Author's Note

I'm really sorry about the lack of updating. As most of you have noticed, I did post the prologue to the sequel titled Star Wars: Combat Evolved. I was about to edit Ch. 1 and post it when September 25th arrived. Sooo, yeah, I pretty much spent all of my free time (whatever time I had between school and swimming practice and meets) playing Halo 3.

Then what happened that is bad for me but lucky for you guys is I got the red ring of death on my 360. So, while that's getting replaced (I'm still waiting for the damn box to come) I'll be working on revising this story. I would work on the sequel, but I want to wait until Republic Commando: True Colors comes out and I've read it before I continue the sequel (book comes out on October 30th).

So, once again I'm really sorry for not updating, but in November once swimming ends and I've read the new RC book, expect new chapters for the sequel. For now, check back every once in a while to see which chapters in Halo: RC I've revised. So far, I've finished Ch. 1 and 2. Well, that's all I got for now.

See ya in November!