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Chapter One – The Teacher


Kagome entered her locker code in while waiting for Sango, but of course she was late, as always. Figuring she was off gossiping with crazed fan girls, who obsess over every hot guy there is.

She really had no problem at all being friends with Sango or, as the school called her the 'gossip queen'. Looking around she watched as a group of freshmen girls walked down the hallway chatting happily.

Self-loathing filled her. In the beginning of the year of high school she was so consumed with her studies, she hadn't realized that she didn't have as many friends as she wanted. Even if this was senior year, when she tried to make new friends they either used her or just two faced her.

Maybe school wasn't for her. Maybe, there was a reason she didn't have very many friends.

She tapped her foot impatiently waiting for Sango. 'She was supposed to be here five minutes ago.' Cursing her friend for her lack of punctuality she started to fiddle with her black, ruffled, skirt.

After about another two minutes of waiting she headed off in the direction of her next class. 'Where the hell is that girl?'

As she rounded the corner there was a whole group of girls huddled in a circle. 'What's going on?' Kagome made her way over to the bundle of girls and tried to look over all their heads, but didn't succeed.

"Oh my God did you see him?" A girl screeched.

"Yes, he is so freaking hot!" The other girl told her friend.

Kagome started to push her way into the middle of the circle when she saw Sango there blabbing about something. 'God she must have been so caught up in gossiping she forgot about me. How sweet' Biting down the sarcasm she tapped Sango's shoulder to gain her attention.

Sango turned around and saw Kagome looking a little ticked off. Sango's eyes widening in realization. 'OH MY GOD, I FORGOT ABOUT HER!'

"Kagome I'm so sorry I was so caught up, I forgot about you."

Kagome's eyes softened a little and she smiled. Sango was the only real friend she had so keeping her anger down she linked her arms with Sango's

"Its ok Sango just be on time next time. So what's with all the crazed fan girls?" Kagome gestured to all the chattering girls behind her.

Sango gasped. "You didn't hear?" Kagome gave her the 'I-wouldn't-be-asking-you-if-I-knew-look.'

"God Kagome you're really behind in the gossip." Sango said going through the crowd, Kagome close behind. They pushed their way out of the circle and to Sango's locker.

"So will you tell me what's happening now?" Said Kagome trying to look somewhat interested in the gossip.

"Oh we have a new teacher," she replied eagerly.

Kagome felt her anger rekindle. "A teacher! That's all! That's why you were-" Sango immediately stopped her before her friend could go into another lecture about, "How teenagers today make little things seem as if they were the end of the world." She was still suffering from the last one "Sex and teenagers".

"You didn't let me finish." Kagome closed her mouth and muttered an apology.

"Not just any teacher, a very hot teacher and when I mean hot, I mean H.O.T. That's not even the best part he's only 20." Kagome gathered all the information and shook her head in disappointment.

It's amazing how many girls would go 'ga-ga' over a guy they barely even know. Personally she didn't feel like she needed a man in her life, especially an attractive guy because she couldn't bear having girls hitting on him and he'd probably be tempted to stray away. She was a strong independent women and she only needed her friends, the ones she had, and family to survive. Eventually she would settle down and have a family, but now school was her main focus.

"What class is he teaching?" Sango shrugged.

"I think history, but no one really knows."

They both made their way to their history class and sat in their normal seats. Everyone in the classroom seemed to be whispering about the young teacher that was supposed to be in one of the history classes. 'Oh I can't wait for this day to be over.' Kagome inwardly groaned and dropped her head on her desk. Today was going to be a long day. There was the sound of the door being swung open and Kagome picked her head up off the desk.

The door opened and Kagome's breath was caught in her throat. There stood in her classroom, the most beautiful man she had ever laid her eyes on. Long platinum blonde hair, which could probably be mistaken for white, pulled back into a low ponytail. Muscular body beneath a black Armani suit. His eyes were the most beautiful shade of gold. Thin pale pink lips showing neither a smile nor frown. Skin that looked pale, but not a sickly pale, a flawless pale. 'He is gorgeous!' Kagome shook her head at the thoughts 'Oh god he's the teacher! I didn't think I was going to act like one of those bimbos.'

She glanced around to see if she had been caught, but it seemed all the girls in the room were as transfixed by him as well.

The handsome stranger smirked and placed his brief case on his desk and took his jacket off flexing his biceps underneath his blue shirt in the process. He wrote his name on the bored. 'Mr. Toshrio'.

"My name is Mr. Toshrio and I will be you teacher for the remainder of this year. If you have any problems with that you can leave now." He paused; his gold eyes flickered around the classroom, daring anybody to leave. He smirked inwardly.

"I will not tolerate any of your nonsense. No games, no note passing, no gossiping, no fighting. If any of that happens I will send you to In School Suspension or detention, no exceptions. I expect all of you students to act your age and not a year younger. You're in high school; you should know what's expected of you already." His voice was firm and powerful, showing all the students that despite from his good looks, he was a cold hearted bastard.

"I am here to teach you history. I am not your parents or your friends so don't give me that bull about how you can't do this and that. You will receive homework at least twice a week and a research paper or project every month. Are there any questions?"

Silence was his answer.

"Good, now let's go around the room and introduce ourselves. State your name and two things about yourselves." He leaned against the desk, still standing and pointed to a girl in the front row. All the girls in the class said they were either single or they were into make up and boys. Leaving Kagome to believe that she had entered the twilight zone. She looked at Sango it was her turn hopefully she wouldn't say anything about boys.

"Hi, my name is Sango, and I love sports and I enjoy hanging out at the movies, as long as a cute boy is there."

'Well so much for not saying anything about boys' Sango winked at Kagome and then sat back down. The classroom waited for Kagome to get up and introduce herself but she stayed in her seat. Sango reached over and gave her a reassuring pat on the arm, urging for her to get up.

Kagome could feel her blood coming to her face. She hated doing stuff like this. It always made her nervous.

"Hi, my name is Kagome Higurashi, and I love just sitting back and reading a nice book and just relaxing at home." She said in a small voice and sat back down blushing like mad while everyone in the classroom stared at her as if she was an alien.

Sesshomaru looked at the girl named Kagome in surprise. She was the only girl who didn't seem to be into make-up and gossip. He liked that, he liked that a lot.


Next Chapter: Mr. Toshiro needs a tour of the school and guess who offers? Yep, Kagome then starts to realize that she's seeing Mr. Toshiro as more then a teacher.