Secrets – a fanfic by cometobed

Chapter Eight

"Oh Ron," Hermione sobbed into his shoulder, her voice filled with emotion. "Why would – what did I – oh," she broke down again, her arms wrapping tighter around his neck. Ron's shirt was dampening very quickly, but that was the last thing on his mind at the moment.

"Hermione," Ron soothed, rubbing his hand in small circles on her back. "Its okay..." Although he knew that it was probably not okay, he knew that it was best not to say so.

Hermione stopped sniffling for a second as she looked at him. Ron felt as if his stomach was doing a backflip. "Its not," she said faintly. "Its not okay."

"What happened?" he urged her, his eyes boring into her bloodshot ones.

She hiccupped, and appeared to hesitate for a second before responding. "Its…Harry. We've…broken up."

Ron felt a surge of pleasure travel throughout his body. "Oh," he said uncomfortably, not sure what to say without being too obvious. "Um…its going to be fine… He didn't deserve you," he added forcefully at the end. Far from comforting her, this seemed to make her cry harder.

"Hermione!" Ron said, alarmed. "Don't – don't cry…"

"I'm sorry," said Hermione, sniffling and making a feeble attempt at a laugh. "I just feel so…pathetic. I didn't want to get you involved…" she said, looking so sad that Ron felt tears spring to his own eyes. Hermione saw this and smiled a bit.

"You're sweet. I don't know how to thank you," she said softly, looking up at him from her big, brown eyes (Ron felt his stomach turn again). "I probably look horrible," she said, laughing slightly and looking down.

"You look beautiful," Ron said honestly, and she looked up at him again, surprised. Looking at her again, Ron realized that what he said was true. Even though her eyes were swollen and bloodshot, her face was red, and her hair was frizzing up all over the place, she was still beautiful, and she was still Hermione. She was still his Hermione.

Ron realized that while he had been thinking he had subconsciously been getting much, much closer to her. Hermoine looked a little surprised but did not struggle or speak... Ron gulped. Her lips were so, so close to his own…

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