"Let us all invite all of our friends to have a sleep over!" Lacus giggled throwing her arms around Kira.

"But Lacus! Think of all the children and Reverend Malchio!" Kira protested.

"Then we will simply camp out on the beach!" Lacus giggled. "We will have a bon fire, and roast marshmallows and make, what are those sandwiches called again?"

"S'mores?" Kira suggested.

"Yes!" Lacus begged. "Let us! Please! Please! Please!"

"All right." Kira smiled.

He could never refuse Lacus especially when something as small as a gathering of friends would make her happy. They set up the date to be a week from that day. Yzak, Dearka, Nicol, Sai, Kuzzey, Flay, Athrun, Cagalli, and Miriellia would all be coming to stay. Amazing really. You couldn't get everyone to agree. And so the day came.

"Thank you for helping us move everything onto the beach reverend." Lacus bowed.

"Now you kids behave yourselves." The old man laughed. "The children will be fine when you're away."

The first knock that came on the door was none other than Kira's twin Cagalli and her fiancé Athrun.

"Hey, Kira." Athrun said.

"Hello Athrun, it's good to see you again." Kira smiled.

"We shall wait here until everyone arrives." Lacus said.

"We brought the works." Athrun smiled mischievously.

"Athrun, you don't mean-" Kira started to say as Athrun laughed.

"Oh yes, he brought it all right." Cagalli laughed. "So are we here to have a good time or what?"

"Yo! Don't forget us!" Another voice said.

Everyone's eyes fell upon Dearka and a sour looking Yzak.

"Nice to see you out of hell." Athrun mocked.

"Just wait Zala. One day I'll beat you." Yzak snapped.

"In your dreams." Athrun muttered.

"What was that?" Yzak asked.

"Gentlemen please! We must settle down!" Lacus said.

Lacus was always the peace maker wherever she went.

"Hey where's that girl?" Dearka asked scouting around for a trace of Miriellia.

"Who?" Kira asked.

"Oh nothing." Dearka smirked.

"Kira!" Flay shouted as she got off a helicopter.

"Flay?" Kira said smiling.

"I'm glad that you're well!" She said.

Yzak couldn't help but stare at the red haired, blue eyed beauty. A light blush filled Yzak's cheeks as she walked by. Dearka nudged Yzakseeing that his friend had taken a liking to thered head.

"She ain't easy on the eyes now is she?" Dearka teased.

Yzak blushed madly and said, "Fuck you."

"What time?" Dearka joked.

"Sorry I don't swing that way." Yzak snarled.

"Hey, I'm not the one that brought it up." Dearka retorted.

"I see they're the same as always." Cagalli commented.

"Look! There's a boat out yonder!" Lacus said pointing out a small boat docking on the other side of their camp.

Everyone walked outto the beach and saw that Sai, Kuzzey, and Miriellia all emerged froma boat carrying their belongings.

"Sorry about us being late." Sai apologized the narrowed his eyes at Kuzzey and then added, "but this dummy insisted that we bring kegs."

Kuzzey sweat dropped as he said, "I mean what kind of beach camp out is there without kegs?"

"Five bucks Yzak gets drunk first." Dearka whispered in Kira's ear.

Kira tried hard to stifle a laugh but all failed and recovered by saying, "How much liquor did you purchase?"

Kuzzey gave a mischievous grin and said, "About three coolers or so."

"Kira and I will unload them." Athrun offered as Dearka was busy staring at Miriellia.

Finally deciding to make his move Dearka went over to Miriellia and put his arm around her shoulders and said, "Hey! Long time no see."

Miriellia got out of his touch and said, "I could say the same for you."

"Aw come on now Mir!" Dearka laughed.

Miriellia narrowed her eyes and said, "Don't call me that."

Lacus, sensing the tension said, "Well, what should we do first?"

There was a complete silence until when Athrun and Kira came back.

"Well, what are we doing?" Athrun asked.

"We're trying to figure out what to do." Yzak snapped.

Athrun ignored him and looked over to Sai and Kuzzey who seemed to be in deep thought.

"Oh! I know!" Lacus smirked. "Why don't we play truth or dare?"

"That's a baby game." Flay whined.

"I haven't played that since I got out of middle school." Kuzzey laughed.

"Yeah, same here." Sai said.

"I think I'll play!" Dearka laughed taking a keg out of the cooler.

"I guess I'll go with Dearka." Miriellia sighed as she took a keg out of the cooler as well. "How much harm could a game of truth or dare do?"

