Chapter Twenty-One – Mayhem

Sango knocked on the door, and looked around to see if there were any people around.

'Hurry up,' she inwardly shouted at the door, not wanting to cause any suspicion on why she was entering Sesshomaru's room.

Knocking again, Sango heard the heavy footsteps of a man coming to the door.

"Yes?" An irritated Sesshomaru answered the door; his wrinkled old t-shirt suggested that he just rolled out of bed.

She gulped, but stood strong. "I need to talk to you." Sesshomaru yawned, "Well come back when I'm awake and downstairs." He moved to shut the door, but Sango's hand stopped him. "This is important."

His eyes slowly met hers and he could see she was desperate. "Hurry up and get in."

Sesshomaru watched as Sango glanced around his room in curiosity. "Please sit down." He offered, gesturing to the light blue sofa facing the TV in the sitting area.

Going into the mini fridge, he pulled out an bottled water and offered one to Sango. She kindly declined, and looked at the clock on the wall. Shrugging he drank the water himself and took his seat besides the sofa.

"You wanted to talk?" He started.

Sango nodded, she could feel her legs starting to tremble in fear and grief. "Kagome and I had a fight." She paused to control her heart rate. "I was angry and said some things that upset her and she left for her room." Sango quickly continued when he saw his annoyance, "While in her room, I guess she decided to take a shower and Yura decided that it was time to humiliate Kagome by placing a tiny camera in the ceiling of the bathroom."

She felt tears well up in her eyes and she looked up to see Sesshomaru with his head down. "How many people saw?" he questioned softly.

"I'm not sure, but beforehand she sent a message to every boy in school, but thank God for Miroku because when he found out he stopped the whole thing, before anybody else could see. I doubt she was on the thing for more then ten minutes."

He slowly nodded, his head still down, "Where is Yura now?"

Sango shrugged, "I unfortunately haven't had a chance to see her."

Sesshomaru stood, "It wasn't your fault Sango, there was no way you could have known that she would stoop this low, but I need you to do me a favor."

Sango nodded, standing along with him. "I need you to go tell Mr. Hidenori about Yura's actions while I go see Kagome."

"Yes sir," Sango took one more look at the stoic Sesshomaru, who stood eerily still, and left the room in search for the principal.


Using his key that Kagome gave him after he left her room earlier, he let himself in Kagome's room. "Kagome," he called out entering the room.

Kagome's raven head shot around the corner and slammed into him, her arms tightly squeezing him. Her sobs tore his heart in two. 'Yura will pay for this.' He silently swore. "Don't cry, I'm here now," he whispered softly. Picking her up he carried her to the sofa, not taking the chance of Naraku catching him in bed with Kagome.

Kagome buried her face into his neck, "How could she do this?" she continued to cry and the only answer she got in return was silence and the feeling of Sesshomaru's gentle hand caressing her back.


After ten minutes of looking for Mr. Hidenori she finally found him sitting in the dining area, drinking coffee.

"Mr. Hidenori, there seems to be a problem with one of the students in your group and Mr. Toshiro told me to find you immediately and send you to her room."

Placing his mug down Naraku stood, "What room will we be going to Miss Nangono? "

Sango thought about it, but the numbers didn't come to her clearly, "I'm not sure, but it's Kagome Higurashi's room."

If Sango would have focused on Naraku she would have noticed Mr. Hidenori's eyes widen and a flash of panic go through them. "What happened?" he questioned.

"I think it would be best if Mr. Toshiro told you."

"I don't think you understand," Naraku snarled, "I need to know what happened now," Seeing the flash of fear and confusion in Sango's eyes he remembered that she didn't know what Kagome meant to him and wouldn't understand how much he loved and cared for her. "I'm only curious because I need to know how to act in this situation."

Sango warily nodded, "Of course," she agreed. "Um her roommate Yura left a tiny camera in the shower, so when Kagome took a shower the recording would go straight to the internet where thousands, maybe millions of people would see."

