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ItalicsVincent's dreams or musings.

Italic BoldDemons speaking in his mind

Enjoy. The new Revised 'Revised Version'

Chapter One: Rain

Rain. Supposedly the purest substance nature can produce. Pure, translucent drops on essence. In these days, rain is dirtied with the blood that stains the waters it evaporated from. Trivial times came after meteor, Trivial times happened before meteor. These trivialities often lead to periods of greatness. Periods of renaissance are to come, but how long will the people have to wait. For one empty shell of a man, the period of renaissance only came to him. For others, it was only about how much power you had, or how many acres of land you owned. No, that was not the case for one Vincent Valentine. He owned no land, had little money, and no power over men. For him his lives work was to know everything. The demons in his body keep him alive, he is their host. Their lives are his, and his life is theirs. When all of his friends go, he will be left. Lonely and unattached to no one else in this world.

Vincent's shoes clunked and the damp, slightly soft ground in a forest of Wutai. He heard the heavy rain pelt the thick, wide rainforest leaves above him. Occasionally a drop of the warm rain would roll off a leave or just miss one all together and hit his body. The top of his head had became damp from this process. The stray strands of hair clung to his wet skin. The humidity in the forest was unbearable, it made it hard to breathe and move forward. Outside the forest Vincent had seen the thick unsettling morning fog begin to gather. From what he could imagine it had already settled and was causing the thick air. Vincent stopped as he came to a break in the forest. Ahead of him was a thick pit of fog. He dared not cross it until the fog had cleared. Vincent soon found himself leaning on a tree trunk with his eyes closed. Apparently the fog had made him wearier than he thought.

"Holy will dissolve the bad...It may even destroy us if it so sees fit. Only the good will survive." Nanaki's grandfather the odd, oblong inventor had once said this before their final fight against Sephiroth. That was one of two other instances where Vincent had feared for his soul and life. He had spent his supposed last few hours in his corner of the Highwind musing, and praying for his sins. What god would hear his prayers, What god would forgive a man who harbored demons? Vincent gave up most if not all of the hope he had then. His Lucreatia had disappeared, once they defeated Sephiroth his friends would leave as well. They had homes to go to. They could build new normal lives. Nothing was left for him, nothing except to dissolve with meteor. For moments Vincent wished he could remember if he had a hometown. Though no hometown would be proud to bear him as a hero. Vincent solemnly prepared to die if holy was summoned. He was lucky to not wield a weapon that required strength, for he had none.

"Vincent, host! What dream is this? No pictures! Just thoughts...This no dream I want to see."

Vincent scowled as he awoke to his inner demon scolding him. Scolding him for, of all things a boring dream.

"What place do you have to scold me. At least I have dreams." Vincent muttered to himself, still quite peeved at his inner demons. He heard chaos snort the loudest out of all his offended demons. He knew they all missed their dreams full of garbled screams and the sound of burning flesh as it crackled and popped in flames that they had caused. Vincent noticed that he no longer heard the small patter of raindrops in the jungle leaves. He rose from the tree and looked out through the hole in the brush. The fog still lightly clung to the air, but had became significantly lighter as the sun came out. Vincent trudged onto the thick wet grass of the Wutain field. With every step his goal became closer and closer. His goal was, of all the wonderful things in this world, the library. The Wutain library was fabled to be rich with archives of past events and musings of the world's great, yet overlooked philosophers. Wutai itself held a rich history also. Vincent was excited about all that he would learn in their archives. There was also many problems that came with studying archives. No town wanted him digging in them. Vincent was the overlooked hero of the world. No one knew of what he did. It was actually quite fortunate for him in that way, but if he were known it would be easier to study. In the back of his mind he thought that Yuffie might be able to help him, but he doubted that she would be in her town. She was probably out hunting for materia. For all he knew she could be right behind him robbing him right this moment. Vincent stopped at this sudden notion. He turned around slowly and looked back at the forest he had came from. There was nothing there except grass and tree. Vincent stared laughing at his foolishness as he strode on towards the mighty city of Wutai..

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