Title: Cookies
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: PG
Pairing: KiruGon, GonKiru

Disclaimer: Hunter X Hunter and all of it's characters does not and never will belong to me. They all belong to Yoshihiro Togashi... but wouldn't mind owning Kurapica for a few... years, maybe? XD Joke. The only thing I own is this fic and the cookie... o.O

Author's Notes: Yep, back with another useless drabbles... hehe, ahem... I really gotta stop making one-shots and continue my other multi-chaptered fics... but can I help it if KiruGon is just so hard NOT to draw? XP nuuu... oh, and I do apologize if there are some lack of punctuation marks... new system is really a pain in the ass sometimes... -sigh- ahem.. hehe...


Gon beamed, and opened up a pack of cookies, popping one into his mouth."It was nice of them to give us a room for free, ne, Killua? And to think, this is actually a five-star hotel!" The boy grinned widely and took another cookie, "I can't wait to explore this building from top to bottom tomorrow! It'll be so much fun! Ne, ne, Killua, don't you think so, too?"

For a while there, Gon thought he saw fox ears on his friend's head. "Yes, yes, fun." Killua grinned, Oh-so-fun. I wonder if the owner would be willing to get me some boxes of Mr. Chocorobot... heehee... after all, I did save his life! Just a few boxes won't hurt... heehee...

It's been only five hours since Killua saved the hotel's owner from falling off an electric pole. How he got there, who the hell knows, and Gon was busy eating watermelons.

Whille Killua was busy contemplating how many boxes would he order - Talk about abuse. XD - beside him, Gon popped another cookie in his mouth and chewed, "This really delicious, ne? Too bad there's only three of them per pack."

"Hey, Gon, could you give some of tha - !" Killua turned his head just in time to see Gon throw the crumpled wrapper of the cookies to the bin. The assassin recollected his jaw from the ground, put his knees close to his chest and sulked.

Gon sweat dropped, "Anou... Killua...? If you still want some more of those cookies..."

Killua sighed, "Never mi - ! "

Gon turned, put his arms around the other's neck to level their faces together and kissed Killua square on the lips. It didn't take long for Gon to plunge his tongue in Killua's mouth, coaxing the other's tongue to come out. When the silver-haired boy's body finally got over the shock and kissed back, he immediately dominated the kiss, pushing his tongue through Gon's lips and memorizing every crevice in the boy's mouth. Killua took in the sweet taste of the melted chocolate and crumbs of the cookie and resisted the urge to moan.

Damn him and his cravings for chocolate.

When the two pulled apart, both were panting heavily with blushes across their faces. Especially poor Killua, who's head was probably ready to blow up any time now. He was also currently cursing himself to even think about Gon covered in chocolate.

"Anou..." Gon started between breaths, "I hope that was enough, cause I kinda swallowed the rest of the cookie already... Killua?"

Killua remained silent for a while, and Gon furrowed his eyebrows in worry, edging closer to his friend, "Are you mad, Killua?"

The other took in a deep breath and willed the blush to disappear. "I'm not... well..." Killua trailed off, blushing even more, "I'm not mad... It just wasn't... ahem... It wasn't enough."

And in one swift move, he turned Gon's face towards his and leaned in for another kiss.

Cookies have never been any sweeter.