Sango's mouth felt dry and her hands got all sweaty. "I can't tell you where Yura is, but I just want you to know this now Mr. Hidenori." Her fist scrunched in a fist, she boldly continued. "If I see her before you do, when I finish with her she'll barely be recognizable and I won't give a damn what you or anybody does to me." She waited for his reaction, but was met with his cold beady eyes.


"I'll act as if you didn't say that Miss Nangono and send you off to find Yura and bring her to Miss Higurashi's room once you find her." He gave a wink and walked off.

Sango grinned gleefully, "I think he just gave me permission to beat Yura's ass." Chuckling she was now off to find Yura.


Naraku let himself with the key he had decided to keep for himself. 'It's only to make sure she's safe,' his mind argued.

He gritted his teeth together when he saw his sobbing wife in the arms of Sesshomaru. 'It's time to let them know that you know that they've been screwing around.' Slamming the door Naraku slowly walked towards the two who gazed at him in puzzlement.

"Is this how you comfort all your students Mr. Toshiro or only the ones you've been fucking?"

Sesshomaru's eyes cut into Naraku's. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"From the looks of Miss Higurashi's face, I would beg to differ."

Kagome closed her mouth, but she felt another rush of sorrow hit her. 'I just want this day to end' she thought to herself, curling up in a ball.

"Don't be ashamed Miss Higurashi, you're a very attractive lady and he only seduced you."

Kagome jumped to Sesshomaru's defense, "He didn't seduce me, we just sort of fell in love!" Sesshomaru pulled Kagome's arm to make her sit back down.

He rolled his eyes, "You say that now, but ten years from now you won't, besides I'm positive, you'll be finding somebody soon."

"What are you talking about?" She angrily questioned him.

"I'm sending you back home, where Yura won't hurt you and two you'll be serving your two month detention with me."

The couple on the couch both stood, "WHAT?"

"DO I look that stupid to you two, anybody from a mile away can see you're together and I'm not going to allow that to happen in my school."

"Isn't this about what Yura did to her not our non-existent relationship?" Sesshomaru yelled at Naraku.

Naraku nodded, "It is, but Yura should be receiving part of her punishment as we speak, and you two are receiving yours for a totally different matter." Naraku's inky black hair cascaded down his back as he threw his head back and laughed at something. "I'm afraid I can't risk you around any other students Sesshomaru and I'm going to have to fire you."

"What you can't do that to him, he's a damn good teacher and you know it. I seduced him, that's what happened, so you can un-fire him now! Besides we're together and I know for a fact he wouldn't go after anybody in the school!" Kagome argued.

As if Kagome didn't say anything he continued to eye Sesshomaru. "Kagome, I'm afraid I'm going to have ask you to leave Sesshomaru and I in the room to talk, while you leave and get your things to leave for the next flight out."

Kagome held her ground and stood staring disobediently at Naraku, "Leave us Kagome." Sesshomaru ordered, her eyes tore away from his to look into his and only when Sesshomaru nod at the door did she leave.

"Is there anything else I should know Mr. Hidenori or should I just leave to pack my stuff as well because if she's going, I'm going as well." Sesshomaru asked mockingly.

"You're not leaving, Kagome and I are going back home, while you stay here to carry on with this trip and when it's time to go back to school, and you will pack your things and leave."

"You must be crazy if you think I'm leaving her in your hands."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Naraku inquired.

"I'm onto you Naraku, the way you look at her and the way you touch her." Sesshomaru wasn't completely sure if all this was true, but he went on with it. "It just kills you to know that we're together and you want to punish her, by trying to hurt me."

"Why lie, all these truths seem to be coming out anyway," Naraku began to slowly walking towards Sesshomaru. "I am upset about you two being together and you seducing her. Want to know why? It's because she belongs to me and you keep trying to take her away from me, but I'm telling you this now, Kagome is mine and now because of your mistakes not only will you be punished, but so will she, no matter how much it pains me."

Kagome entered the room, head spinning at the last words. "What the hell is going on?"

Both males' heads turned towards her. "Oh you decided to join us, come in love, and join the fun." His arms mockingly opened in welcome.

