Cool sunlight woke Jamie. He sat up, immediately awake, but wishing he could turn over and fall back into the comfort of sleep. If the Doctor wasn't up yet, he would be soon, and he'd be coming to wake him too.

Jamie jumped out of bed and dressed quickly, splashing some cold water on his face. He glanced out of the window and saw that it was a bright morning. A swift wind moved across the heather and he imagined that he could hear the sea in the distance. Despite the events of last night, he would be sorry to leave, but the Doctor seemed insistent.

He strolled along to the dining room to find that the table had already been set. He sat down and helped himself to butter and a bread roll. The scent of cooked meat reached him from the kitchen, so the cook, at least, was about. It wasn't like the Doctor to sleep in though.

He took a bite out of the buttered roll and looked up at the painting of Vanya's grandmother, staring at those emerald green eyes, and shuddered.

There were voices outside the door, and Jamie recognised one as being the Doctor's. The door opened and he walked in, looking far too bright and cheery for this early hour.

"Looks like you got plenty of sleep then," said Jamie around his mouth full bread.

"Looks like you've already started breakfast," retorted the Doctor. "Keep eating at the speed and you'll get indigestion."

"Who were you talking to?"

The cook burst through the kitchen doors carrying a platter of cooked food, and the Doctor took the opportunity to ignore the question.

"Eat up!" he said enthusiastically, "I doubt we'll be eating like this again for a while."

They said good morning to the cook and thanked him as he returned to the kitchen. Jamie set about loading his plate while the Doctor poured himself a cup of tea and nibbled at a bread roll.

"Well?" insisted Jamie, after he had spent a few minutes eating. "Who was out there?"

"Ah, well, Paul returned about an hour ago. He had Robert with him. Vanya wanted to assure me that they'd make sure he didn't get a chance to hurt anyone else."

Jamie's good mood dissipated. "Aye, I see."

"He's being kept separated from the rest of the household. Vanya mentioned some sort of council amongst the clans used to judge cases like this. I think it's best we leave them too it."

"So that's the reason for the good mood then? No more crazy werewolves running about the moors?"

"Jamie! And no, no, you see, Louise came back too, it seems Paul convinced her to speak with her mother."

"So we're still leaving?"

The Doctor gave him a severe look. "Yes, we are. So hurry up and finish your breakfast."


Paul had offered to give the Doctor and Jamie a lift back to the edge of the farm, but the Doctor had refused telling him that the walk would do them good. Jamie was grateful for that, a few hours peaceful walking wasn't much of a break, but he'd take it, especially if it was here, with the sharp scents and cool winds of the Scottish moor land all around him.

They left the dining room and found Vanya waiting in the foyer. She stood up as they arrived, putting her book to one side.

"I'm sorry I couldn't join you for breakfast," she said. "I've had some things to do."

"Of course," said the Doctor, and she led them outside.

As Jamie closed the front door behind him, he thought he could hear the scratching of a claw against wood, and the low growl of a wolf echoing from somewhere within the house.

Outside, Jamie saw two figures sitting on the dyke, which surrounded the house, on the side that faced out to the sea that was visible in the distance if the day was clear enough.

"George! Louise!" called Vanya, and the figures jumped up, and ran across the garden together. George was pale, but smiling. The other was a young girl in her mid-teens with long brown hair.

"Hello," she said. Her voice was soft, almost shy.

"You must be Louise," said the Doctor.

"That's right, and I know who you are." She turned. "You wanted to shoot me when we met," she said looking to Jamie, her tone suddenly sharp.

"Aye, well, now, that's..."

The girl burst out laughing. "Sorry," she said, and then glanced at Vanya. "Sorry, mother."

"I wish you a safe journey," she said to the Doctor and Jamie. "And thank you. Thank you both. You would be welcome here were you to pass this way again."

"We'll keep it in mind," said the Doctor, shaking her hand.

The children said their goodbyes too and the pair, with final directions on the route they shoul take from Vanya, began the long walk back to the TARDIS.