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MUST READ! Summary/Info: First off, there is an OC in this story. His name: Chase Larkison—Powers:a mix of Tabby's, Ray's and Scott's, he could create blue laser/electric energy balls which could be small like Tabby's, or long range like Scott's.—Age:18.—Chase has black hair, it is a little short, and he has it in messy spikes, ok rest of the summary… Remy and Rogue are just friends right now. Remy has grown out of his "womanizing" thing, he has never had sex with anyone yet ok? He has picked just one girl to pursue (oh I wonder who?…). Remy's hair is like, eye length, and choppy, yet still looks great.He has a little stubble at the moment, and will stay like that.ok..Rogue-her hair is about the same, just a little longer,and a little wavy,and she has grown out of her "goth" look though she still wears black eyeliner,mascara,and some lightly tinted lip gloss,she could touch now, because she learned to control it very well. It took a year, and Remy helped her, during that time, they became very close, but are still only on the 'just friends' status. Rogue is dating Chase (don't kill me cuz of this, just read..) and he is a new recruit at Xavier's, came a few months ago. Remy doesn't really like Chase because of various reasons cough its cuz he's dating Rogue cough..ok, so there might be other couples such as kurmanda,kiotr,and jonda, but if there is even any, it will be very little.

Ok, I am sooooo sorry for making you guys read all that, but it is essential that u do.

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Think Twice

Ch. 1

When all, is said, and done and dead

Does he, love you, the way that I do?

So here Remy was, watching Rogue and Chase, "the happy couple". He was depressed, frustrated, angered, hurt-all of the above.

He had actually thought he was getting somewhere with Rogue after they had spent almost everyday together for that year of getting control.But he guessed that she just didn't think of him in a romantic way he did her. There was no that they had a strong bond,and a relationship, just, not the type of relationship he wanted.And Chase deffinately didn't help in making everything work.

Remy sighed. A sad yet angry sigh. Great, he thought, deir starting t' kiss..hey…where de hell does he tink he's putting his hands on her! Why isn't she pushing him off an' tellin him he's moving to fast! They've only been going out fo' 6 months! (A/N:Well..isn't Remy a little protective? Hehehe)

Remy, to say the least, was pissed off. He still thinks of Rogue as his, although she's taken, but now, he has to share her with him. He wanted so bad to pick a fight with that little wuss Chase, but he didn't because he knew Rogue would get mad at him, so he held himself back. Though, Remy thought, Ah'm not so sure Ah could hold myself back much longer if he keepsmovin his hand farther up her leg…damn it! why'd she have to wear a skirt?...

Think Twice 'fore you touch my girl

Come around I'll let you feel the burn

Think 'fore you touch my girl

Come around, no more

Remy's POV

What does she see in him? What does he have dat Ah don' ? Why does she flirt wit me…but den go make out an' have a relationship wit him? Argh! Deres juss so many questions dat Ah wish she would answer fo' me.

She spreads, her love

She burns me out

I can't, let go

I can't get out

We've done stuff befo' ya know? An' it was one o' de best an' worst times of my life. The best part? When she kissed me of course. The worst? The fight afterwards. Ah remember so vividly…(a/n: p.s.- u don't need to know how they kissed, not important to tha story)


At first, our lips just met, then, we started to kiss even more and started to lay down. But she pushed me off and started to yell at me.

" Uh! God Remy! Ah cahn't do this! Chase is mah boyfriend, not you!" she yelled to me.

The thing that surprised me even more was that Ah started to yell back at her.

"So! Ah have feelings fo' y' Rogue! Actual, true, genuine feelings! And obviously, y' have them fo' me!" Ah screamed back at her.

" No Ah don't Remy! This was just a freak accident! Ah lahke Chase! Ah have mah loyalties to him! And he has true feelings fo' meh too!" she yelled.

" No he doesn't! Ah'm gonna tell y' this as many times as Ah have to Rogue, he's using y' !"

That one Ah couldn't help but say, Ah know he is.Ah could just feel it.

" And how the hell would ya know that even if it was for real, which it isn't! " Rogue asked me.

"That's the ting chere! Ah don' know! It's juss my gut feeling, and its usually always right! " Ah answered her.

"Well this tahme yoah wrong! Chase is not using meh! "

"Yeah, sure! Y' juss keep tinking dat Rogue! Juss don' come cryin ta me when he breaks y'r heart!"

" Forget you Remy! Ah don't need to listen to this Shit! "

With that, she walked out my door.

End flashback

I've said enough

Enough by now

I can't let go

I can't get out

Ouch. Now dat must have hurt de most. This was an accident, Ah was her accident, this wasn't supposed to happen between us, she doesn't like me dat way.

Ah juss wish she wouldn't lead me on like dat, and den juss leave me high an' dry. Ah know she likes me, she juss won't admit it. Her pride won't let her. Ah also know dat she likes Chase. De only question is who does she like more? And who would she rather have? Everyting seems so simple when Ah put it like dat, but its not. It's so much more complex then dat.

What is it you really want?

I'm tired of asking!

Your gone I'm wasted…

She's gonna drive me insane if she keeps going on like dis. Ah know it! Ah'll have ta figure out something to do about dis situation. A plan. Ah'll come up with one.

Oh, and, if y' were wondering, we did make up. Ah said Ah was sorry, an' she did too.She actually cried to me when she did apologize, Ah guess she felt worse about it dan Ah thought. Though, dere is still a little tension when we're near eachother. Ah juss can't bring myself to forget everything she said to me, an' den juss go on like Ah'm ok wit what's going on.Ah refuse to give up. Ah won't let her give herself to dat asshole Chase. At dis moment, witout some strategy, all Ah could do is watch an' see what happens.

Wait till, the day, you finally see
I've been, here waiting patiently
Crossing my fingers and my t's
She cried on my shoulder, begging please


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