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Chapter 1: Return of the Rangers

He stared at the four humans in front of him. They claimed to be Power Rangers, yet they had no powers and had been drifting around outer space in torn clothing. But still, they had helped him.

"Power down," he muttered.

Ashley started as the red ranger morphed into a guy around her age. He was wearing a red shirt, gray pants, black boots, and a gray jacket. The jacket was covered with insignia's. It looked like some kind of a uniform. It took her a moment to look past his hair. It was brown with several blond stripes. She walked up to him.

"You're human," she said, poking his shoulder.

"What did you expect?" he asked, obviously annoyed. "A giant lizard?"

"I don't know," Ashley said. "I mean, you're not from Earth, are you?"

"Earth isn't the only place where humans live," he replied condescendingly. "I'm from KO-35. It's in the Karova system."

"Hey, you speak perfect English," Aria said. Her waist-length brown hair was pulled back into a messy braid, and her hazel-green eyes sparkled, giving her a mischievous appearance. "Where'd you learn it?"

"Deca speaks every known language," he replied. "She's taught me seventy so far."

"Right." Aria nodded, like it was obvious and she had missed it. "My name's Aria."

"Ashley," Ashley said, still standing next to him.

"I'm Gabriel."

"That's Justin," Aria said, when the fourth member of their team said nothing. She offered him her hand. "What's your name?"

He stared at her for a moment, unsure of what to do. Finally, he grasped her hand, and shook it briefly. "Aria, I'm called Andros."

Andros turned and strode back to his ship. Aria glanced at Ashley, who was still staring at the red ranger.

"You're human," she teased.

Ashley blushed. "He could have been a giant lizard or something."

Aria laughed. "Let's go explore the mothership."

Gabriel and Justin hung back as the two girls wandered away.

"You could be a little less antisocial," Gabriel suggested.

"You could be a little less helpful," Justin retorted.

"Justin, I know why you're doing this," Gabriel said. His dark brown eyes were worried. "Aria will resent you for it. You can't protect her from her fate."

"I was charged to protect her," Justin snapped. His blue eyes blazed. "Her fate is not the same as her family's."

Gabriel sighed. Aria was ten times as stubborn as Justin, but she could see reason. Justin never could.

"I was also charged to protect her," Gabriel reminded him. "And you. Rermember that."

"So you'll try to convince her that space is too dangerous for her?" Justin asked hopefully.

Gabriel shook his head. "Things are changing, Justin, and if you refuse to change, you will lose yourself, Aria, and any hope that remained of-"

"Whatever," Justin snapped, and walked away.

Gabriel sighed. He needed to have a talk with his mother. And soon. Maybe she could reason with Justin.

Ashley wandered into what the onboard AI said was the workbay. Aria was off exploring alone, under Deca's watchful eyes. Andros was lying on his back, repairing what looked like a giant red surfboard.

"Need any help?" Ashley asked.

Andros glanced at her skeptically. "Do you have any idea what I'm doing right now?"

Ashley shook her head. "Nope. I just thought that maybe-"

"I'm fine on my own," Andros said. "I always have been."

He finished what he was doing, and moved to get up. Ashley offered him a hand. He raised an eyebrow at the gesture, but otherwise ignored her.

"You don't like it accepting help, do you?" Ashley said.

Andros glared at her. He might have made some scathing remark to her, but the doors to the lift slid open, and Aria, Justin, and Gabriel stepped into the workbay.

"Your shuttle's fixed," Andros informed them. "You should make it safetly back to Earth."

"What about Zordon?" Aria protested. "We have to find him!"

"No, we need to go back home," Justin said sharply. "Right, Gabriel?"

"Mom will be worried," Gabriel admitted. "Especially about you two."

"You're related?" Andros asked curiously.

"We're adopted," Aria said, before Justin could warn her. "Gabriel's mother adopted us."

"Oh," Andros said. "Well, if I find Zordon, I'll return him to Earth."

"Why can't we stay?" Aria pressed. "You need four more rangers. We could help you."

"You're planetary rangers," Andros said. "From Earth. What do you know about space?"

Aria considered. "Well, there's this thing called space . . ."

"That's what I thought," Andros said. "Deca will take you to the space hatch."

Ashley was the last one onto the lift. She waved tentatively to Andros, who glared back at them all.

Justin sighed with relief as the Megaship took off again. There was no way he could protect himself and Aria forever, but he felt as if he had just postponed their deaths.

"Hey, you guys," Gabriel said. "Where's Alpha?"

"I think he's still on the Megaship," Ashley said.

"No, he can't be," Justin groaned. "We have to get back to Earth."

"Relax, dude," Aria said. "We just wait for Stripey to bring him back, that's all."

"What makes you think he'll come back?" Justin asked.

"Who'd want to live alone with a computer with an attitude problem and a robot who's entire vocabulary seems to consist of 'Rangers!' 'Zordon!' and 'Ay yi yi yi yi?'"

"That's a good point," Gabriel said. "We wait."

"I hear him," Ashley said. "No . . . different spaceship."

"Not good," Aria said. "Oh well, I guess there's no difference between kicking alien ass and kicking monster ass."

"Let's find out," Gabriel said. Insitictively, they took defensive stances.

"More Quantrons," Ashley said.


The Quantrons came at them, and the rangers fought back, but they were unacustomed to their fighting style and were soon taken captive.

"Good work," a female voice approved, and the rangers looked up. A young woman with a mountain of blue hair and a staff in one hand approached. "For once, I'm impressed."

"Who're you?" Justin demanded. "What do you want with us?"

"You don't know me?" Her blue eyes narrowed. "I am Astronema, the heir of Dark Specter. As for what I want with you, I will let you go if you give me the red ranger."

"Can't help you there," Aria said. "He's gone."

"Well, then," Astonema said. "Kill them!"

Aria laughed. Astronema turned to see what she was looking at, and groaned. The Megaship was coming toward them at full speed, firing its Megalasers.

"I think you've found the red ranger," Aria said, shaking off the Quantrons and taking a flying leap at Astronema. Astronema teleported herself away.

Andros ran up to them. "Here, put these on," he said. "Quick."

Ashley slipped the morpher onto her wrist. It felt right.

"All right, let's rocket!" Andros cried.

Ashley sighed with relief as she felt the power surge through her. She hated being defenseless.

The Quantron were no match for the Power Rangers, and fled.

Ashley and Aria were the only two who celebrated their victory and the foundation of a new team. Andros locked himself in his room to mope. Gabriel spent hours sitting in the bridge, thinking. Justin spent hours trying to convince himself that Gabriel was wrong. Everything was all right.

Oh yes, things were changing.

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