I dig my toes into the sand

The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds

Strewn across a blue blanket

I lean against the wind

Pretend that I am weightless

And in this moment I am happy



Dana Scully trotted through the streets of the small New England town, for the moment not even remotely concerned with the name. They had lived in so many through her short fourteen years of life, what was the point? Dad could rant and swear that this was the last move, but they all knew better, even her mother couldn't believe that dream any longer.

She knew she should be at home, helping to unpack and make the house nice and homey for her dad's arrival in a couple of days, but she had snuck out of the house, opting instead to take her chances against the strange town and its inhabitants than to have to watch her belongings go into yet another temporary home.

This was not the first time in her young life that she had vowed on not moving as an adult. The slightly overweight red head angrily walked through the small cobblestone streets that others less practical would have deemed as quaint, her destination had been plotted out on the map she clutched in her hands.

She could smell the beach a mile before she had finally come upon it. Its scent wafted on the dusky late summer air, pulling her closer and closer to its waiting arms. The thick fog made visibility almost impossible, but Dana Scully knew she could find the ocean blindfolded. Grey clouds overhead threatened a rainy day, and though she usually could care less what the weather was, she noted sadly that she would not be able to see the sun rise over the ocean.

Legs were burning from the two mile walk that her husky frame was not accustomed to, her hair whipped about from the fierce breezes rising off of the sea, she had finally reached the beach. There was no one around, the gulls made their lonely cries and she inhaled deeply the scent of the ocean.

She walked across the chilly sand in sandaled feet, closing the gap between her and the water's edge. She had prayed to find it, but never dreamed that even in the increment weather it could be this beautiful. Dana absently removed her sandals, digging her toes into the chilly morning sand, wiggling then in the cool granules. The wind blew her short stocky body, and for a moment, she was weightless to the mighty power of it, feeling as if the gusts may blow her across the sea and land her.

Anywhere but here.

I lay my head unto the sand

The sky resembles a backlit canopy,

With holes punched in it

I'm counting UFO's

I signal them with my lighter

And in this moment I am happy



Fox Mulder lay his long lean body on the bare sand, relishing in the small amount of pain that the grains offered him. Sweats whipped around his body, letting his mind wander around absently. This was his favorite place to run to, usually after one of his too vigorous early morning runs he would land here until the sun came up, just waiting for his body to slow down.

Most of the time, he spent just looking up into the fading night sky. Wondering where she was, or what she was doing now. He often found himself thinking of her here, but here was the one place where thoughts of his long missing sister were not sad ones. At the beach, Mulder allowed himself to imagine what she would look like now, how she would sound, if she would still be tormenting him.

Yeah, he smiled, she would.

He stretched his long frame out, feeling each muscle begin to settle back down and soften. His mother would not be up yet, she often passed out after taking too many of her pills, sleeping off her stupor until well after he had left the house for school. He looked at his watch and promised himself to leave to go check in on her in ten minutes.

Sometimes, if he really felt down, he would imagine that Samantha was asleep at home, that he had simply dashed out for a run and left his mom and sister asleep in the house. Reality usually caught up with him before he even left the beach. He would climb the stairs of the house, still praying silently, and yet knowing what he would find as he opened the door to the house he shared with only his mother.

Mulder put his hands behind his head, staring up at the clouds that swirled over him, fog so thick he could not see the red head bounding toward him.


Dana felt the wind picking her up more than she was comfortable with, a great gust knocked her back a few feet, and her ass connected with something soft and vocal.

"Hey," the body gasped.

"OOf" she managed trying to get up from her precarious position.

"Is that your final answer?" It was definitely a male voice, looking down, Dana found herself searching the deepest hazel eyes she had ever seen. "Sorry." She managed finally rolling off of the lanky form.

"S'ok" the boy grinned. "Glad I could be here to break your fall, hate for you to have landed on all that hard sand." He rose to his feet extending a hand to the plumpish red head that had seemingly fell out of the sky.

