By Sustain

Chapter 4

Around him the spacebridge lit up. Having dealt with it before Blaster braced himself for the jolt that would start them on their way; his mind raced, here he was trusting one of the most infamous Decepticons. Soundwave was known for a lot of things, but lying usually wasn't one. He was a Decepticon of short words when having to say something it was important and most times even the surrounding Autobots listened. He tried to clear his mind, but it didn't help. He was on his way to see Shockwave, from what Soundwave had told him he would be fine, then again from one hazardous Decepticon to another. Not that they weren't all dangerous.

He sidetracked himself with the thought of his memories. What seemed to be a thick haze was slightly lifted when the blue Decepticon had mentioned his name. One visual nothing else, a broken building, rubble covering the whole of it, spots of dried mech fluid and a dark corner. He tried to access more but there was nothing. His next memory was that of waking up in the repair bay.

He started to doubt his decision when the jolt came. There would be no turning back now. His feet left the earth and the two smaller robots began to float nearer to him. The pinkish purple colors twisted and spun as he stayed near the center avoiding being cast in to unknown space. They landed in the tower, which Shockwave called home. The doors slid open and the large purple Decepticon met them. Rumble and Frenzy both started forward in sync. Shockwave stood before them glaring with his one optic trained on Blaster. The shorter cassette player attempted to remain un-intimidated by the silence of the Decepticon guardian. Shockwave motioned for them to exit the reception chamber.

"Greetings Rumble, Frenzy, this is Sythonic?" The golden eye blinked as the syllables were said.

"Yeah, looks like an Autobot to me though." Frenzy answered.

The two Cassetticons stepped out of the bridge and walked around Shockwave. "You are here to learn, are you not?" Shockwave took one step back letting Blaster have room to exit the bridge.

"Uh yeah, Soundwave said so, sounded like brainwashing to me though." Blaster's face took a suspicious look.

"Not quite. Come I have prepared a lodging for you, as well as a terminal." Shockwave did not wait for a response.

Rumble and Frenzy followed Shockwave at near a run attempting to keep up with the much larger commander. He decided to follow the three down the dark corridor that led to a tee junction. They all went left to the last door on the right. As he walked he noticed the walls were worn and in need of some repair, some spots even had blaster marks from past battles that managed to make it to the legendary citadel. His thoughts were interrupted by Shockwaves "matter-of-fact" voice.

"The door has been coded for your signature. It will open for you freely." Shockwave moved to the side and let Blaster approach. The door opened to a small room with a recharge bed and a desk.

"Not much on decoration are we?" Blaster stepped in.

"We have no need for such things here." Shockwave answered.

"Yeah, he was never one for any fun." Frenzy said as he stepped into the room with Blaster.

Blaster watched the two cassettes enter and make themselves at home. "Umm what is going on?"

"We are part of your "education" Rumble sat at the desk his distaste on his face.

Blaster let his view drop to the floor. 'This is going to be harder than I thought.' He faked a sigh, and then sat on the recharger. "Alright man, when do we start this shindig?"


"Man this place never changes."

"Yeah, so much better than that under water base, that place is so cramped."

Blaster chuckled. "Being suck in Soundwave all the time you two still complain about the base?"

"It is infrequent that the Decepticon Cassetticons reside within their hosts for prolonged periods other than the operation time." Shockwave announced.

"Um, yeah. We don't live in there." Rumble looked at Frenzy and sort of shrugged. He knew Shockwave would make a complicated sentence out of a simple 'No'.

Blaster shrugged it off, he couldn't really remember much about Shockwave and just figured that this odd demeanor because he was an Autobot.

"I want to access the damage for myself, the comprehensive analysis that Soundwave sent has me intrigued." Shockwave led the way down a corridor and into elaborate maintainace room. As he figured the one-eyed one pointed at a chair. Blaster sat down and took inventory of all the little gadgets that were attached, it all seemed much more elaborate than anything he had ever saw Ratchet or Wheeljack work with.

'Dang, ole Sounders wasn't kidding the technology really does differ.' Blaster thought.

"To begin, I am going to have to put you into stasis lock." Shockwave picked up a tool Blaster knew was for removing armor plating.

"Dude, I hope this is worth it." Blaster answered and his optics blinked out with his consciousness.

Things passed through his memory and a dream like state took place as war scenes, then the old apartment, Symphonic, Soundwave, then finally Shockwave and Datamatrix, then a dark eerie blackness.

His bright blue optics blinked on and a clear picture of Frenzy came into his view.

"Do you think he remembers anything else?" Frenzy asked.

"It is uncertain that he will remember anything, I just used a probe nothing more." Shockwave answered.

Blaster sat up. "How long was I out?"

"Like all of two minutes, Mr. Purple is really good about that." Frenzy answered. Shockwave just stared at the red and grey cassetticon.

"Seemed like a lot longer." He rubbed his head although it didn't hurt. "Like was it supposed it to show me anything?"

Shockwave turned sharply and came close to Blaster's face. "Elaborate."

"Umm I donno, it was short glimpse like things." He stammered recalling the little bit of information.

"Particulars." Shockwave insisted.

Blaster described as best as he could.

"Fascinating." Shockwave turned back to the read outs of the scans that he had done. "Nothing was done that should have had that effect. Soundwave must have started something." Shockwave's one optic seemed to squint as he thought.

"I shall begin repairs now." Shockwave again forced Blaster into a stasis lock.

A restraint hissed as it lifted off Blaster's chest. He lit his optics and sat up as the restraint allowed.

"I have managed to repair ninety-seven percent of your damaged memory cores." Shockwave blinked. "What is left will have to be reintroduced."

"I knew that would happen." Frenzy sighed.

"You're going to have Autobot cooties." Rumble pointed and laughed.

"Correction, Rumble you contain the data to which he needs to know." Shockwave walked around to where the diminutive cassette was standing.

Rumble lowered his head. "Well he is a Decepticon now right?"

"Dude, I just want to know what happened first then we can jog about where I stand." Blaster was irritated at the talking.

"Alright, alright open up. AND don't try anything!!" Rumble leapt into the air twisting and transforming in to his smaller cassette mode. Blaster did as asked allowing Rumble to enter.

The download seemed instant to Blaster as the data coming from Rumble connected the segments of current memories he had into one long time line. In return Blaster allowed Rumble access to his point of view on his own history.

Near an hour and a half later Rumble ejected from Blaster and stood there waiting. Blaster slowly came around as the last few segments connected.

"Man, that just ain't right." Blaster looked over himself and tore the Autobot insignia from his chest. "I can't believe they would do such a thing."

"Yeah well, I don't see Mr. Prime ever sending energon to the Autobots here. If you ask me he don't care about Cybertron at all." Frenzy scoffed then crossed his arms.

For a moment Blaster couldn't see why Optimus never really did send the energon. They had always used the volcano as an energy source, he hadn't really thought about the Autobots that had been left on a dying planet on their own.

Shockwave came forward from a doorframe near the back of the room. "Here he is." Behind Shockwave stood a dark blueish figure nearly hidden by Shockwave totally; she stepped out in to full view her optics wide and completely investigated him from head to toe. "This is Syphonic, she insisted on seeing you." Before Blaster could say anything Shockwave continued. "You must choose. I cannot allow an Autobot free here."

Blaster looked at Syphonic, and then too the floor where his Autobot symbol now lay. "I won't fight the Autobots on Earth. Anywhere else and I'm with you."

Syphonic took a step closer and held her hand out to him. She slowly opened it revealing a Decepticon insignia. "Welcome back brother."