She hesitated at Naraku's words and looked at Sesshomaru and silent plead for help. Naraku didn't miss a beat, 'She doesn't listen to you! You have to show her you're serious about your love for her! Show her your not playing games anymore!!'

"DON'T LOOK AT HIM," Naraku bellowed and swiftly crossed the room to yank her arm harshly. "YOU BELONG TO ME, YOU'RE MINE, NOT HIS MINE!" His frantic eyes searched across the room. "Sit on the damn couch Sesshomaru, don't do anything or I'll hurt her." He twisted Kagome's arm behind her back to prove his point. "All I have to do is pull and push to break it."

"I thought you loved her?" Sesshomaru edged his way to the couch never letting his eyes waver from his.

"Oh I do, but as her husband I have the right to punish her, she's been bad. Sneaking around to sleep with other men, she needs to be punished." Yanking her arm and pulling her against his body. "Hell, I bet she even likes the pain." Kagome's groan of agony was the only response.

Naraku turned Kagome facing him, and let his hands roam her entire body slowly, savoring the feel of his one and true love. "You know if you really wanted a real man to make love to you all you had to do was say so." His hand slowly went to her butt and squeezed it appreciatively. "I forgive you, you know. I know he seduced you and made you believe that you were in love with him, but in reality you're in love with me." He whispered more to himself, then to her and at that moment Kagome knew that this man was out of his fucking mind and was too unpredictable.

A loud banging at the door startled the three occupants. "Mr. Hidenori I found Yura."

"SANGO!" Kagome screamed out, ignoring the sharp pain in her arm and trying to fight her way out of Naraku's grip, her body franticly moved towards the door "I NEED HELP, MR. H-." The next thing she saw was blackness and felt an excruciating pain.

"I had to do that love, I couldn't let you ruin everything that I've worked so hard for, and besides you'll get use the idea of you and me being together."

His hand caressed the bulging bruise where he punched her. "Just remember I love you."

Sesshomaru looked at Kagome and anger stabbed at his heart, with her being so close to him he couldn't do anything. He had to wait until Naraku slipped up and let go of her.

"KAGOME, WHAT'S GOING ON?" Sango panicked from the other side.

"Tell her your okay," He whispered into her ear, pressing his body against hers, but was met with silence, "tell her now or I'll be forced to hit your pretty little face again, I'll do it Kagome, don't doubt me." Holding her ground Kagome closed her eyes and fought the swelling pain on her check. 'Don't say anything Kagome, don't let him win,'

"Kagome, if you don't answer Sango now, I'll be forced to go back to the elementary school and talk to what's her name? Ah yes Rin." He smirked at the reaction he got from her. 'She's caving into the fact that we'll have a future together!'

Kagome felt a wave of nausea hit her, she wasn't stupid enough to risk Rin's life. "I'm fine Sango I was talking to my mom," She called out to her friend lying.

"Tell her that I'm in my room and for her to meet me there." His slimy tongue darted out of his mouth to lick her ear. Kagome not wanting to disobey him and put Rin in jeopardy she did as she was told.

"I'll come back as soon as I drop off Yura okay?" Sango said hesitantly, still confused about her yelling.

Naraku shook his head as a silent command.

"No that's okay I'm about to take a nap."

"Okay, but Kagome?"


"I'm sorry for being so bitchy, I really am."

"I know, I still love you," Kagome laughed sorrowfully as she heard Sango say goodbye.

Naraku laughed, "I knew you would make a good wife, obedient, yet stubborn."

Kagome tried to pull away again, but was only pulled closer. "Why are you doing this to me, I love Sesshomaru, no matter what you say, you can hit me all you want and say whatever you want and believe all the lies in your head the one fact still remains, my love and my heart belongs to him forever." She yelled, tears streaming down her face.

Naraku growled and raised his fist again. "As long as we're together, I don't want to hear you utter his name." then in slow motion the fist met her face again. Blood gushed from her nose onto the beige carpet.

