Kira, Athrun, Nicol and Dearka were pathetically searching for more firewood as Lacus and Miriellia laughed. Both girls had hidden the logs and were making the boys go on a wild goose chase for them. Finally, the boys gave up only to come back to a ten-foot high fire.

"What the hell?" Kira asked his mouth wide open and gaping.

Lacus bust out laughed as Yzak and Flay engaged in a world of dry sex.

"Let us play shall we?" Lacus giggled.

Dearka walked over to Yzak and punched him in the back of the head shouting, "Stupid! This is no time to be sitting around having oral sex!"

Yzak growled at Dearka as Sai fell onto the ground and asked, "Can I join?"

Sai desperately tried to get back up but fell flat on his face and ran into a tree knocking him silly.

"Moving on!" Miriellia said as she took the bottle and gave it a long spin.

To her dismay it landed on Flay.

"That's awesome! Kiss her!" Dearka cheered. Miriellia shot him a look as he said, "I mean kiss me!"

"If girls must kiss girls with tongue then boys have to kiss too." Flay ordered.

"I agree." Lacus said.

"Fine with me!" Sai said as he rubbed his nipples and put his arm around Kira.

"As long as I don't have to make out with him I'm fine." Kira grumbled.

Flay and Miriellia began their kiss as Dearka and Nicol started to party boy each other.

Miriellia then handed the bottle over to Kira as he spun it. It landed on Athrun. Athrun alreadysmashed went over to Kira and said, "Let's go!"

Cagalli started laughing as she clapped her hands. Athrun managed to push Sai off of Kira and pin him to the ground. Kira's hands were over his head and Athrun began to heatedly kiss him. Athrun always promised himself that he would never make out with a guy and here he was with his tongue halfway down Kira's throat.

"Athrun!" Yzak shouted as he pushed Athrun off of Kira.

"What the fuck man? Where's Cagalli?" Athrun asked as he crawled over to Cagalli and fell into her crotch.

Cagalli quickly moved as Athrun tried to kiss her.

"You better wash your mouth out if you want me to kiss you again!" Cagalli ordered. "There's no way in hell I'm kissing you after you just had your tongue in my brother's mouth!"

"Shut up!" Athrun laughed as he silenced Cagalli with a kiss.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Don't wanna hear it!" Sai began singing as he rolled around in the sand.

Lacus spun the bottle and it landed on Nicol.

"Forgive me for cheating on you darling." Lacus giggled as she went over to Nicol and made out with him.

Kira put his hand to his forehead and said, "Just great. I make out with my best friend and watch my fiancé make out with someone else. Charming."

"Get off my woman!" Yzak shouted as he tripped and fell onto Sai.

"Hey baby what's your sign?" Sai laughed.

"Faggot." Yzak shouted as he ran away.

Dearka spun the bottle as it landed on Yzak.

"No way in hell." Yzak growled.

"It's just a game." Dearka laughed as he put his mouth of Yzak's.

"Athrun! I'm going into the tent!" Cagalli called as the sun began to set.

"I wanna come in too!" Athrun laughed as he skipped on after Cagalli.

"What the fuck?" Nicol asked as he took a swig from the tequila bottle Sai left unattended.

Everyone then got bored of his or her trivial game of spin the bottle. As everyone consumed more and more alcohol everything seemed more amusing. Nicol began humping a tree. Yzak was not back on top of Flay. Sai was sumo-wrestling Dearka. (Both had the little thongs on too.) Miriellia decided to sing Like A Virgin by Madonna. Lacus was engaged in her own world with Kira.

Kuzzey had finally woken up to see that his face hadgreen foam all over it.

"I'm a grandpa! I havegreen hair!" Kuzzey shouted as he ran around.

His eyes landed on a Puckers bottle as he grabbed it.

"My Puckers you Fuckers!" Kuzzey screamed as Dearka and Sai chased after him.

Athrun and Cagalli came out of the tent carrying glow sticks. Yzak's attention was brought to it as Flay looked at it too. Athrun and Cagalli had put string on the glow stick. Athrun dropped it when Flay went to go touch it.

Flay tried to pick it off the floor but Athrun pulled it away causing Flay to fall.

"I'm so smart!" Yzak shouted as he held the glow stick in his hands.

Cagalli pulled it away from him as he pounced on her.

"I want the pretty glowing thingy!" Yzak laughed as his words slurred.

"Asshole you can kiss this!" Kuzzey shouted as he pulled his swim trunks down in front of Lacus and Kira.

Then he tried rubbing his butt in their faces. Kira kicked Kuzzey so that the Pucker's bottle went flying.

"My rum!" Kuzzey shouted.

"That was Puckers." Lacus laughed.

"The rum!" Kuzzey repeated.

"I wanna do my Algebra teacher!" Miriellia sang.

Athrun held up the glow sticks for everyone to see. Athrun's were all blue and Cagalli's were all green.

"Let's play glow stick tag!" Cagalli smiled.

"Who ever has blue is on my team!" Athrun announced.

"Who ever has green is on mine!" Cagalli announced.

"Let's go play!" Lacus said as she dragged Kira over to them.

Kira grabbed blue as Lacus grabbed green.

"The glowy thingy!" Yzak cackled.

"Do you think he's on ecstasy?" Flay wondered.

"I like quails." Miriellia laughed as she grabbed a green glow stick.

Everyone had taken a glow stick. It was Flay, Miriellia, Cagalli and Lacus on one team. Kira, Athrun, Dearka, and Nicol were on another. Kuzzey was too busy chugging the Puckers in front of him. Yzak was on the floor playing the green glow stick. He shoved it down his pants and announced, "My dick glows!"

"Hey Kuzzey!" Dearka teased.

"I like rum!" Kuzzey laughed.

"Your dick is on fire." Dearka taunted.

"My dicks on fire!" Kuzzey shouted as he began hitting himself there.

"Idiot!" Sai laughed.

"My dicks on fire! My dicks on fire! My dick!" Kuzzey screamed as he ran into the ocean.

"Here's the catch. Every time you get tagged you have to strip or grope the other person." Cagalli winked.

"You're on!" Athrun laughed.

Once again battle of the drunks continues in the form of glow sticks. What can I say? Everything is always more amusing to you when you're drunk.