"I'm with Miriellia." Flay said as she took a keg too.

"I agree with Miriellia." Kira said. "Truth or dare can't be that bad."

Lacus went over and took a keg out next as Sai, Kuzzey, Cagalli, and Athrun all followed leaving Yzak standing there sour mouthed.

"Lacus you're going to drink?" Kira asked surprised.

"Of course! What? Do you think only big tough men drink?" Lacus asked.

"No-I." Kira stammered as Lacus took his hand and squeezed it.

"What's the matter Yzak? Can't hold your liquor?" Athrun teased.

"Damn you Zala! I'm in!" Yzak said taking a bottle out of the cooler as well.

They all formed a circle; each one sitting on their own beach towels or in each other's laps. Cagalli sat in Athrun's lap, Lacus sat next to Kira holding his hand, Dearka sat very close to Miriellia and Flay sat next to Yzak while Sai and Kuzzey sat on opposite sides of the circle.

"Who wants to go first?" Kuzzey asked.

"I'll go." Flay volunteered.

"Okay." Kira said.

"Yzak." Flay snickered. "Truth or dare."

"I think not." Yzak said as he opened his keg.

"Okay new rule." Sai said. "Whoever chickens out on a dare has to take off all their clothes and go skinny dipping in the ocean."

"Catch me if you can, you damn natural." Yzak muttered.

"Oh don't worry Yzak." Dearka snickered. "We'll make you do it. Even if we have to force you to."

Yzak gritted his teeth in anger and said, "All right truth."

"And here's another one. You only get one truth." Athrun added.

"Said who Zala?" Yzak snarled.

"The water looks really cold today." Athrun taunted.

"Fine! Dare!" Yzak shouted.

"You shouldn't have done that!" Flay smiled. "I dare you to take off your shirt and run down the beach screaming I'm a hobo!"

"What is this?" Yzak snarled.

"You got five seconds." Athrun smiled evilly.

Yzak spit at the ground and reluctantly took off his Hawaiian, green beach shirt and started running muttering, "I'm a hobo."

"I can't hear you!" Flay shouted.

"I'm a hobo!" Yzak shouted.

"Louder!" Cagalli mocked.

"I'm a hobo!" Yzak shouted as he ran down the beach and back chanting it.

"This should make for some very good black mail." Athrun snickered as he held out a mini camcorder.

"Athrun!" Lacus scolded as Yzak came back.

"My turn." Yzak said as he put his shirt back on. "Dearka truth or dare."

"I'm going to say dare." Dearka said.

"I dare you to play tonsil hockey with Miriellia." Yzak smirked.

"With pleasure." Dearka said as he looked over to Miriellia who was backing away from him.

"Oh no you don't." Miriellia said as she stood up.

"To the lake!" Kuzzey teased.

"Kuzzey!" Miriellia groaned.

"To the lake!" Sai shouted as he sipped his drink.

Kuzzey held up his drink and saluted her with it as he took a sip, "Sorry Mir."

"Go on Mir! Dearka awaits!" Sai snickered as Flay looked at Sai.

"I'll show you how to get it done." Dearka challenged.

"Oh no, it's me who's going to show you!" Miriellia said accepting the challenge.

She grabbed Dearka's face and pulled it to hers as they shared a forceful kiss in a battle for the dominant one. In the end Dearka gave up and succumbed to Miriellia as Athrun taped them.

"Yoo hoo! You can stop now." Cagalli said.

Dearka and Miriellia were now in their own world, laying in the sand, on the beach as the afternoon sun loomed overhead.

"Dearka, I never knew that you had it in for her." Yzak mocked taking a sip from his drink.

"Okay love birds." Sai said pulling them apart.

Their illusion was broken as Miriellia blushed madly while Dearka sat there with a big grin on his face.

"It's my turn now." Dearka said as he looked around the circle. "Kira, truth or dare?"

"I'll say truth." Kira said.

"That's the only one you get." Cagalli warned.

"I know." Kira smiled.

"Did you ever think Cagalli was hot when you first met her?" Dearka asked knowing their story.

A blush filled Kira's cheeks as he said, "I thought she was a guy when I first met her."

"You what?" Cagalli shouted enraged.

"I'm sorry!" Kira stammered covering his head ready for his twin's attack.

She bonked him on the head leaving a big bump on it as Lacus rubbed Kira's head.

"Isn't that sweet?" Flay laughed as she saw Kira and Lacus together the way they were.

Athrun naturally caught everything on tape and asked Kira, "Kira any words for the camera?"

