By Sustain

Blaster sat at his console, he preferred the night shift. Here he could play his music, and still not be distracted from his duties. Not much ever happened at night anyway. He would take his recharge during the day, and was only ever called to go to the battle, which only happened once every two weeks or so. Still the nights had kept him from getting in to trouble with the others while playing his music too loud.

On this night he had decided to do some net surfing, he connected himself to Teletran-one and proceeded to search through files in a 3-D type fashion. Everything was buzzing on the net; naturally his first destination was a music site. He had to stay on top of all the new releases.

Suddenly, he felt like someone was watching him. He spread his sensory system out around him like a fan, but found nothing. He went back to the music files.

In the net time passed quickly, Blaster's internal chronometer told him that he should be leaving soon. Then it happened again, a presence very familiar, but undetectable. He went to a part of the Internet that was not normally accessible to humans and waited. For a while nothing happened, and then he appeared in shadow.

"What do you want?" Blaster asked.

"Curiosity." It answered, it's voice portrayed it's owner. Soundwave.

"Man, Mr. Brainy-ack like you curious… bout what?"

"Why did you choose the Autobots?" Soundwave asked as he lightened his image to its normal colors.

"Not cool man, that's nun of your business." Blaster protested.

"I make information my business." Soundwave retorted.

"Dude I'm outta here." Blaster's image started to fade.


"Why? So you can just insult me? Man you Decepticons are all the same."

"I have information that may interest you."

"Look dude my shift is almost over." 'I can't believe what I'm about to say.' He thought. "I'll be back here tonight. If it is important you know where to find me." Blaster unhooked himself and looked over all the readings again.

Prowl was always the first one to report to the command center in the mornings. It was his post to check security.

"Anything happen?" Prowl asked.

"Na, nothing goin on again."

"Good. Just the way I like it. Go ahead and take off, the others are right behind me."

"Cool man." Blaster got up and walked to his quarters, the encounter still fresh on his mind. He knew two things were facts.1) Soundwave was a loyalist to Megatron, there for what ever the information was, it would not be any secrets. 2) Soundwave was a Decepticon, but not like the others. If Soundwave wanted to say something you best shut up and listen. Fact number 2 was the reason he had said that he would return the next night.

Odd things had happened since his reactivation on earth. Blaster thought about what Ratchet had said to him when he had awakened.

"Glad to see you."

"What happened?" Blaster asked.

"What do you remember?"

"The alarm when off then the ship began to shake. I was thrown against my recharge bed a little dazed, then that's it."

"The Decepticons boarded our ship, the battle damaged some of the controls and we crashed on this planet. Earth." Ratchet gave him the short story.

"Figures." Blaster added.

"That's not all. We crashed in to a volcano. Teletran-one was damaged, when an earthquake struck it reactivated it, unfortunately Teletran reactivated the Decepticons by mistake." The medic finished.

"No way." Blaster was in shock.

"You and half the others were stuck in part of the ship that we couldn't scan. Another earthquake hit and here you are. You have a new transformation as well." Ratchet explained.

"What a way to wake up."

"You're telling me. You will find that in your quarters the computer will update you on current events."

"Alright. I better look it up then."

Blaster came out of his thoughts as he neared his door. He was puzzled, but not unnerved. It has only been two months since he had been reactivated. He lay down on the recharge bed.

'Why would Soundwave contact me?' He thought before shutting down.

A few hours later he woke up to do daily activities, no Decepticon activity was present. Blaster wondered if that had to do with his odd meeting. Soon it was time for his night duty again, and as soon as everyone had left he connected to Teletran and went directly to the area. Just as he arrived Soundwave appeared, as if he had been waiting.

"So what's so dang important, ya gotta interrupt my duty?"

"Do you remember your creators?" Soundwave asked.

Blaster made a face of frustration. "Not really, I remember what the medic told me after the city was bombed."


"Yeah." Blaster's face changed to surprise. "He told me that some Autobots had pulled me out of a pile of rubble with another."

"She lives." Soundwave said in agreement.

"What are you talking about man?" Blaster yelled exasperated.

Soundwave broke optic contact. "Autobots caught one of my creators. I joined the Decepticons to help my siblings from the same fate. When I returned the city had been bombed. There was no trace of them."

"I still don't see what that has to do with me." Blaster had an idea but wanted to hear Soundwave say it.

"Syphonic is my sister." Soundwave stated flatly. "Your twin, Sythonic."

Memories came flooding back with the name he had been called. Blaster's gaze fell to the floor. He knew it was true. "I was badly damaged. They rebuilt me and changed my name." He said in a whisper.

"Why did you choose the Autobots?" Soundwave repeated.

Blaster stood in shock. Over the battle for territory the Autobots had taken everything from him, and then turned him against his brother. Now he was helping them. Confusion ravaged him.

"I don't' know." He finally said.

"Syphonic will be joining me soon. She two was an Autobot."

Blaster met Soundwave's gaze. "I gotta think." Then he unplugged himself.