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This is Kirsten's diary entry from college when Sandy proposed to her. I wrote this after watching The Mallpisode.



Dear Diary

I can't exactly remember the date because I am over the moon in ecstasy, not the drug but the emotion. The most wonderful thing happened today.

Sandy proposed!

Sandy proposed!

Sandy proposed!

Sandy proposed!

It hasn't really sunk it yet, that's why I am writing it so much. I mean, Sandy is my fiancé and I'm his fiancée. We are going to get married. I'm going to be his wife and he'll be my husband. I can't believe it!

I love him so much. I honestly do. He is everything I imagined my husband to be; passionate, intelligent, gorgeous, loving, gentle, incredible, my hero and the love of my life. I love him and I'm going to marry him. Jimmy is nothing like Sandy. Jimmy never talked to me like Sandy does, Sandy talks to me with such love that my barriers just melt, whereas with Jimmy, as much as I loved him, he was kinda . . . I actually don't know but what I do know is that he isn't Sandy.

The proposal was so wonderful. He had taken me out to dinner because it was my dinner. Hold on I have just figured out the date, September 18th 1967! So I'm 20 today. Anyway, he took me to dinner and it was a magnificent meal and Sandy was so sweet. He kept looking at me and I kept staring into his blue eyes. Oh I love his eyes. They are so gorgeous. I can't believe that I have the chance to look into those eyes for the rest of my life. I hope if we have a child that they have Sandy's eyes. Oh my god I'm thinking about having children with Sandy. I would to give him a child. I'm kinda giddy right now.

After dinner we went for a slow walk under the stars through the park. The moon reflected of his eyes beautifully. When we got to the hill where we have spent a lot of time together, he wrapped his arms around me and whispered loving words in my ear. Then as we sat down, he got down on one knee and motioned for me to stay standing. When I saw him and he took my left had I froze. I honestly froze! For a minute I thought he was either tying his shoe lace or testing the grass to see if it was damp.

He held my hand and looked deep into my eyes. I think my bottom lip and chin started to quiver as he approached that ultimate question. I remember word for word what he said to me;

"Kirsten, I know what I am going to say may sound cliché but please hear me out. I love you . . . so much, more than I have ever loved anyone in my life. And I want to spend the rest of my life loving you and making you as happy as you have made me. I want to see you smile, I want to wipe away your tears, I want to wake up next to you every morning and be with you forever . . . Kirsten Nichol . . . will you marry me?"

Instead of giving him an answer I fell to my knees and kissed him really passionately. I think I caught him off guard but he quickly recovered and wrapped his arms around my waist. I love it when he does that. After we broke apart, he looked at me expectantly. I knew what he was asking so I answered him, "Yes! Of course I will Sandy!"

I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I've never felt like this before. I've never felt what I feel for Sandy. I am so utterly in love with him. I thought I felt the same for Jimmy when we dated but what I feel for Sandy is so much more than that! When I'm with him, I feel like a Princess whereas Jimmy treated me like a Princess there is a difference there! Anyway, Jimmy is in the past while Sandy is my future.

The ring he gave me was so adorable. He said he had won it in a crane machine the night before and when he held it in his hand knew that he to propose as soon as possible. He saw this as the perfect time. Sandy promised me that he was saving up to buy my actual engagement and wedding rings but I told him he didn't have to. I love the plastic ring he gave me because it is from him; I'm actually looking at it right now as I write this. The light glints of it beautifully. Sandy could have wrapped a length of string around my finger and I still would have loved it.

I can't wait to tell everyone that we're engaged but they probably won't be surprised because Sandy and I are inseparable. My mom is gonna be so thrilled because she really likes Sandy and she knows and understands how much I love him. My dad on the other hand will be raging. He hates Sandy. He always has. His precious daughter marrying a Jewish boy from the wrong side of the tracks so to speak, but I don't care what my dad thinks of Sandy because I don't care what religion he is or where he came from. My dad would have preferred that I marry someone from Newport, most of all Jimmy Cooper, but Jimmy made his choice and I'm making mine now . . . I'm going to marry him not my dad!

To tell you the truth, if Sandy hadn't have proposed tonight I would've asked him to marry me! I have known for a while now that I wanted to marry him and I have been in love with him a lot longer than that. I am so happy right now but ever since I met Sandy I have always been happy. He has always made me happy even when I'm not. There's just something about him. I never thought I would fall in love again after Jimmy broke my heart, but I guess I was wrong. I am so glad that Sandy came into my life.

I hope I look back on this entry twenty years from know and remember how happy I was when I realised that I was going to spend the rest of me life with the man I love. I know when I read this again that my love will have grown ever stronger for Sandy.

Kirsten Cohen

Mrs Kirsten Cohen

They both have a wonderful ring to them don't they?

I can't wait until I can say I'm Kirsten Cohen and to receive mail addressed to Mr and Mrs Cohen. Just thinking about it makes me happy.

I will remember today forever. I got the best birthday present ever! I'm in love and now I have a fiancé!

Oh we carved our initials into the tree where he proposed. Other couples have marked their love there. Now, so have we; 'S.C loves K.N'. We might have to change that later hehe.

I'll probably write again soon, but it will probably be about how much I love Sandy or how bitchy a teacher is,

Kirsten (soon to be Kirsten Cohen)

Sorry but I just had to write that in there, hehe.



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