Chapter One

Dolores tapped her perfectly manicured nails against the hard wood of her desk. "You are thicker than the first years," she said, bored. "Are you telling me that no one knows the answer?"

When no hands went up, she sighed heavily. Standing up to address the class, she spoke with a sickeningly sweet tone. "Since I'm sure you all want to do well on your N.E.W.T's this year, you will all come to an extra class during your next lunch period."

Loud groans filled the classroom, but Hermione, who was sitting next to the famous Harry Potter, noticed that instead of his face contorting with horror, he was fighting a broad grin.

Hermione leaned over to whisper in Harry's ear as soon as Umbridge turned around to write that night's assignment on the blackboard. "Harry, aren't you upset?" she asked anxiously.

Harry jerked out of a daze. "Wha..? Oh yeah, right. Horrible." He then continued to smile dazedly into space. Hermione lifted her eyebrows, obviously not convinced. She turned around to leave her boyfriend to his daydreaming. She didn't notice that his fixated stare was directed at a certain teacher.

Harry couldn't help but notice the way his teacher's robes were pulled taut across her voluptuous body, or the way her hair flowed down from her shoulders like a waterfall. He even thought her frown lines were sexy. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn't help feeling this way. He couldn't believe he was fantasizing more about his teacher than his girlfriend!

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