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Your average day…Or is it?

"Cover me!" RC-1138, Boss, yelled into the COM link as he headed out to confront the Trandoshan slavers.

"Got your back," replied RC-1207, Sev, as he set up his sniper attachment. Boss took out his DC-17m Blaster Rifle and shot at the three lizard-like Trandoshans that started charging towards him.

"Behind you!" shouted RC-1262, Scorch. Before Boss could turn around, Sev blasted a hole through the Trandoshan's head that was trying to knife him, leaving it dead where it stood.

"Nice shot," said RC-1140, Fixer, as he killed the last Trandoshan with a punch to the head. "Hard to top it."

"Bet I could," Scorch challenged, who was always getting into pointless arguments with Sev.

"Fine, next time Boss needs cover, be my guest," replied Sev as he climbed down the ledge to regroup with the rest of Delta Squad.

Boss looked at his three squad mates as they walked over to stand beside him. They all had white armor with T-shaped visors but each had different colored markings. Fixer, his second in command and slicing expert, had green markings on his armor. He followed every order without question; one of the most loyal clones to the Republic. Scorch had yellow markings on his armor, and seemed to be the opposite of Fixer. He took care of the demolitions, blowing things up just for the joy of doing it. Sev, the most headstrong, had red markings and would usually be the first into battle. He also was usually the first to need bacta to heal him. Yet he was still a great sniper, which is why the rest of the squad usually relied on him to eliminate the far targets.

Boss had painted himself with orange markings and was the Squad Sergeant. He was the best at hand-to-hand combat, having broken his own training Sergeant's arm during a match. His team would follow him anywhere, even if it meant death. That's why he would rely on them with his life.

"Okay, let's move out Deltas," ordered Boss. Their mission was to eliminate any Trandoshans or Droids that were in the area. He quickly glanced over his shoulder to check his squad before leading them down further into the tunnel.

Spartan-117 reloaded his Shotgun as he finished off the rest of the Covenant in the area.

"Area is secured, Chief," said Cortana, referring to his rank, Master Chief Petty Officer. "We should probably head on to the rendezvous and meet up with Sergeant Johnson and the rest of his Marines."

"Copy that," replied the Chief, taking out his Battle Rifle before he headed farther into the forests of Jecovah.

Jecovah was a small planet just outside Earth's borders that had been taken by the Covenant. It gave the Chief chills to think how close the Covenant were to Earth. He and Sergeant Avery Johnson were making a vain attempt to eliminate the small Covenant band that had met up here.

As he was moving he heard Johnson over the COM link, "Where the hell are you? We've been waiting here for half an hour! Don't tell me you're taking in the scenery…"

"Sorry," replied the Chief as he knocked a branch out of his way. "Met some trouble but I'll be there momentarily so-" He was cut off by a crack of a twig behind him.

"Chief? Chief! Is something wrong?" The Chief shut off the COM link as he waited for the right moment before he…crack! He elbowed behind him and caught the camouflaged Elite right in the face, crushing bone. The Elite howled in pain until the Chief drove the butt of his Battle Rifle into back of its head, killing it instantly.

"Chief! Multiple contacts, camouflaged!" Cortana's voice blared in his helmet as the Chief switched to his Shotgun and made sure it was fully loaded. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a rustle of leaves. Turning, he quickly fired his Shotgun but the Elite was quicker, moving out of the way. With dread he realized these elites were Ultras. Fast, strong; his equal.

The next thing he didn't expect were ten white-armored Elites to turn off their camouflage and to surround him. The Chief didn't know how he was going to get out of this one. If he went after one Elite, the rest would surely attack. Just then one Elite lowered its Plasma Rifle and said, "Now, Demon, lower your weapons. You are ours now." It clicked his mandibles in amusement, thinking it knew the Chief's fate.

But giving up and letting these Elites tear him apart was the last thing on his mind. He jumped and filled the nearest Elite's face with lead. It dropped but in less than a second three Elites were on the Chief, grabbing his arms and neck, preventing him from moving.

He then noticed what they were trying to do a moment before Cortana said, "Chief, these Elites aren't trying to kill you, they're trying to capture you."

He wasn't going to let that happen. Pulling his right arm from the Elite's grasp, he grabbed the Elite that was on his back and threw it to the ground. He then brought around his left arm and flung the Elite into its partner, sending them tumbling to the ground. Three more Elites joined into the fray and Chief knew it was hopeless to resist. Now four elites had his arms pinned behind his back and the other four had plasma rifles trained on him. The same Elite that had talked before, who the Chief figured was their leader, approached.

"You are weak, Demon, but we'll be able to find some use of you." It was then six yellow dots appeared on the Chief's motion detector, indicating friendlies. Before Johnson and his Marines reached the clearing, he spoke into the COM link quickly, "Johnson, there is nothing you can do here. Head back to the extract point and leave. That's an order."

Johnson stopped dead in his tracks when he heard, that's an order. The Chief had never really 'ordered' him to do anything ever since their friendship had grown on Halo. He knew he should follow the Chief's orders, but wanting to see what was going on, he told the Marines to stay put and crept forward himself.

He saw four white-armored Elites holding the Chief down, and five more with guns trained on him. One elite was talking to him but he couldn't hear what they were saying. Just then one of the Elites hit the Chief in the back of the head and he went sprawling in the grass, unconscious.

"Chief!" yelled Johnson. The Elites turned to look in his direction. He immediately turned around and ran back towards his unit. Cursing his stupidity he yelled, "Move!" to his Marines and they ran toward the extract point.

It was useless; they caught up with them in less than a minute and captured his team. The Marines struggled but froze when one of the Elites ordered, "Kill them, they are of no use." Johnson watched hopelessly as the elites executed each of his marines one by one. He tried as hard as he could to break free until one Elite had its Plasma Rifle trained on his head.

"Wait!" one Elite said before the other pulled the trigger. "We could be of use with this one."