"Stop." Sesshomaru's voice broke through, before Kagome could defy him again. "Kagome do as you're told for the love of God will you please listen to me for once? Keep your damn mouth shut." He said softly. Kagome struggled inside, but shut her mouth, she was hurting him in the inside by letting him watch her getting hurt by this psycho.

'She listens to him, not you, but him. You must punish her, that's the only way she'll see how much you love her!' Naraku shoved Kagome into the wall, being sure that she slammed her head into the wall. He swung around and yelled at the stoic man on the sofa. "I DIDN'T ASK FOR YOUR HELP SESSHOMARU!" Turning back around, "You don't listen to him, you listen to me."

Sighing Naraku clucked his tongue and tears began to fall from his eyes, "What am I going to do to make you see how much I love and care for you, I can give you everything and more Kagome, why can't you see that?"

"Last time I checked you don't abuse the one you love." Kagome snorted snidely.

His hands again, traveled down her body and Kagome felt the urge to gag. "That's where you're wrong, my parents abused each other all the time and they were married for 45 years and had two beautiful children and we turned out pretty normal or I like to think I did." He laughed at his own joke and Kagome knew that there was nothing she could do, but wait until he was unsuspecting to do anything."

Kagome's eyes met Sesshomaru and looked away, "WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT HIM?" Naraku's hand met Kagome's throat and her eyes grew wide in horror. His fingers squeezed slowly cutting of her air supply. Her hands flew up to his hand in panic and tried to remove it, but no such luck availed. 'Think Kagome, all those self-defense shows watched on TV and I can't think of a damn single thing.' Then she remembered one thing.

Before Naraku could even stop her, she brought her two fingers up to shove Naraku in the eyes with all her might. To her surprise she was let go and she sprinted towards Sesshomaru's open arms.

He enclosed his arms around her and he softly hushed her small coughs and cries, his eyes still watching the screaming Naraku.

"Get behind me and grab something that can be used as a weapon Kagome. When I attack Naraku I won't you to run to the phone and call for help." He whispered and pushed her behind him.

Not wanting to waste any time he tackled Naraku to the floor and with used all his force punched Naraku in the temple. Naraku's eyes rolled in the back of his head and all struggling ceased and Sesshomaru turned to see Kagome come back in the room.

"Find something to tie him up with." Being safe rather then sorry Sesshomaru punched and kicked Naraku's limp body. Kagome returned with what panty hose. "This is all I could find." Handing them to him, she walked towards Naraku where she drew back her foot and kicked him square in the balls.

Sesshomaru's eyes flew closed in pain, when Naraku woke up, he would be in a world of pain as Kagome continued with her painful assault.

Knocks came at the door and Kagome opened and allowed the police in, Sango's brown eyes took one look at Kagome and she sobbed, "Oh God," she covered her mouth with a hand and she hugged Kagome. "What did that bastard do to you?"

The two girls stood in the doorway hugging until the medical paramedics had to enter, "It's not as bad as it looks," Kagome lied.

"I know your lying, but I'm too happy to get on to you." Sango laughed softly, pulling her into another hug. "I didn't think Mr. Hidenori would hit you?"

"How did you know it was him?" Kagome questioned, pulling back.

"I heard his voice when I came back to check on you and I was on my way down to get help and all the police were coming up."

"Excuse me, but I need both of you to come in the room where we can take your statements and take care of any injuries." A tall young woman told the two politely.

After hours of talking with the police, Sango and Miroku left Kagome entrusting her in Sesshomaru's arms.

"You know the whole school knows about our relationship now, right?" Kagome mumbled into his chest as the two lied in bed together. Sesshomaru shrugged, "No need to hide anymore now," his hand covered hers, "let's not think about it now, it's been a long exciting day and frankly all I want to do is curl up with you." His hand touched her check and he once again felt guilt stab his heart.

"You couldn't do anything then Sesshomaru, and even though I look like this I don't know what I would've done when I got away from his grip or if you hadn't distracted him." She leaned her head in and kissed his lips. "You're my hero," she whispered and molded her lips to his again. "I love you so much." She continued.

Sesshomaru pulled her body to his and Kagome shivered with desire, "you think you're ready for a round of lovemaking?"