She accepted his assistance, and once to her feet began to dust sand out of her hair. "Thank you."

He smiled at her again; her eyes were the same color as the ocean he noted. She was obviously younger than him, but something in her eyes seemed so much older, so much more subdued than the wildness lurking in his. "Not a problem, I needed a wake up call anyway. Fox Mulder." He offered.

"Hi Fox, I'm Dana Scully." She wondered why he winced at hearing his name.

"Yeah, hmm about that." He began trying to sound nonchalant. "No one actually calls me Fox, at least no one that wants to have me respond." He grinned that grin at her again.

"Your parents?" she asked in disbelief.

"Them too, "but this was not as cocky an answer as before.

"Ok…Mulder. Thank you for letting me land on you." She snickered.

He smiled as if to say any time, and before she realized it she was smiling back. "It is so peaceful here." He mused out loud.

"Quiet," she agreed looking out over the raging ocean.

"Not quiet," he corrected her mindlessly, "Quiet is not always good. This is nice and…serene." He glanced back over to her for a second.

"Uh huh," she agreed drawing her shirt around her a little tighter against the wild wind.

Without even thinking, he removed his sweatshirt and handed it to her, trying not to be offended when she pretended to ignore his gesture. They didn't speak for a long time, just sat on the beach side by side looking out at the view in front of them.

He smiled down at the short red haired girl, wondering what she was doing out there at that time of morning. "You new around here aren't you?" He felt a strange compulsion to talk to her, and yet he knew she would not be receptive to it.

Dana nodded and offered no more than that. "I need to get home before my brother narks me out." She walked off leaving Mulder alone on the beach.


The walk home was breathtaking, she ran over his face in her mind, then admonishing herself for being so damn girly. Fix Mulder was a good looking guy, and not the kind to go all ga-ga over a fat red head she reminded herself as she always did when seeing a good looking guy.

She managed to slip into her house unnoticed, they sun had finally managed to break through just as she climbed the stairs to her room shared with Missy, still littered with boxes and baskets to be put away later that day. Sleep had hijacked her before she even realized she was in bed.


If the red head noticed anyone following her, she didn't make it known, he hung back at a comfortable distance, making sure she arrived home in the early morning safe. He noted her residence, memorizing her address before jogging the three blocks home to his house.

It wasn't as if he were stalking her, but something about the short girl's nature gave him the impression had he asked to see her home she would have belted him. Definitely not a good thing this early in the morning, he mused slipping into the back door of the Mulder residence.

Home, most people he knew found it a refuge, a place to hide away from all the bad the world had to offer, but for Fox Mulder home was the crux of his escape. The worst part of his home was the silence, before he lost Samantha; the house was full of sounds, girly screaming, and friends in and out of the house. There had never been a funeral or service for Samantha, instead they had turned the house into a crypt, dark and sullen and cold. There were no more happy sounds in this house, in fact there were never any sounds at all.

Mulder dragged himself into the shower, allowing the hot water to dredge his body, the red head, Dana, she was something so different. Her hair radiated such fire it made her look as if she were on fire. He had followed her home, just to make sure she was all right, just to make sure she made it home in one piece.

Just to make sure no UFO's decided to take off with her.


"Get UP Dana," Missy yelled poking her little sister in the back in an attempt to get her out of bed. It was the first day of school, and while Missy was a freshman in college and could care less what time Dana hauled her ass out of bed, she had been charged with the difficult task of making sure she was at least awake.

"I'm not going Missy, leave me alone." Dana whined, putting the pillow over her head.

"Ok, fine." Missy relented. "I'll just send Mom up to get you…" Dana threw back the covers and placed her feet onto the floor. She hated when her mom was used against her, not wanting to disappoint either of them more so than fear. She shuffled over to her closet, grabbed her dark clothes and fought for a spot in the bathroom.

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