"Not now Athrun." Kira said as he put his hand to the camera.

"Your turn idiot." Cagalli snapped fuming.

"Sai, truth or dare." Kira asked.

"Dare." Sai said.

Kira got a twisted smile on his face and said, "Grope Flay anywhere you want."

A blush filled Sai's cheeks as he said, "I can't do that!"

"To the ocean! To the ocean!" Miriellia laughed taking a sip of her drink.

"Miriellia!" Sai sighed.

"Pay back's a bitch isn't it?" Miriellia asked.

"To the lake it is!" Sai shouted as he began stripping all his clothes as he ran to the ocean.

The girls screamed as all the guys looked away. Athrun looked away while he left the camera running taping Sai. They heard Sai jump in with a splash.

"Sai! Put some clothes on!" Kuzzey shouted while his hands covered his eyes.

"Refreshing! I'd rather die than touch Flay!" Sai snickered.

"Sai you bastard!" Flay shouted as she began picking up all his clothes and running away with them.

"Flay come back here!" Sai shouted as Cagalli, Lacus, and Miriellia cheered her on. "Too damn bad! I'm coming for my clothes!"

Everyone heard Sai run out of the water as he went chasing after Flay.

"A naked man is chasing after me!" Flay shouted as she ran away.

Sai was quickly catching up to her as she threw his clothes in his face and ran and hid behind Yzak, who didn't seem to mind.

"Salute!" Cagalli laughed as she started on a second keg.

After Sai was done getting dressed he got back into the circle and said, "Miss Lacus truth or dare."

"Truth." Lacus answered.

"Have you and Kira ever fucked?" Sai laughed hysterically as he started on his second keg.

A blush filled both their cheeks as Kira said, "Well…"

"Kira's a pimp! Congrats man!" Kuzzey said as he patted Kira on the back. "How many times?"

Kira sighed annoyed and asked, "Ask someone Lacus."

Lacus nodded and said, "Athrun, truth or dare?"

"I'm going to go with dare." Athrun said calmly.

Lacus giggled and said, "Touch Cagalli as you two make out."

Everyone gasped at Lacus's comment as Athrun recovered first. He grinned and attacked Cagalli's mouth as he forced her onto the sand. Athrun got on top of her and started to caress her breasts making her blush madly. All the guy's cheered as Lacus taped the both of them.

"So much for black mail Athrun!" She laughed.

Yzak took a final sip of his third drink and buzzed as hell looked over to Flay and smirked, "Let's emulate them shall we?"

"Yzak what are you?" Flay asked as Yzak turned towards her and grabbed her thin waist.

She put her hands on his shoulders as he leaned in towards her and kissed her. Flay tried to pull away but found herself enjoying this.

"Look at Yzak!" Dearka laughed as Lacus turned the camera over to them.

"This was unexpected." Kira muttered. O.o

Yzak tasted of beer while Flay tasted of the same thing but with a little mint.

"My turn!" Dearka said tickling Miriellia.

She let out a surprised squeal as Dearka and her were engaged in another make out session.

"What is this?" Kuzzey asked. "A make out party?"

Lacus was so busy laughing while taping everyone she didn't see Kira come up behind her and kissed her neck. She giggled madly and dropped the camera focusing on Yzak and Flay only. Sai and Kuzzey shrugged then went over to the cooler and took out the Tequila Athrun brought. Sai picked up two shot glasses and poured one for Kuzzey and himself.

"Cheers man!" Kuzzey said as he took out lime wedges.

They downed their shots and waited for the others to satisfy their horny needs. Sai looked over at a laundry basket which seemed to be filled with water balloons and whatnot. Sai grinned and said, "Hey Kuzzey!"

Kuzzey walked over a little flushed from the drink and said, "What?"

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Sai asked.

"What are you thinking?" Kuzzey asked as Sai dragged him over to the laundry basket filled with water balloons.

Sai and Kuzzey grinned again as they picked up super soakers and shouted, "Water fight!"

The charged over to the teens on the beach and sprayed them with the freezing cold water. Cagalli and Athrun screamed as they ran away while Yzak and Flay were nowhere to be seen.

Dearka and Miriellia looked pissed as hell as Dearka ran over towards Kuzzey. He tackled Kuzzey hard on the ground and saw the basket filled with water balloons.

"Gotcha!" Sai shouted as he squirted water on Dearka's head.

Dearka took Kuzzey's super soaker and squirted Sai back.

Lacus and Kira ran over and joined the party as they picked up water balloons.

And thus began the great water balloon fight.