"I could be persuaded," she teased, looking away from his smoldering gaze innocently.

Sesshomaru smiled at her playfulness and latched his lips to her neck, leaving a trail of kisses to the base of her throat. Kagome groaned as his tongue slipped out to touch her skin. She grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled him up to her awaiting lips. "I want you," she told him, which he only responded by nodding his head and taking off both of their clothes, slowly and teasing her once and a while a kiss or a caress.

Sesshomaru dropped a kiss at her belly button and he looked up to meet the eyes of Kagome. Slipping his tongue into the small cavern of her belly button, Kagome knew what awaited her and she felt her heart race at the mere thought.

Her raven curls tickled his nose, but he kept going on going until he reached his destination. Kagome let out intake of air and moaned as she felt Sesshomaru used his mouth to make love.

"Oh sweet God," Kagome mumbled felling the familiar strain below happening again. Sesshomaru's hands came up to her hips and braced her down to the bed and he continued his vicious assault. When his teeth lightly grazed her in her tender spot she came like a volcano.

Not even waiting for her to come down from her high he plunged into her. His hips slowly rotated against her letting her feel him everywhere and thus letting him marvel at her tightness. Sesshomaru started a slow pace, wanting to make it last longer, but when Kagome's eyes opened and locked with his he speed up, causing her eyes to close again and her pink lips to open in a silent plea of completion.

Kagome met his every thrust trying to reach the dire peak again. He bent his head down and kissed Kagome letting her taste herself, but she didn't seem to mind by the way she kept his head attached to hers. His hands took her legs to raise them over his shoulders and he began plunging in at a totally new angle.

Kagome gasped at the feeling of fullness she felt and she began to approach another orgasm.

"Come with me Kagome," Sesshomaru muttered to her his eyes gazing at her hazy ones. Going faster Sesshomaru continued to let out a cluster of dirty words to her, making Kagome approach her orgasm sooner. "Let go," was the last words she heard before gazing into a rainbow of colors.

Sesshomaru lightly kissed the forehead of the panting Kagome, "I never knew it could be that good, that thing with your mouth, was- oh god even thinking about it get's me all excited."

"Really?" Sesshomaru inquired, his hands traveling to her heat, "I guess I'll have to fix that again."

Before long the two were at it again and again and of course again.


"Wake up Kagome," Sesshomaru playfully patter to her bottom. "We've got to pack and go to the police station, catch a flight home, explain to your mother our plans and some time in between get Rin."

Kagome groaned in the pillow, they didn't get more then two hours of sleep. "How is it possible that your standing right now is beyond me?" Kagome said a bit grumpily.

"Somebody needs their coffee," Sesshomaru teased turning the shower on, "We have to hurry so we won't have to worry about the other students seeing us."

Kagome reluctantly threw back the covers and stood from the bed. "Fine, but you owe me mister," Sesshomaru's eyes latched onto her breasts and Kagome smirked, "You're like the energizer bunny,"

"It didn't start until I found you," he retorted, taking her body against his and leading her to the shower. "Good, I might have got jealous if you were like this all the time with your other woman."

Sesshomaru kissed her nose, "You're the only one forever, Kagome."

"I love you babe," she said softly into his eyes.

"I love you too."


After hours of explaining to the Oki Island police how important it was for them to get back home, they let them leave with their promise to contact them about Naraku's trial.

Now the two sat down at the small airport terminal hand in hand. They had left as soon as they left the police station, knowing that there was too much commotion going on at the hotel to even get by. All the children were speechless to learn about not only Kagome's affair with Sesshomaru and Naraku's sick infatuation with her, but with Yura being put in the hospital by a 'mysterious' falling down the stairs.

"What are we going to say to my mom?" Kagome asked.

"The truth," Sesshomaru said simply. "We tell her we're in love and we have plans for the future, she can either support us or not, we won't be pushed apart."

"Right we're in this for the long ride." She gave his hand a squeeze. "You're stuck with me, mister."

"There's no other person I would rather be tied down to."


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