge to the side, Dante jumped up just in time and land on top of the speeding car, "ARE YOU TRYING TO RUN ME OVER?"


"WHAT IF I DIDN'T? I COULD'VE DIED!" Dante said although he knew that wouldn't be enough to kill him.

Celene smirked and snapped back, "MAYBE I SHOULD GIVE THAT A TRY THEN!"

Just then, the car drove under a really low branch. Dante ducked his head down and laid flat on the car as the branch scraped over his back. He yelled at Celene angrily, "WATCH WHERE YOUR DRIVING!"

"SHUT UP AND GET IN THE CAR!" Celene yelled back.

Dante slipped through the back window and got inside the car. He sighed knowing that his life is no longer endangered by Celene's driving. He looked at the back of Celene's head while a funny thought ran through his head, "I wonder who issued her driver's license?" For the first time, Dante noticed Steven sitting in the passenger seat. His face was white as a sheet and shaking all over. His knuckles on both hands were white: one from gripping the handle on the hood of the car, the other from gripping on to his seatbelt.

Dante leaned forward and stuck he head in between the two seats in front of him, "Is he your new boyfriend?"

Celene kept her eyes on the road, "No, his name is Steven Fitzgerald."

"What were you guys doing then? The name's Dante by the way." He pulled out his hand to shake Steven's hand, which was quite unwilling to release its grip on the handle bar.

Celene's eyebrow twitched with annoyance. There was no way she was going to tell Dante that she was here with a bunch of idiots who thought of luring out demons by dancing around a bonfire and defeating them with Holy Water. "It's none of your business. What were you doing out here?"

"I have my reasons." There was no way he was going to tell her he came out here looking for her because he was worried about her going off with some guy.

"Fine. Not that I care anyways." Celene said as she drove the car out of the forest and onto the pavement.

Knock, Knock, Knock…

"Come in." The young man said as he swirled the wine around in his glass.

The room was completely dark; the only source of light was the moonlight that had shown through the balcony windows. The young man sat with his back to the windows and watched as the other person entered into the room and knelt down on one knee before him.

Without turning his eyes from the glass, the young man asked lazily, "What's his answer? Is he on our side or not?"

"He gave no answer, but he did send out a pack of demons earlier tonight." The voice of a female came from the kneeling figure.

"So is it her?" He took a sip from the glass and continued. "Is she the chosen one?"

The woman nodded her head, "She has 'the mark'."

The young man got up from his seat and walked over to the windows, without wasting much effort at all, he crushed the glass in his hand and watched it fall to the ground. "Does she know?"

"One of us had been careless and was destroyed. But all he left was 'the mark'. She has no idea who he was." She paused to see if her master wanted to say anything. When he didn't she continued, "There is one thing that worries me."

The young man gazed at the bright moon hanging over the sea, "What is it?"

"The demon hunter, my lord. He is also with her." She answered with her head bowed in shame. "He was the one that caught our spy."

The young man chuckled, "You mean Dante Sparda?" He turned from the window and laughed, "You don't need to worry about the demon hunter. Especially not with 'him' on our side. I'm sure he'll take special care with Sparda."

"Yes, my lord."

"Sorry about your car Steven." Celene said while Steven got into the driver's seat and buckled his seat belt.

After they started driving on the pavement, they kept going until they reached Celene's apartment. Steven felt a lot calmer once Celene got out of the driver's seat and after puking out the window. He smiled at her, "Don't worry about it. I'm really glad about what happen tonight actually. This experience is going to help us prepare for next time. I hope you'll still come to the club."

"Sure, why not." Celene forced a smile on her face. After all that she had done to his car, the least she can do is stay in the stupid club.

"Good night." Steven waved his hand and drove off.

"Club?" Dante asked with a curious look. "What club?"

Celene ignored his question, "Shouldn't you be going home now?" She started walking in to her apartment building.

"CRAP!" Dante exclaimed as Celene stopped to look at him with a weird look.

"What now?" Celene yawned.


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