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Remy had carried her into his room and she had cried herself to sleep in his arms. Now he was watching her sleep with dried tear streaks running down her face from the previous night. Kissing her on the forehead, Remy got up quietly as to not wake Rogue and went out his door.

He had a look of determination and anger in his red on black eyes that no one in the halls dared to get in the way of. Walking through the wood floored hallways with the cream colored paint on the walls he stopped at one particular door, listening for anyone inside. Then he realized how stupid he was to forget about the damn soundproof walls that this bastard had. Quickly, he picked the lock and kicked the door in, catching Chase in the act of packing up a duffle bag.

"Where de hell do y' think yo' goin?" Remy vehemently asked Chase.

"What's it matter to you?" Chase said to him a challenging way.

"I know what y' did t' Rogue and yo' not leavin until y' get a proper 'goodbye'."

"Oh yeah? How you going to prove it tough guy? Who are people going to believe? Me, Rogue's boyfriend, or you, the jealous friend?" Chase had a smirk on his face while he was saying this.

"Non. I think people are goin t' believe Rogue." Remy said glaring at Chase.

"She won't tell on me if she knows what's good for her." Chase said, matching Remy's glare, the smirk gone from his features.

"Oh so now y' gonna rape an' threaten her?"

"Who said anything about threatening her? She won't tell on her own. The only way she will is if you push her to. So basically, I'm threatening you pal. Plus, I didn't rape her. She was practically begging for it last night." Chase took a step towards Gambit while he was saying this.

Those last two statements got Remy really pissed off because

When somebody calls you pal and you're not pals, fuck that. (1)

Begging for it? That little son of a bitch is trying to get out of rape?

Chase was threatening him? Chase? Threatening him? Like he has any right to do that after what he's done, or at anytime for that matter.

That was it. Remy couldn't take anymore of this guy. First he rapes Rogue and try's to convince him otherwise. Then he goes and threatens him and calls him pal. This kid's going to get his ass handed to him on a silver platter. Anyone who hurts Rogue is automatically on his bad side and Chase is at the top of the list.

With that said, Remy ran towards Chase and tackled him to the ground. They were both wrestling around for a little while, both trying to get the upper hand, and both having too much pride to use their powers.

Remy finally gained some control and punched Chase in the nose, blood quickly seeping out of. Chase cried out in pain and then kneed Remy in the gut. He doubled over, gasping for air.

Chase then tackled Remy and punched him in the face. Gambit kicked Chase in the back of the head somehow and then punched him in his stomach twice. Chase fell to the ground writhing in pain. Remy then got a hold of him and charged his clothes, keeping him in place.

"Gumbo! What the hell do ya think you're doing!" Logan yelled. He had heard the commotion from down the hall because the door to Chase's was left open before.

"What de hell does it look like I'm doin? This sick bastard r-" Remy stopped mid-sentence to see Rogue coming up behind Logan, looking wide-eyed (and still red-eyed from crying the night before) at what was happening. Remy then realized that he should get confirmation from Rogue before telling half the institute what happened, who seemed to have gathered outside the room.

"Rogue! Thank god you're here! Get this dumb ass off of me!" Chase said happily, thinking Rogue would help him. But boy was he wrong.

Speaking in a deadly calm but forceful and pain filled voice Rogue said " Don't ya evah speak or come near meh again. Ah don't evah want to see ya again in mah lahfe."

She then slowly looked at Logan who was giving her a questioning look and said to him in the same tone of voice,

"Remy will tell ya'll what happened but…Ah only want ya and tha othah adults ta know raght now unless Ah tell someone else." Rogue looked at both Logan and Remy who each nodded their heads in consent.

After that, Rogue slowly made her way to her room through the crowd of students who was watching her intently. Meanwhile, Wolverine ushered all the kids away from the scene and then stepped into Chase's room and slammed the door shut while Remy was still holding down a charged Chase.

"What happened to her Gambit?" Logan asked, for once using his real code name, knowing that this was serious.

"This sick son of a bitch here raped her." Remy's tone of voice was low but filled with rage.

"HE WHAT?" Logan unsheathed his claws and made way towards Chase while Remy picked him up and held him against the wall. Logan then put his claws into Chase's shoulder very slowly while Remy increased his charge on Chase to a sweltering heat that was hardly bearable. Chase yelled out in pain but also in fear.

Suddenly the door opened revealing Storm and the Professor.

"Wolverine! Gambit! Let him go! Now!" the Professor yelled. Logan and Gambit glanced at each other and then the Professor before relaxing their hold a little on Chase.

"I know what he has done is immoral and wrong, " the Professor started " and I know that you two are very angry at him for it and are doing this for Rogue. Instead of killing him I believe that we shall report him to the authorities with evidence of the rape. We do have evidence because there is a video camera set up in this room that has gotten the entire thing on tape."

"What?" Both Remy and Logan asked.

"I had cameras installed in this room because I sensed something about this boy that just wasn't right, and I wanted to keep an eye on him. It was a good thing I did because we were able to catch what happened and now Chase can be taken into custody without our Rogue having to go into trial. The police are on the way at this very moment."

Remy gave one last punch to Chase in the face and said to him "By de way pal, yo' not Rogue's boyfriend anymore. Not even close."

And then that was it with Chase. He was taken into custody for a life sentence charged with rape.

Rogue watched Chase being taken away in the police car and saw him give one last look to her. It was a look of anger, accomplishment, and fear. Rogue knew exactly what the look of accomplishment was from. He had gotten her. Now she knew why she felt so empty when she looked at him, somehow, in the back of her mind, she knew that there was only one person that she ever, truly loved. That person was Remy and she doubted he would ever feel the same way after the way she has been treating him the past few months.

Rogue went into her bathroom and closed the door taking out a razorblade from one of her drawers. She held the blade on her wrist but didn't push down and drag it across just yet. This would be the first time she has ever done this to herself, but it felt like a good way to let out some of the pain she had inside. The pain of the rape, dealing with another betrayal, and also the pain that Remy will probably never accept her in the same way again. She wondered if this was the only way though.

Before she could decide to do it or not, someone knocked on the door and came inside, catching her poised with a razorblade on her wrist.

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