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'Two enemies locked in a bloody Battle, a War with no end,
Until the time a Prophecy finally reveals itself,
And with it the tide of the War.

The Phoenix, lost in grief at the loss of his last, Attacked by the Snake and transformed into a youngling,
Sent years into the past into another life,
To start again and to live until his sixteenth year,
Whenever he shall come back, with memories forgotten remembered,
And the time for the Final Battle draws ever nearer.

One year with many Battles,
Two years in blood-stained War,
The Final Battle shall then come, Blood red sun-rise bringing with it blood shedders and a moving black swarm of Death bringers,
Whenever the grounds of the mighty Castle shall be stained by blood of man and beast,
And the two enemies shall once again meet,
For the final time.

The power unknown, if unknown to the Phoenix, Shall cause the World to be lost in Darkness for Millennia to come.
The power unknown, if known to the Phoenix,
Shall cause the World to bask in Light for Millennia to come.

The One with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches.

Two enemies…a bloody Battle…a Prophecy…the final Battle…power unknown…the one…with the power…to vanquish…the Dark Lord…approaches.'

R. E. R. R. to H. C. P. F. H., circa 998.

On the morning of November 1st, 1921, Athena McGonagall quietly slipped out of her warm bed, leaving behind her gently snoring husband and the cocoon which she had developed during the freezing-cold night that had overcome Britain the day previous and that morning.

She slipped into the bathroom down the hall of their small home, turning on the dull light.

After washing her face, brushing her teeth and following the rest of her daily ritual, she stood in front of the mirror, brushing her hair with a silver brush she had been given by her mother, brushing her dark brown locks.

Her face was a bright, healthy shade, helped along by the many days she spent walking over the Scottish Highlands, where the small village they lived in was located. She had dark brown eyes, like dark chocolate with a swirl of caramel in the centre. Her tiny frame made her stand at just 5'3" tall, although she had the right curves in the right places.

After running through a particularly nasty tangle in her hair, she put on the slippers which had been sitting beside the heater for the night, basking in their warmth for but a second before she continued downstairs into the kitchen, which was set with a stove, boards and a small wooden table, enough to seat a family of four, and started to fry some fresh bacon in the pan, aware that the smell would soon entice her husband from bed, and went over to the front door to collect the milk bottles they had delivered fresh every day.

What she found, besides her milk bottles, was a Moses basket, with a small child inside, near frozen in the cold weather.

She gasped and immediately picked the basket up, rushing into the kitchen once more, which had warmed considerably with the help of the stove, and started to do a number of routines to help the child, before he died, or was inflicted with hypothermia if he wasn't already.

Sometimes, she had regretted training as a nurse, because of the workload placed upon her during the Great War.

She was most definitely thankful now, and after twenty minutes, just as she began to loose hope, the small boy opened his eyes, two beautiful shining emeralds of innocence and purity.

And she fell in love with the small boy immediately.

His tufts of jet-black hair, his small chubby hands as they brushed the strange lightning bolt scar on his forehead, his little chubby cheeks, creased in a big grin for her…everything about him…but most of all, above everything else, his sparkling emerald eyes.

"Athena, darling. What is that basket on the table?" Demetrius McGonagall asked, pushing a tuft of his own jet-black hair out of his bright blue eyes as he entered, having lifted the milk bottles left on the doorstep, beside the wide-open door.

Apparently he hadn't noticed the small baby boy looking up at him, a curious expression on his face.

Athena couldn't tear her eyes away from the little boy's face, and Demetrius soon noticed, his eyes widening.

"Athena…is that a baby?"

"Me not baby." The little boy said indignantly. "Me big boy!"

Demetrius' war-hardened blue eyes softened, and he turned to look at Athena, who had still had not looked away from the little boy.

"You want to keep him, don't you?" He asked softly.

"Someone left him in our care, on our doorstep…I'm not going to shunt him away to some orphanage. After my parents did it…I know what it's like. I can't let him go through with it, not whenever we can provide a happy home for him here."

Demetrius sighed, knowing any futile attempts he may have made to dissuade her would be fruitless.

"I'll go and get some supplies then. Try and find out what his name is…if not, we'll decide later. But please, try not to get too attached…if he has been unwillingly taken, we will have to give him back…but first, we must have some breakfast. One can not fully concentrate on the day ahead if one does not have a full stomach."

Athena rolled her eyes, but tore her eyes away from the Moses basket and to the stove, where the bacon was near burning.

Luckily, it could be salvaged.

The McGonagall family enjoyed a very crispy breakfast that morning.

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