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A New Beginning

By: Lily20


Lucy wandered around the gardens of Cair Paravel looking for her mother, her favorite blue dress with a white cape (which blew slightly in the wind) and tiara to match.

She soon found Gwen reading under one of the many apple trees.

"There you are!" Lucy exclaimed, "I've been looking all over for you."

Gwen smiled up at her daughter.

"I'm sorry darling, but I simply love these gardens."

Lucy smiled.

It was obvious that her mother loved Narnia just as much as Lucy did.

Gwen closed her book and motioned to Lucy to sit next to her.

"Where is your father?" asked Gwen.

Lucy smiled.

"He, Peter and Edmund are working on that project of theirs at your house."

Gwen laughed.

"Ah yes, they're still working on that automobile. Are they quite finished yet?"

Lucy laughed as well, but shook her head.

"Not quite-oh look!"

Gwen looked to where Lucy had pointed.

Coming through the entrance to the gardens were King Tirian, Eustace Scrubb and Jill Pole.

Lucy and Gwen got up from where they were sitting to greet the group.

King Tirian smiled at Lucy.

"Ah your majesty, what a pleasant surprise." Said Tirian with a bow, which Lucy returned but with a curtsy.

"A very pleasant surprise I'm sure."

Tirian turned to Gwen and smiled.

"I see that you have become quite fond of the gardens, Gwen."

Gwen smiled and nodded.

"Yes, the gardens are so beautiful here."

Eustace laughed.

"If I do recall Aunt, you have quite a lovely garden as well."

Gwen smiled, but suddenly her eyes went wide.

"Oh! That reminds me, I have to go water my garden, Lucy, Jill? Would you like to join me?"

Jill smiled and nodded.

"Oh yes please, I simply love your garden."

But Lucy shook her head.

"I'm sorry mother, but there are some things I need to do."

Gwen smiled.

"It's alright dear, we'll be fine on our own."

And with a small wave, Gwen and Jill left and began the short walk to Gwen and David's home in England.

"It seems that your moth has gotten quite used to Narnia and England being one world." Said Tirian.

Lucy nodded.

"It seems like we've already been here a life time." Said Eustace as he leaned against a near by apple tree. "How long has it really been?"

Tirian smiled, "I believe, my friend, it has been one month since we were thrown into the stable."

Eustace raised an eyebrow.

"Has it really?" he asked in disbelief. "It seems like so much longer than that."

As Tirian and Eustace continued to talk of past times, Lucy quietly excused herself and walked towards the small creek that ran through the garden a little ways away.

As Lucy sat down she took off her sandals and let her feet dangle in the water, careful not to get her dress wet.

She sighed and smiled; she much liked her Narnian clothes better than the ones she used to wear in England.

"Would your majesty like to accompany me on a walk through the gardens?"

Lucy jumped, turned around and smiled when she saw whom it was.

"Of course Jewel, just give me a moment to put on my sandals and then we will be off."

As Jewel and Lucy fell into step next to each other (well as best you could with a Unicorn), they talked of random things: The festival that was to happen in two months, who would be attending, and of the archery tournament that was to happen the second day of the festival.

Although Lucy kept up a lively conversation, her mind was elsewhere.

"Is something troubling you, your majesty?"

Lucy had to smile at Jewel; he always could read her like a book.

"Yes there is, it has been on my mind since just a few days after we had arrived in Aslan's Country."

Lucy paused, but Jewel encouraged her to continue.

Lucy sighed.

"Do you recall of when the Black Wizard took over Narnia for some time?"

Jewel nodded.

"Well there was a boy who had rescued me on more than one occasion during that time…"

Jewel did what must have been a smile.

"Ah yes, young William Taylor the Master Healer."

Lucy looked at Jewel with wide eyes.

"You know of him?"

Jewel chuckled, "But of course. He is well known throughout all the Narnian history books. He had become quite well known, and become one of the main doctors of his time."

Lucy was shocked, but she smiled.

"Well in the month that we've been here, I haven't seen him."

Jewel smiled knowingly.

"I'm sure he is around somewhere, did you check at his cottage, I'm sure it is still there. There is also a large possibility that news has not traveled that far yet of your arrival."

Lucy severely doubted that, but she knew it was no use trying to argue with a unicorn.

They both stopped as they reached the castle doors.

And as the guards opened the door for them Jewel gave Lucy a small nudge.

"You'll find him one of these days." He said.

Lucy nodded and gave Jewel a kiss on his nose.

"Thank you Jewel."

Jewel nodded.

"Any time Your Majesty."

As Lucy walked towards her room she let out a long sigh.

Would he even remember me?

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