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Chapter 0 Birth

When I was born, they knew I was strong. My father held me up to the light, felt the chakra flowing within me, smiled, and said, "This one will be a fierce fighter."

When my first brother was born, they knew he was strong, as well. My father was pleased. He said again, "This one will be a fierce fighter," and placed my brother with me, so we could learn to be strong together.

When our youngest brother was born, they knew he was beyond strong. As my mother lay dying in the bed blood rushing out of her and into the sand on the floor my father held our youngest brother in his arms and smiled. He said, "You will make the Village of the Sand a force again, Gaara. You are my weapon." The youngest brother was not placed with us; he would learn his power alone.

Kankurou and I were born to be humans. Our youngest brother was born to be a god.