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Chapter Twenty-Two

Nathyrra silently made her way through the Undermountain. Several months had passed since her mission to escort the ambassador. Since then, she had performed many missions, this being one of them. I hope the Seer is right. Since the ambassador died in that last skirmish, we need all the help we can get. Although, someone probably should have told him that the drow do not grab the enemy commander's ass before combat.

She saw several drow soldiers approaching. Nathyrra immediately sunk into the shadows.

"Has our enemy made it past the traps?"

"They're near our camp. They may try and set the formian queen lose."

"Set up extra defenses at the camp. You can never be too careful."

"Yes, Sir."

Nathyrra smiled. Thank you, boys. You've just made my mission a bit easier.

As she hid in the shadows, Nathyrra stole a glance at her cloak. The patterns of thecloakreminded her of the many questions she had begun to ask her self. Didshe truly love Seelamin? Or wasit merely an excuse for her to join the woman who had destroyed her life, and regain power and prestige? She recalled how obvious it was that her former trainer had loved her deceased bard. Did Nathyrra hold the same affection for the barbarian? Or was it just an infactuation like the one she had felt for Seelomar? One thing she knew for certain, was that she had cared about Seelamin, and would always have a special place for him in her heart. But he was still part of the dust, the House Kant'tar, her house. The past is the past, as the Seer had told her. Nathyrra shook her head. Now was not the time to be reflecting on such matters.

The former assassin crept through the shadows. Several hours later, she came across a group of people. She immediately recognized their leader as the one she was searching for. Here's goes nothing. She stepped out of the shadows, her arms held up to show that she was not armed

"Hold your weapons. I mean you no harm."

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