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November 10th 1988

Dear diary,

I'm not actually writing this on the date that I want but I was a little but busy and the thought of writing in my diary didn't exactly cross my mind but mom brought it this afternoon when she came. I had to tell her where I hid it but I guess now I have to think of another place.

Well . . . I'm a . . . mom!

I have a son!

A baby boy called Seth!

He was born on the seventh

He is so adorable and I love him so much already, maybe that's because he has just spent that last nine months inside me and I just loved him from the day he was conceived but my past just clouded it for a few hours. Well, almost nine months considering he was a little eager to come into the world three weeks early!

Well, I'm going to tell how he was born so I'll be jumping from the past to the present but bare with me! I started feeling contractions while watching Bugs Bunny; I love Bugs. I was watching cartoons in Sandy's arms and the dull pain I had been feeling all day decided to make itself known. I knew my contractions had started and Seth was showing he was impatient.

I told Sandy about the pains and he practically jumped off the couch and he ran around like a headless chicken getting a bag, car keys and everything while I tried to calm him down and try to make myself and him breathe at the same. He kept mumbling, "Contractions, I gotta get hospital to the Kirsten" over and over and if it weren't for the damned contractions I would've told him to calm down and say it properly!

In the car to the hospital I wasn't sure who I was more afraid for; me or the baby judging by Sandy's erratic-yet-trying-to-be-calm-driving! Sandy is a sane, levelled headed man but it comes to me or the baby, he just panics and becomes very protective. I'm protective of him too and of the course the baby. I would dive in front of a bullet a million times if I had to for my husband and my child.

When we arrived at the hospital Sandy was this close to lifting me up and carrying me into the hospital but as much as I would've loved that, I refused to let him because I was just in labour not dying.

When I was settled in labour and delivery, they told me I was three centimetres dilated so I knew I was in for a long wait. Seth was eager to kick a hole in me but apparently not to come out! While I waited, Sandy called my mom and dad in Newport and his mom in New York. His mom hates me but hopefully she'll love Seth when she arrives tonight.

Sandy was beside me throughout everything. Every centimetre he was there. The pain wasn't too bad (at the start) but I guess it could've been worse but then again it could've been fucking better! As I waited I kinda became more frightened that something would happen during the birth but when I voiced this to Sandy he told that nothing would go wrong and that everyone around me would do everything to make sure the baby was safely delivered, then he kissed me and that calmed me right down. A kiss from Sandy can cure anything . . . except contractions!

Five hours later my mom and dad arrived. Mom was excited whereas dad was a dad to me and a grinch to Sandy but that didn't surprise me. He still doesn't see Sandy as my husband, just some guy that got his daughter knocked up. Hailey was getting chocolate out of the canteen but how she could eat at 1am is beyond me, but that's Hailey for you.

Then another five hours involved a lot of waiting around and me trying to get some sleep but that was kind of impossible. However I got a few hours worth on and off. I admittedly was getting frustrated for I had been in the hospital at that point for over ten hours! Ten fucking hours! I actually said that out loud but I said it was the hormones!

I noticed that dad was a little uncomfortable around me but then again he's been against everything I've done since I left Newport so no doubt his first grandchild will be something to add to that list.

I have no idea what tense I am supposed to be using because this dairy is like a person I talk to so I write as if I am talking to someone so if I ever re-read this, this is why my brain is scrambled.

After ten hours and ten centimetres I was finally moved to delivery and I was more than relieved I can tell you that. But the worst was yet to come.

The next seven hours involved trying to push a watermelon out of something the size of a melon. I could not believe the pain I was in but Sandy kept holding my hand and wiping my hair out of my face but I think he kept holding my hand because I wouldn't let it go. He also kept brushing a cold cloth on my forehead which I really appreciate now but at the time I was pre-occupied with giving birth to our child and I couldn't have been bothered to continue because I was exhausted and in pain!

The doctors and nurses offered me epidurals and every painkiller possible and which they had in storage but I refused all of them, for what reason I do not know but Sandy joked that I would hold it over the child's head so when there was an argument I could just say, "Seventeen hours of labour!" but thinking back on it I don't think I would have done it differently if I got the chance to do it again.

I know I have summed up seven hours of full blown labour in only a few lines but it was painful but when I held my son in my arms for the first time I knew that he was worth every second of pain. He was so small; I didn't expect him to be that small.

Then when Seth was clean and in his blanket and quiet and asleep he was so adorable and I completely fell in love with him. He so looked like Sandy; dark hair, blue eyes just Sandy all round and that's how I wanted him to be. Perfect, just like the perfect man, Sandy Cohen. A little Sandy clone.

Sethela Ezekiel Cohen. We call him Seth for short. It has a nice ring to it. Hopefully Sophie approves!

Amazingly, even though I felt like I was the size of a range rover, the only weight I put on was Seth and a few extra pounds adding up to between ten and fifteen pounds. I couldn't believe it because the baby wanted anything and everything even if I hated it or was allergic to it. But if I did eat it I couldn't keep it down long enough so we worked out a system Seth and I but I guess his eyes were too big for my stomach!

When Seth was hungry they brought him to me and I breastfed him for the first time but it would've been for the second baby I would have breastfed a baby but what's done is done.

But when I was breastfeeding it was kinda strange but at the same time so natural and it was like we had a connection and I don't mean the umbilical cord and seventeen hours of labour and almost nine months of growth and nurturing inside me. I can't explain it but it was wonderful.

When I first saw Sandy holding our son, I just cried. Sandy couldn't understand why I was crying but the sight I saw was so beautiful. I wish I had my camera at that moment. My gift to Sandy was our son and he loves him so much considering the hours he spent singing and reading and talking to the baby while he was still inside me. I remember all the nights Sandy would read comics to Seth while putting on funny voices for the different characters while he was still in the womb. Sandy and Seth. I think, no, I know that they will be great friends when Seth is older and not just father and son.

Today, mom is so fussing over Seth but she says its grandmother's prerogative and I won't stand in her way. Dad on the other hand can't wait to turn Seth into the star quarterback on the high school football team. He is only three days old and my dad, my son's grandfather, is already planning his future.

I cannot believe that I am a mother. I gave birth to a human being, my son, our son, a tiny person who will walk and talk and be whoever he wants to be; beit a lawyer like his father or a doctor or something. I just want my son to be the happiest child in the world because I love him and I want to protect him

Seth Cohen, my son, my baby boy.

What a wonderful world.

Kirsten Cohen.

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